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Automotive Repair Tools - Automotive Tools, Air Tools, & Tool Sets

Take a look at our selection of Hand Tools & Tool Sets products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Hand Tools & Tool Sets. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    ANTENNA NUT DRIVE SOCKET. This is a high quality antenna nut drive socket. With over 100 years of practice in the automotive industry,... more

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    BIKEMASTER DIRECT FIT TOOL KIT. For removing clutch bodies, flywheels, and primary gears. more

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    Crown Automotive is renowned for manufacturing the highest quality OEM replacement parts for Jeeps from 1942 to the present model year more

    20% OFF

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    Quality is comparable to top professional tools. All sockets are 3/8in. drive for compatibility with the most common ratchet and T-drivers... more

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    Damage or broke Head prop? Now, Dorman offers a cost effective, quality guaranteed Hood prop. more

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    SPARK PLUG ADAPTER. Dorman Spark Plug Adapter is the ideal choice if you require products that will give you long service. It meets and... more

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    Dorman Universal Rivet. Replace your worn-out rivet with Dorman Rivet. This premium quality, universal rivet is designed to offer safety... more

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    UNIVERSAL SPARK PLUG ADAPTER. Dorman Universal Spark Plug Adapter is the ideal choice if you require products that will give you long service... more

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    UNIVERSAL THREADED ROD. Dorman Universal Threaded Rod is the ideal choice if you require products that will give you long service. It meets... more

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    UNIVERSAL WIRE BRUSH. Dorman Universal Wire Brush is the ideal choice if you require products that will give you long service. It meets... more

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    Provide an easy way to punch holes in different kind of materialsCompound leverage for easy operationEliminates need for electric drillCurved... more


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Hand Tools & Tool Sets from JC Whitney are made from top-quality materials making them tough and durable. These Hand Tools & Tool Sets are extremely comfortable, easy and safe to use. Hand Tools & Tool Sets like Chisels, Punches, Stamps, Tap & Die sets, Hammers, Impact Drivers, Pliers & Cutters and Pry Bars have protective handles that allow easy grip and also protect your hand from any injuries.

Our range of Hand Tools & Tool Sets includes Files & Rasps that are perfect for wood, metal or plastics, Nut Splitters & Extractors that help remove frozen or damaged nuts and screws and Ratchets that get into hard-to-reach areas that conventional ratchets can’t. We also stock Screwdrivers that are tough and durable, Rivet Guns & Accessories that provide you with economical alternatives to riveting and Socket Sets that provide great flexibility and are perfect for hard-to-reach areas. You can choose Hand Tools & Tool Sets like Knives, Lawn Mower Tools, Shovels, Socket Extensions, Tool Sets, Torque Wrenches and Wrenches that make maintenance jobs much easier. You can select all these and more from top brands like MIT®, Sheffield® and OTC.

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Hand Tools & Tool Sets

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  Make Life Easy with Hand Tools & Tool Sets!
Types of Hand Tools & Tool Sets
Make Life Easy with Hand Tools & Tool Sets!

Hand Tools & Tool Sets help you make all your Do-It-Yourself jobs like cutting, fitting and repair easy and convenient. From Hammers and Lawn Mower Tools to Ratchets and Screwdrivers, our line of top-quality Hand Tools & Tool Sets even make excellent replacements for old, worn or malfunctioning originals in your vehicle.

Chisels, Punches, Stamps, Tap & Die include chrome plated and polished Steel Stamp Sets that help identify lost or stolen items on your vehicle. You can also get Hammers that are a must where sparks or marring is a problem and are ideal for drive shafts, soft metals and auto-body repairs.

Impact Drivers help loosens frozen screws, nuts and bolts that can't be turned with screwdrivers or wrenches. You can also go for Folding Pocket Knives that are great at the campsite, hunting ground, fishing spots and off-road hikes. Lockback Utility Knives combine the best features of a lockback knife with a utility knife. This innovative and useful tool also features a sturdy aluminum handle, one hand opening and fold out blade housing!

Sockets provide for countless uses around your garage, shop and home! You can select mirror-polished Socket Sets that come with SuperKrone finish for maximum corrosion resistance and long life. Tool Sets contain all the professional-quality tools that you'll need the most. These compact and easy to carry sockets and wrenches are made from chrome-vanadium steel to give years of dependable service.

Types of Hand Tools & Tool Sets

Chisels, Punches, Stamps, Tap & Die

Chisels, Punches, Stamps, Tap & DieYou can get Steel Stamp Sets that can be used to stamp your name, initials or code on tools and equipment or even mark auto parts for easier assembly. These super-sharp steel characters make clean, permanent impressions on metal, plastic, wood, leather and almost any material. Interchangeable Punch and Chisel Sets from JC Whitney come with protective handles that allow easy and secure grip and also protect your hand from being hit by the hammer.

