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Grille Guard

When shopping for a new Grille Guard for your repairs, you can always trust JC Whitney to deliver what you need. We have one of the widest selections of high-quality parts from no less than the best brands in the industry. Shop now and get the right Grille Guard with the perfect fit for your ride!

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What to Consider when Choosing a Grille Guard

If you're thinking of protecting your four-wheeled investment in case of minor collisions and bumps, getting a grille guard is a good idea. This accessory is designed with various purposes: it reduces the impact of a minor collision, provides extra protection for delicate parts under the hood, and instantly jazzes up your vehicle's looks. To help you choose the right grille guard, here are some things to consider:

Grille guard styles

Basically, there are two main styles to choose from:

Full front guards

As its name suggests, a full front guard offers the best type of protection because it covers not only the grill area but also the headlights. Because it covers the entire front end of your vehicle, it's highly effective in keeping your headlights free from damage even when driving across rough terrains with plenty of stray branches. If your vehicle is your best off-road buddy, then invest in a full front type.

Center guards

The difference between a full front and center guard is that the former covers the entire front part, while the latter covers only the center part. This means a center guard won't offer protection for your headlights. This type is perfect for vehicles used in urban jungles where lamp posts and bad drivers pose collision risks.

Grille guard finish

Another factor worth considering is the type of finish a grille guard has. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose from three basic finish types:

Black powder coat

If you have a tight budget, a black powder coated guard is the best option. However, compared to other finish types, it's the easiest to get scratched or damaged. Plus, this finish type is hard to repair in case of a collision because it can't be repainted.

Chrome plated

If you want that added shine, a chrome-plated guard is a good choice. Its mirror-like shine will instantly boost your vehicle's overall appeal. Plus, it provides excellent protection against corrosion. However, the chrome plating can chip or peel off over time. So if you prefer a shiny guard and you're willing to shell out more cash, go for a chrome-plated type.

Polished stainless steel

This type is the most expensive, but it's also the most reliable option. Compared to regular steel, polished stainless steel is more durable. It also has that unique shine that makes it stand out from its regular and chrome-plated counterparts. And if it gets scratched, you can just polish out the marks. Just like the chrome-plated guard, a stainless steel type doesn't easily corrode. If you have the budget and you want ultimate protection for your vehicle, this type is the best choice.

Other factors to consider

It's also worth considering the design of a grille guard since this is what people see first when they look at your car's front end. If you want to add a personal touch, you can always go for a customized guard. Aside from the design, you should also think about the accessories you are planning to attach to the guard. If you wish to install auxiliary lighting equipment, make sure that the guard you choose has pre-drilled holes for easy installation. For a vehicle that's used to haul or tow heavy stuff, a guard designed to handle a winch should be considered.


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