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Faulty fuel gauge is not just about incorrect displays of fuel level readings but is caused by other problems involving other parts or components such as the fuel tank sending unit. When this happens, you would either need to change the fuel gauge or the sending units. You can check our online catalog for quality fuel gauges parts and accessories at reasonable prices.

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Is your fuel gauge showing a low fuel level reading when you have just filled up the tank? Do you run out of gas quickly as you used to? This is an indication of a defective fuel tank sending unit. To change the damaged sending unit, you would need to check your vehicle’s manual to locate its position. You see, not all vehicles have their fuel sending tank under the rear seat which is easy to change due to its accessibility.

Depending on your vehicle, you can find the fuel tank sending unit on the top of the fuel tank which is also accessible under the back seat or beneath the carpet in your trunk. You can identify the sending unit by means of the access cover that protects it. The sending unit is not the only gauge that you have to check. There is also the air fuel gauge that measures the air/fuel ratio or mixture required for effective engine combustion. The air fuel gauge if not damaged can improved your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency.

You can check our online catalog for the top-of-the-line fuel tank sending unit and air fuel gauge that you need. All of our products are low priced and we can actually match any low price that you find. We also provide fast shipping, check our site for the details. Do you have queries and concerns about our products? Email or contact us. We value your comments and suggestions.