40-Piece SAE Tungsten Steel Hex-Shaped Tap and Die Sets provide straight, clean and easy threading. They also allow you to use your wrench or socket for smooth and positive turning. These industrial-quality, heat-treated and hardened tungsten steel Taps and Dies are available in different sizes. We also stock Hollow Punch Sets, Automatic Center Punches, Transfer Punch Sets and Metal Punch Kits.


HammersDead-Blow Hammers are completely encased in high-impact rubberized plastic without exposing the metal. The head is filled with steel shot to put extra force in every hammer blow without rebound and the steel handle has a flanged end for a more secure grip.

Brass Hammers and Punch Sets are ideal to use where sparks from ferrous metals would be hazardous or where precision metal parts could be damaged by steel tools. We also stock Ball-Peen Hammer Sets that have fiberglass handles with easy-to-hold rubber grips and heat-treated ball-peen heads.

Impact Drivers

Impact DriversHand Impact Driver and Bit Sets are a must for those impossible jobs like striker plates, motorcycle engine cases, body panels, etc. These easy-to-use Hand Impact Driver and Bit Sets are made from high-strength steel alloys and require no air or electric power.

Impact Driver Kits from JC Whitney can be used to loosen hard-to-turn screws, bolts or nuts. They come with a unique handle design that helps prevent the possibility of hitting the hand with the hammer when striking the impact driver.

Nut Splitters & Extractors

Nut Splitters & ExtractorsScrew Extractors and Nut Splitter Sets help remove frozen or damaged nuts and screws without damaging the bolts or hole threads. The set includes 5 nut splitters and 5 screw extractors which remove screws quickly and easily. You can also opt for Universal C-Frame Nut Splitters at our huge collection at JC Whitney.

Pliers & Cutters

Pliers & Cutters2-Piece Hose Clamp Pliers Sets help repair most ring-type or flat-band hose clamps and include cross-slotted jaw pliers and wide, flat-band hose clamp pliers. 3-Piece Hose Pinch-Off Pliers Sets can be used to shut off the flow through vacuum lines, fuel lines and coolant lines.

You can also go for Guillotine Hose Cutters that hook and cut plastic lines and rubber hoses. The linear design with hook feature reaches, grabs and cuts hoses in tight areas. Pliers and Cutters from JC Whitney's wide selection also include Deluxe Crimper/Wiring Pliers, Super Tool Pliers and Straight-Blade Hose Cutters.


RatchetsPalm-Grip Ratchets from JC Whitney get into tight, hard-to-reach areas where conventional ratchets can't. These hardened, tempered steel, triple chrome-plated Ratchets come with a hexagon design for firm grip. We also stock Chromed Flex Handles whose heads have case-hardened pins and the drives are made from chrome-plated, heat-treated chrome-vanadium steel.

Rivet Guns & Accessories

Rivet Guns & AccessoriesRivet Nuts and Thread-Sert Tool Kits are easy and economical alternatives to riveting. Rivet Nuts are perfect for metal, fiberglass and rigid plastic which are too thin to support a threaded screw or bolt with the rivet nut. Thread-Serts help eliminate the need for tapping and welding. They feature an upper sleeve and a base, both with internal and external threads.

Deluxe Hand Rivet Gun Kits are perfect for use on copper, brass, tin, lead, steel, aluminum, pewter and zinc and virtually any material! The rivets won't easily rust or corrode and the gun has non-rust zinc alloy die-cast body with strong drop-forged handles and rubberized grips. We also stock Steel and Aluminum Rivets that are perfect for use with all rivet guns.


Screwdrivers105-Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Bit Sets are specially designed to fit all power drills, screw guns and drivers. These Screwdriver Bit Sets are made from sandblasted chrome-vanadium/S2 steel to survive a lifetime of hard driving and big jobs in garage, shop or home. 30-Piece Glove-Box Screwdriver Bit Sets are also available that contain virtually every bit you'll ever need!

Screwdriver Set and Hex Key Sets are made from CR-V steel for added strength and durability. These chrome-plated attachments resist rust and are available in different sizes. We also stock 61-Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Sets with Carrying Cases that allow you to work even in tight spaces. These heat treated carbon steel sockets ensure durability and also include convenient window storage/carrying cases.

