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Fuses & Boxes parts and accessories

Since the onset of vehicle safety technology, car fuses has become a common feature or component of vehicles. The car fuses served as safety devices that are designed to fail in case of electrical short or overload thereby preventing any further damaged on the vehicle’s electrical system. If you need quality car fuses, you can check our products and categories below.

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    BECK ARNLEY REPLACEMENT PARTS. Replace your worn out or broken part with these replacement parts. Designed and built to OEM specifications... more

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    AC Delco OE Replacement Fuse. Made of high quality materials. Meets or exceeds OE standards. Consider AC Delco OE Replacement Fuse as your... more

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    Crown Automotive is the go-to company for premium quality factory replacement parts for Jeeps manufactured as far back as 1942. more

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    When it comes to selecting the right manufacturer for your Fuse Box, depend on Dorman. more

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    Replace your damaged fuse with the one that matches your stock part using Motorcraft Fuse. more

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Continuous usage of your vehicle can result to problems with your car boxes and fuses. Usually the problems are minor and often include a blown fuse, dislocated fuses or just a case of dust and dirt along the connectors. Replacing a blown fuse or fixing a dislocated fuse is quite easy as long as you know where the fuse box is located.

In most vehicles, car boxes and fuses are found under the hood. But there are also some cars that have their fuse box at the panels of the dashboard. Also, it is very important to remember that when changing the blown fuse of your vehicle you need to get the exact replacement. In order to get the correct fuse replacement you would need to check the fuse box again and see the labeled information of the blown fuse.

There are two types of vehicle fuses depending on the model year of your vehicle -- the glass tube and the blade type. If the model year of your vehicle happens to fall before 1980s then your car would probably have the glass tube fuse. On the other hand, newer models of vehicles are fitted with blade type fuses. Regardless of the types of fuses and car boxes you need, JC Whitney can provide it to you. Check our online catalog for any of your auto parts requirements. Having problem searching for a product? Simply provide us the make, model and year of your vehicle to get a customized list.