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Add some flair to your garage with our selection of garage accessories & Decor products. Available at low prices, you can purchase whatever type of garage accessories & Décor you like. Can’t find a particular garage accessories & Décor product? We can help you. Simply provide the make, model and year of your vehicle for a more thorough search.

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More often than not, we use the garage as a stockroom for other stuffs that we no longer use. So you can just imagine the mess that you’ll have when you add boxes of other stuffs to the original clutter of vehicle parts and tools that you have in your garage. No wonder why most vehicle owners with garages have their vehicles parked in the driveway or out in the street. Fortunately, there is something that you can do to organize your messy garage. In fact, you will be surprised on what a few shelves, cabinets, hooks, racks, and storage containers can do.

But before you start installing the shelves, cabinets, etc. it is very important that you sort through the mess. Discard all those stuffs that are broken and separate those things that you may want to include for your garage sale. After you’re done with the sorting that’s the time you start storing all the stuffs inside the containers, cabinets or shelves. It would also help to place labels on the shelves and containers to help you to easily find things. And don’t forget to add some garage accessories to give your garage that extra flair.

Do you want parking mats, vintage pay phones, garage laser park, or any other type of garage accessories? Regardless of the type of garage accessories that you want, JC Whitney can offer it to you. Check out our online catalog and place your orders today.

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