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Take a look at our selection of Grilles & Grille Guards products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Grilles & Grille Guards. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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Grilles and Grille Guards from JC Whitney give your vehicle strong, brawny and stylish front-end protection. Grilles and Grille Guards protect the vulnerable areas of your vehicle against street and off-road hazards. Our assortment of Grilles and Grille Guards include Grille Guards & Brush Guards that provide superior protection to the front-end of your Jeep®, truck or SUV making them perfect for off-roading. Grilles and Grille Inserts are perfect replacements to the damaged originals of your car, Jeep®, truck or SUV.

You can select Grille Moldings, Headlight Trims and Grille Shells from our collection of Grilles and Grille Guards that help enhance and restore the look of your vehicle, making it look like new. JC Whitney stocks Grilles and Grille Guards from renowned brands like Lund®, Putco™, ProPlus, Bully™ and Bestop™.

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Grilles & Grille Guards

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  A Shield for Your Vehicle!
Benefits Of Grilles and Grille Guards
Types Of Grilles and Grille Guards
Keep Your Shields Sparkling!
A Shield for Your Vehicle!

Feel like you're in the middle of a battle while driving? Well, don't forget your shield! Grilles and Grille Guards give you the ultimate on-road protection! They shield the front-end of your vehicle from damage and also give it a rugged heavy-duty look.

Grilles and Grille Guards protect the important components of your vehicle's engine like the radiator, battery and headlights. They also allow air circulation in the engine to keep it cool. Grilles and Grille Guards also act as a barrier to debris and protect your vehicle from bushes and branches while driving through rugged terrain. They are usually made of tough carbon, steel or aluminum and come in a variety of designs. Most Grilles and Grille Guards have bolt-on installation for easy mounting.

Grille Molding and Trim keep the headlights in place and protect it from damage. Replacement Grille Shells help restore your vehicle's original look and add that extra style. Damaged Grilles and Grille Guards make your vehicle's machinery more vulnerable to damage. You need to replace damaged ones with custom Grilles and Grille Guards that match your vehicle to ensure proper protection and safety while on the road.

Benefits Of Grilles and Grille Guards

The main function of a Grille is to allow ventilation in the vehicle's engine. Grilles also protect important engine parts and headlights from debris and other damaging materials. Grille Guards are especially useful to off-roaders who need constant protection from trees and rocks to prevent dents and scratches on their vehicles. They also keep your vehicle sturdy on the road. Grilles and Grille Guards come in a variety of shapes and styles giving your vehicle a stylish personalized look.

Types Of Grilles and Grille Guards

Grille and Brush Guards

Jeep Grille GuardsJeep® Brush Guards are a must for extreme on-road and off-road action as they provide good front-end stability. You can get the ultimate protection for your Jeep® front with Jeep® Grille Guards. They are made from super-strong powder coated and stainless steel materials. Grille Guards protect your Jeep® and Wrangler's hoods, bumpers and headlights from damage and costly repairs.

Grille Guards are made of heavy-duty steel and chrome that protect your vehicle from any kind of heavy impact. These materials usually have a special coating that prevents rust, dings and scratches. The massive construction and no-drill installation of these Truck Grille Guards and SUV grille Guards make them tough and durable. These grille guards are easily installable and quite affordable.

Grille Molding and Trim

Grille Molding and TrimGrill Molding and Trim are frames that are fitted around the headlights of your vehicle to keep them secure. They are generally aluminum or chrome-plated to give your vehicle a shiny polished look. You can get custom-made Grille Molding and Trim for any type of vehicle. You can also easily replace broken and worn out Headlight Trims to restore the original look of your vehicle.

Hard-to-find parts like Bulb Retainer Rings, Headlight Bezels and Headlight Housing Assembly are also available. These Grille Molding and Trim come with all the hardware required for easy installation.

Grille Shells

Grille ShellsGrille Shells are exterior accessories that make your vehicle stand out from the rest. Grille Shells are usually chrome-plated and come in a variety of designs and colors. They can be easily installed on the front of your vehicle and fit perfectly.

You can restore good structural integrity and original look of your vehicle with great looking, economical Replacement Grille Supports.

Grille and Grille Inserts

Grille and Grille InsertsAluminum and chrome Car Grilles Inserts protect your car's vital engine components from road debris. They also make your car's front end more durable and secure. You can add a personalized style to your car by selecting diamond-shaped, billet or mesh Car Grille designs. They can be easily cut out to fit the front-end of your vehicle.

Jeep® Grilles are made of strong, durable and lightweight materials for good off-road protection from dirt and debris. These chrome, aluminum and plastic materials are usually corrosion-resistant to prevent deterioration. They are also highly polished to keep the grilles sparkling for years. Jeep® Grilles come with easy bolt-on or snap-on installation and have no drilling or other mounting hassles.

Truck and SUV Grilles are quite affordable, perfect for off-road driving and can be easily installed. These Truck and SUV Grilles add a rugged, heavy-duty look to your trucks and SUVs and come in several unique designs. Stainless steel and aluminum Grilles also give your trucks and SUVs the ultimate protection from rust and corrosion.

Keep Your Shields Sparkling!

Keep your Grilles and Grille Guards well polished to give it that extra shine and make it look stylish on the road. You can do this by regular washing and waxing. Clear the Grilles of any dirt and debris to allow good air circulation inside the engine.

Grille Molding and Trim hold the headlights of your vehicle securely in place. They should be replaced if they're loose or broken. Check your vehicle's Grilles for dents and cracks occasionally. Replace damaged Grilles immediately to protect your vehicle's engine better and prevent further damage to other vital engine components.