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    Are you thinking about bolting on a set of headers to unleash hidden horsepower and torque from your engine? JBA makes exactly what you... more

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    Does your vehicle still have the original stock manifold? If so, replace that power-sapping stock manifold with a Hedman Painted Hedder... more

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    Install a fully-machined BBK header for up to 23 more horsepower and increased overall torque due to the way a header optimizes air flow... more

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    Thinking about bolting on a set of headers but you want your vehicle to stay smog legal? Have no fear, JBA makes exactly what you are looking... more

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    Additional horsepower and torque is lurking in your engine, unleash it with a Borla Stainless Steel Header and feel the extra power every... more

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    Crown Automotive is renowned for manufacturing the highest quality OEM replacement parts for Jeeps from 1942 to the present model year more

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    TIGHT TUCK HEADER. Engineered for street rods and hot rods. Solves many problems associated with engine swaps. Manufactured from durable... more

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    Flowtech’s Mid-length headers are made from 16-gauge tubes that are Mandrel bent to give you the power you expect and provide maximum... more

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    The cold-rolled steel tubing in Flowtech’s Shorty headers were designed to offer the maximum amount of ground clearance while delivering... more

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Headers and Manifolds from JC Whitney’s huge collection of Exhaust & Emissions are corrosion-resistant and help improve engine efficiency and fuel economy of your vehicle. Our section of Headers and Manifolds feature Performance Headers that are designed to help your engine breathe better and operate more effectively. We also stock Replacement Manifolds like Exhaust Manifolds that are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures and engine vibrations. These Exhaust Manifolds reduce cylinder loads, exhaust temperatures, and exhaust backpressures. At JC Whitney, you can opt for Headers and Manifolds from popular brands such as Thunderbird, Patriot, Pacesetter, Gibson Performance Exhaust, and Omix Ada.

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Headers & Manifolds

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  Help Your Vehicle Breathe Easy with Headers & Manifolds!
Types of Headers & Manifolds
Help Your Vehicle Breathe Easy with Headers & Manifolds!

Headers & Manifolds from JC Whitney's extensive selection of Exhaust & Emissions help your engine operate more efficiently. They not only improve power and acceleration, but also ensure better gas mileage and a cooler running engine. These Headers & Manifolds are a must for 4, 6 and 8-cylinder engines, as these engines are equipped with a restrictive exhaust manifold that limits engine operating efficiency and results in sluggish performance.

You can go for Performance Headers that dramatically reduce engine back pressure and allow smoother flow of exhaust gases. They provide the ultimate in torque, significantly improve exhaust flow exiting the combustion chamber, making more space for fresh air and fuel. These Headers are designed to withstand virtually anything including vibration and bumps associated with high-power engines and are perfect when towing or outputting a lot of power.

Replacement Manifolds are built to survive large single or twin turbocharger and diesel engine vibrations. They also help restore lost power, pep & fuel economy in your vehicle. These Manifolds provide better exhaust flow than power-robbing stock exhaust manifolds to help your engine run smoother and cooler.

Types of Headers & Manifolds

Performance Headers

Performance HeadersPerformance Headers from our vast collection are the easiest way to improve your car's performance! They help increase horsepower, deliver faster acceleration and come with precision MIG welded 16-gauge tubing and mandrel bent for better airflow. These Performance Headers come in a choice of black painted steel and ceramic coated finishes.

Performance Long-Tube Headers reduce back pressure and help your engine breathe better to increase power and gas mileage. They are great for better performance and faster acceleration in older vehicles and are available in high-temperature electrostatic black painted or ceramic-coated finishes. These Headers are ideal for off-road or racing use only and not intended or applicable for highway use.

You can also get Performance Header Kits that are specially designed for 4, 6 and 8-cylinder cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. They enhance horsepower, gas mileage and ensure a smoother running engine for your vehicle. Black Painted Shorty Headers are an economical way to replace exhaust manifolds and retain all emission fittings. These kits include 2 headers, gaskets, header bolts and instructions for easy installation.

You can also find Exhaust Headers that make great upgrades for any stock 1991-2004 4.0L Wrangler engine. Their flanges are welded 360° to stand up against the hottest conditions and can be simply bolted on in your vehicle engine. You can choose from Header/Stingers, Split-Header Dual Exhaust Systems, Ceramic-Metallic Coated Shorty Headers, Dual Header Exhaust Systems for VWs, Performance Header Sets, Custom-Fit High-Performance Competition Headers, High-Performance Header-Dual Exhaust Systems and more from JC Whitney.

Replacement Manifolds

Replacement ManifoldsReplacement Manifolds from JC Whitney include Exhaust Manifold Kits that match original equipment in fit and function but at a fraction of the price! From head pipe mounting hardware and gaskets to heat shields fully assembled to the manifold, these OE quality Manifold Kits contain everything you need in one complete kit!

Exhaust Pulse Manifolds are pulse tuned for quicker turbocharger spool up in your Dodge diesel! They help combustion chamber evacuation and ensure higher exhaust flow for increased power and efficiency. They are made from high-silicone ductile cast iron that withstands ultra high temperatures and the expansion joints allow the manifold to grow and still retain a perfect exhaust seal.

You can also get Replacement Exhaust Manifolds for 4-cyl. 134 L & F Heads that let your Jeeps breathe easy again. Driver's Side Full-Bore Exhaust Manifolds help you balance engine power for maximum efficiency and improve fuel economy. They reduce cylinder load, exhaust temperatures and exhaust back pressure. Made from high-silicone ductile iron, these Exhaust Manifolds are able to withstand extremely high temperatures and diesel engine vibration. We also stock other Replacement Manifolds like Replacement Manifold Kits with Gaskets and Replacement Exhaust Manifolds at JC Whitney.