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Fuel Savers parts and accessories

A fuel saver is a device that does not only boost the performance of your vehicle but also provides fuel saving benefits by improving fuel efficiency, reducing harmful emissions and the frequency of oil change. Do you want a quality fuel saver for your vehicle? You can check out our online catalog for top brands of fuel savers. Hurry and purchase one today.

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    CUSTOM-FIT BOLT-ON CATALYST. Bolt on Fitch Custom-Fit Catalyst to your fuel line and start saving fuel, cash and more! Improves fuel economy... more

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    PERFORMANCE BOOSTER. Designed to burn fuel cleaner, faster and more completely for greater power and fuel economy. Increase gas mileage... more


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Fuel savers are performance booster components which are designed to help the engine to burn fuel more efficiently, improve fuel economy, reduce frequency of oil change, reduce emissions and soot buildup-- add all of these advantages and you get an extended engine life. There are different types of fuel savers available in the market today such as the Tornado fuel saver and Magnetic fuel saver which are designed to suit different makes and models of vehicles. Each of these fuel savers carry with them fuel saving benefits. The Tornado fuel saver can increase gas mileage of up to 28% while the Magnetic fuel saver promises 22% increase in fuel efficiency plus 50% reduction in carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions. Imagine having such figures on your own vehicle!

Fuel savers are definitely your number one defense against the ever increasing gas prices. And that’s not all! Installing a fuel saver on your vehicle is quite easy. You don’t need to pay a mechanic to do it for you since you can easily do it yourself. No fancy tools required all you need are common hand tools to start installing the fuel saver on your vehicle.

JC Whitney offers a wide range of fuel savers including Tornado fuel saver and Magnetic fuel saver. Choose the fuel saver that suits your vehicle’s type and model. Have questions and concerns on the products that we offer? You can reach us thru email or better yet call us. Hurry and place your orders today!