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    WIRE TRIGGER TACHOMETER ADAPTER. Designed to fix the operation of voltage-triggered tachometers or EFIs. Works on non-current limiting... more

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    GAUGE NEEDLE KIT. Enhances the appearance of the dash. US Speedo is the leading manufacturer of OEM quality gauge restyling products and... more

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    Airtex Fuel Level Gauge is an efficient automotive part that would determine the level of fuel for your engine. more

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    Autometer Z Fuel Pressure Gauge. For 4-, 6- or 8-cylinder engines with 12-volt systems. Easy-to-read 2" with diameter real carbon-fiber... more

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    B&M Fuel Pressure Gauge. Gives out accurate and up to the minute readings. Made in the USA. Can be read easily. When you choose a product... more

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  Monitor Your Engine Performance
Types of Gauges
Monitor Your Engine Performance

Gauges from JC Whitney are ideal replacements for your vehicle's old broken Gauges. You can choose Air & Fuel Ratio Gauges that monitor the amount of oxygen in your vehicle's exhaust to determine air-to-fuel ratio to ensure that the engine is performing at its best.

Air Temperature Gauges replace in-dash Gauge. They may also be mounted on or under dash with Gauge panels or housings. You can find Ammeter Gauges that add a performance look to your vehicle.

Fuel & Temperature Gauges help you enhance your vehicle's interior. You can also select Fuel Gauges that are lightweight and help optimize appearance.

You can now add extra Gauges in your vehicle without altering the dash with the help of Mounting Panels Kits or Sets. These Mounting Panels Kits or Sets can be matched to the interior of your vehicle as they are easy to paint. You can also opt for Boost Gauges that are perfect upgrades for dull original or broken Gauges!

Specialty Gauges from our collection help you keep an accurate engine maintenance schedule. You can replace existing Gauges with high-tech styling plus easy-to-read electronic digital Gauges available at JC Whitney.

You can also go in for Clock Gauges, Fuel Pressure Gauges, Gauge Sending Units & Cables, Multi Gauges, Oil Pressure Gauges, Oil Temperature Gauges, Speedometer & Tachometer Gauges, Tachometer Gauges, Transmission Temperature Gauges, Vacuum Gauges, Voltmeter Gauges, Water & Oil Temperature Gauges and Water Temperature Gauges from renowned brands.

Types of Gauges

Air & Fuel Ratio Gauges

Air & Fuel Ratio GaugesAir & Fuel Ratio Gauges from JC Whitney indicate if the engine is performing at its best. They are specially designed for today's fuel injected engines. These Air & Fuel Ratio Gauges easily connect to the oxygen sensor to monitor if the engine is running lean or rich.

Ammeter & Voltmeter Gauges

Ammeter GaugesAmmeter & Voltmeter Gauges from JC Whitney are perfect replacements for old or damaged Gauges. These Ammeter & Voltmeter Gauges are multicolored and will add a performance look to your vehicle.

Boost & Vacuum Gauges

Boost & Vacuum GaugesBoost & Vacuum Gauges make perfect upgrades for dull original or broken Gauges. These Boost & Vacuum Gauges are sleek and engineered to provide a rugged and reliable performance.

Clock Gauges

Clock GaugesYou can get original-style replacements for old, damaged or malfunctioning parts for your vehicle from our assortment of Clock Gauges. They are lightweight and come with durable plastic cases.

Fuel & Temperature Gauges

Fuel & Temperature GaugesYou can now make reading your Gauge a colorful experience with the help of Fuel & Temperature Gauges available at JC Whitney. They help you complete your vehicle's interior restoration.

Fuel Gauges

Fuel GaugesFuel Gauges are perfect replacements for old or damaged Gauges. Some of these Fuel Gauges feature a bright Back-Lit display that helps to enhance night viewing. They come with complete mounting hardware and instructions for easy installation.

Fuel Pressure Gauges

Fuel Pressure GaugesFuel Pressure Gauges help you monitor your vehicle's performance. They also add a race quality feel to the inside of your vehicle.

Mounting Panels Sending Units & Accessories

Mounting Panels Sending Units & AccessoriesMounting Panels Sending Units & Accessories from JC Whitney allow you to add extra Gauges in your car without altering dash. They give your Gauge a custom look. These Mounting Panels Sending Units & Accessories easily mount on or under dash with screws or double sided tape.

Multi Gauges

Multi GaugesMulti Gauges from JC Whitney add a clean, streamlined, up to date look to your vehicle's interior. They also perfectly replace originals. These Multi Gauges offer unmatched gauge precision and performance functionality.

Oil Pressure Gauges

Oil Pressure GaugesYou can replace add or upgrade your Oil Pressure Gauges from our collection of Oil Pressure Gauges. These sleek designed Oil Pressure Gauges come in bezel, black face and white numbers and pointer for easy reading.

Specialty Gauges

Specialty GaugesSpecialty Gauges from JC Whitney help monitor the exact number of hours your engine has run. These Specialty Gauges are necessary for mountain adventuring.

Speedometer & Tachometer Gauges

Speedometer & Tachometer GaugesYou can perfectly replace your existing Gauge with these high-tech styling plus easy-to-read electronic digital Gauges from our collection of Speedometer & Tachometer Gauges.


SpeedometersSpeedometers from JC Whitney provide you with top-speed reading up to 160MPH. They can be easily adjusted after installing larger or smaller tires on your computer-controlled truck. Some of these Speedometers feature orange pointer against popular white dial face that enhances instrument readability.

Tachometer Gauges

Tachometer GaugesYou can add a performance look to your vehicle's interior with precise, accurate Tachometers Gauges available at JC Whitney. These illuminated original-equipment-style and quality electric Gauges are ideal to be used with 4-, 6- and 8- cylinder gas vehicles.

Water Temperature Gauges

Water Temperature GaugesWater Temperature Gauges from JC Whitney are perfect to replace or upgrade dull original or broken Gauges. You can choose from our collection of high-tech styling plus easy-to-read Water Temperature Gauges for your vehicles.