Socket Extensions

Socket Extensions4-Piece Extension Bar Sets include 3", 6", 9" and 12" long bars for easy access to hard-to-reach fasteners. These chrome-plated heat-treated drop-forged steel Bar Sets will not rust or corrode. 3-pc.Extension Bar Sets are ideal for impact wrenches. These Extension Bar Sets feature drop-forged chrome-vanadium steel, heat treated and oil quenched for strength with black oxide finish for long service life. Our selection of Socket Extensions also includes Flex Extensions and 3-Piece Extra-Long Extension Bar Sets.

Socket Sets

Socket SetsDrive Deep Impact Sockets are the best and easiest way to install or remove the front-wheel-drive spindles. They feature drop-forged, heat-treated chrome-vanadium steel with durable oxide finish. You can also get Air Impact Socket Sets that can be used with air-powered impact wrenches to speed the installation and removal of nuts, bolts and studs. Made from drop-forged and heat-treated chrome vanadium steel, these Socket Sets are available in different sizes of your choice!

Tap-Holding Socket Sets are perfect for your taps and ratchet wrench in tight spots where T-handle won't fit. 21-Piece SAE and Socket Sets come with 72-tooth mechanism that maximizes torque and leverage with minimal handle movement. 10-Piece 1/2" Drive Metric Socket Sets with Clip Rails feature positive contact sockets for greater torque without damaging the fasteners. Socket Sets with Clip Rails are precision engineered for accurate and long-lasting performance.

3-Piece Universal Joint Sets come with professional grade swivel joint drives that provide greater flexibility and are perfect for hard-to-reach areas! The 4-sided internal ball detents in the drive recess for a firm grip with every drive accessory. These drop forged chrome vanadium steel Universal Joint Sets provide the most positive fit possible.

Our extensive assortment of Socket Sets also includes Socket Adapters, Universal Ball and Socket Joints, Black Oxide Socket Sets, Chrome-Plated Socket Sets, Jumbo Socket Sets, Vacuum Sockets, Laser Socket Sets, Drive Torx Socket Sets with Rail Clips, Socket Tray Kits, Drive Adaptor Sets, Mobile Socket Holders and Socket Sets with Storage Cases.

Tool Sets

Tool Sets235-Piece Mechanic's Tool Sets come with a variety of tools to choose from for the specific job you have in mind. These Tool Sets come in a full range of sizes including a large assortment of sockets, wrenches and other often-used tools. They lay flat for quick accessibility while working and folds easily into a tool box for easy portability.

We also stock Auto Emergency Tool Kits, 112-Piece Tool Sets with Comfort Grip, 206-Piece Tool Sets with Metal Tool Boxes, Automotive Repair Tool Sets, 51-Piece Tool Sets with Zippered Pouches and 30-Piece Women's Tool Kits.

Torque Wrenches

Torque WrenchesDual-Drive Micro-Adjusting Torque Wrenches accurately set the torque in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. This unique drive tang allows the tool to be used as either a 3/8" or 1/2" drive wrench and also removes the tang to convert the wrench into a 17mm socket. These Torque Wrenches are very easy to use, you just have to twist the handle to the desired torque setting and lock, insert drive tang into either side of wrench and start to work!

You can also pick from 1/2" Drive Dual-Scale Torque Wrenches, Heavy Duty 1/2" Drive Torque Wrenches, Dual-Scale Torque Wrenches, 3/8" Drive Dual-Scale Torque Wrenches, Triple-Scale Torque Wrenches and 1/4" Drive Dual-Scale Torque Wrenches at JC Whitney.


WrenchesPower Wrench Kits help remove the tightest lug nuts in the tightest spots effortlessly. They have telescoping handle that extends up to 22" for maximum leverage and maximum torque. These Power Wrench Kits are perfect for aftermarket wheels with minimum clearance between wheel and lug nut. This wrench and the thin-wall sockets supply the power you need and fit where conventional wrenches can't.

Obstruction Wrench Sets are ideal for alternators and starters or anywhere where tight fit is a problem. They get in places and around obstacles easily where even socket sets can't reach. Metric 4-Piece Pivoting-Head Combination Professional-Quality Ratcheting Wrench Sets simply flip wrench over to reverse the ratchet and are faster than any other hand tools. 180° pivot head reaches into the spots where ordinary wrenches can't. These corrosion resistant Combination Wrench Sets are made from chrome-vanadium steel for extra durability.

T-Handle Hex Key Sets provide the leverage needed to loosen and tighten hex head fasteners without stripping the head. The contoured plastic T-handles are stamped with hex key size for instant identification. These Hex Key Sets come with metal stands for easy storage and access.

Our vast selection also includes Double Ratchet Sets, Flex Ratchet Sets, Heavy-Duty Flex Rotating Ratchets, Gear Wrench Sets, Reverse Ratchet Adapter Sets, Super Ratchets and Reversible 4-In-1 Ratchet Wrenches.