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Grills and Grill Accessories from JC Whitney’s wide assortment of Exterior accessories can be used at anywhere and at anytime. These Grills distribute heat evenly to minimize flare-ups and allow the grease from the meat to drip onto the smoker plate and vaporize and turn into flavorful smoke, producing great barbecue flavor in the meat. You can select Grills and Grill Accessories like Portable Propane Table Top Grills, Receiver Mount Propane Gas Grills, Stainless Steel Grills, Barbecue Grill Stands, Gas Lighters, Rolla Roasters, Barbecue Grill Covers and Ignition Multi-Sparkers from brands like Beacon, Olympian™, Camco, and Freedom Grill.


Grills & Accessories

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  Perfect Barbeques at Your Camping Trips
Types of Grills & Accessories
Perfect Barbeques at Your Camping Trips

Grills and Accessories from JC Whitney are easy and convenient to use at anytime and at any place. You can choose Grill Accessories from our collection that make your grill work better. These Grill Accessories are versatile, durable and perfect to carry for your camping.

Grills from JC Whitney can be used anywhere your vehicle can take you - the campsite, game or at the beach. Just swing out the grill, fire it up and get cooking. These Grills are rust-resistant and easy to clean and maintain.

Types of Grills & Accessories

Grill Accessories

Grill AccessoriesGrill Accessories from JC Whitney like Rolla Roasters are handy tools for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over campfires, backyard barbecues and fireplaces. They have a wooden handle that never overheats, making them convenient to use.

Flexible Gas Matches are one of the finest Gas Matches with a continuous ignition that never blows out. These refillable Gas Matches have an adjustable flame, a safety lock, a fuel-viewing window and a handy hanging ring. Made from solid ABS material, these Gas Matches are tough and durable. They are powered by an AA battery.

You can choose a wide range of Grill Accessories like Barbecue Grill Stands, Gas Lighters, Folding Fork Rolla Roasters, Barbecue Grill Covers, Continuous Ignition Multi-Sparkers and Gas Matches from our collection.


GrillsYou can opt for 4100 Portable Propane Table Top Grills from JC Whitney that are a combination of an L/P connector and a regulator. These Table Top Grills have a stainless steel burner that heats up faster, cleans up more easily and uses 10% less gas than iron burners. They come with an easy grip handle and a patented smoker plate that gives you the fullest barbecue flavor. These Table Top Grills feature a deluxe cast aluminum construction for long life, an even heat distribution to minimize flare ups, a convenient portable size, 153 square inch cooking area and 12,000 BTUs. They can be assembled quickly and easily.

Receiver Mount Propane Gas Grills attach easily into any 2" hitch receiver. You can choose an Open Flame Cast Aluminum Grill that rides outside your vehicle but also works great on your tabletop. It is extremely convenient to use and assemble.

Covered Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Grills are made from beautiful MIG welded 304 stainless steel for durability. They feature two 30,000 BTU stainless steel burners with separate controls plus a 384 square inch cooking area.

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