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    Curt’s Class 1 powder-coated fixed draw bar hitches are perfect for towing motorcycle trailers or small utility trailers and use... more

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    Monroe Air Shock Line Kit. Replace your old and damaged part with Monroe Air Shock Line Kit. This universal kit contains materials that... more

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    Maximize your Jeep’s performance and style without breaking the bank with Hitches by Rugged Ridge. more

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    HEAVY-DUTY 3/4" D-RINGS. A must for off-road enthusiasts that tie chains together when pulling. These tough D-rings can also be attached... more

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    Smittybilt offers a wide range of Jeep body armor and accessories so you can have an easy time customizing your Jeep. If your Jeep&rsquo... more

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    CONNECTOR. This is a high quality, OE replacement connector. With over 100 years of practice in the automotive industry, AC Delco has ruled... more

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    ALUMINUM SHOW HOOK. Eye candy for your front end! Machined from 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum and polished to a high luster. Direct... more

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    Brake Control Wiring Harness for 2009-2010 Ford F-150 with OEM wiring. Includes: O.E.M. connector, 2ft. of wire, protective sleeve?to prevent... more

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    Curt’s powder-coated 2-inch bumper/receiver hitches are an affordable, easy way to tow small cargo carriers/trailers or to mount... more

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    The Glo-Brite Light Kit adds a clean, colorful finishing touch to exposed metal, fiberglass, glass, plastic or plywood edges. Great replacement... more

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Hitches, Towing & Trailers from JC Whitney are designed to make towing simple, easy and safe. They also help maximize towing performance and safety. Hitches from our vast collection provide valuable storage space and have a gross towing weight capacity from 3,000 lbs. to 30,000 lbs. Hitch Accessories like Hitch Covers, Hitch Pins, Hitch Locks and more can be used to enhance the appearance of your vehicle while providing maximum safety to your trailer.

Hitch Balls & Mounts from our selection of Hitches, Towing & Trailers allow you to raise and lower the Hitch Ball for level trailer towing. They also make perfect replacements for damaged and worn originals. Trailer Brake Wiring helps ensure automatic, smooth and synchronized braking of the trailer along with the tow vehicle. We also have Trailer Wiring that helps keep the headlights, brake lights and turn signals of your trailer functioning properly.

Our huge assortment of Hitches, Towing & Trailers also includes Tow Bars, Tow Hooks, Straps, and Shields, Towed Vehicle, Trailer Parts & Accessories and Trailers. You can opt for Hitches, Towing & Trailers from renowned brands like NFL, Bully, Highland, Lund and Hopkins.


Hitches, Towing & Trailers

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  Tow Safely with Top-Quality Hitches and Towing Equipment!
Choosing the Right Towing Equipment
Tips for Safe Towing
Tow Safely with Top-Quality Hitches and Towing Equipment!

Towing can be made safer and simpler if you use the right kind of hitch and towing equipment. You need not worry about towing heavy loads anymore as JC Whitney brings you a wide selection of Hitches, Hitch Accessories and Towing Equipment that are customizable to your needs. You can get top-quality Trailer Hitches, Trailer Parts, Tow Bars, Trailer Straps and Trailer Lights that are designed to make towing easier and hassle-free.

Hitches are probably the most vital equipment that you will need for towing. They help add additional cargo space and help you transport your cargo easily. You can get a wide selection of Hitches from JC Whitney such as Fifth Wheel Hitches, Gooseneck Hitches, Flat Bumper Hitches, Front Mount Receiver Hitches and RV Bumper Hitches.

It is important to the get the perfect combination of hitch, vehicle and trailer to make towing safe and enjoyable. You can decide on the right kind of hitch for your vehicle by following the Class chart for hitches that specify the Gross Towing Weight (GTW) for each of the hitches. Every vehicle will have a specified towing capacity. The key to finding the right class of hitch is to note that the Gross Towing Weight should not exceed the vehicle's towing capacity.

All Hitch Accessories and Towing Equipment available at JC Whitney have been designed keeping your and your family's safety in mind. You can get Hitch Accessories such as Hitch Lights that light up while you reverse your trailer, Hitch Locks that prevent accidental removal of Hitch Ball Mounts and Hitch Salt Spreaders that can be used to clear snow from driveways.

Apart from these, you can also buy Hitch Ball Mounts, which will reduce sway and keep the trailer in level with the towing vehicle. You can also get high quality and durable Tow Bars, Tow Hooks, Straps and Shields, Tow Dollies, Trailer Wiring and other Trailer parts and accessories from JC Whitney.

Choosing the Right Towing Equipment

The key to a safe and enjoyable towing experience is to have the right towing equipment. Here is a detailed look at different Hitches, Hitch Accessories and Towing Equipment that will make towing safer and simpler for you:

Hitch Accessories

Hitch AccessoriesYou can get a wide range of Hitch Accessories like Hitch Covers, Hitch Lights, Hitch Locks, Hitch Pins and Clips and Hitch Salt Spreaders from JC Whitney. You can also get personalized Hitch Covers that help to keep dirt and mud out of the receiver. Hitch Covers can be used to cover and protect your hitches against the elements. They are available in a variety of attractive designs such as NFL Hitch Covers, Logo Hitch Covers, Military Metal Hitch Covers and Chrome-Plated Customized Hitch Covers.

Halogen light systems deliver bright light to the step bumper or receiver mount. They light up the area behind the vehicle to help you back up safely at night. You can also get Hitch Locks, Hitch Pins and Clips and Hitch Salt Spreaders from JC Whitney.

Hitch Balls and Mounts

Hitch Balls and MountsHitch Balls and Mounts help keep the trailer in level with the vehicle you are towing. They help reduce sway and provide for effortless handling of the towed vehicle. The hitch ball connects the hitch to the trailer and the ball mount is placed inside the hitch.

You can get adjustable Hitch Ball Mounts from JC Whitney that can accommodate a wide range of vehicle heights. These Ball Mounts are ideal for your vehicle as it can be used to tow different types of trailers. Hitch Balls are available in durable stainless steel and chrome-plated materials. You can also get utility Tote Bags and Storage Bags to store your towing kits.


HitchesSafe towing starts with the right hitch! Hitches are classified according to their Gross Towing Weight. At JC Whitney, you can get hitches that can be used to tow anything from 2000 pounds to 6000 pounds.

Class I Hitches are ideal for regular towing and the Gross Towing Weight for Class I hitches is up to 2500 pounds. These hitches are good for use on smaller cars, such as small sedans, sports cars and compact cars.

Class II is best for medium-duty towing and the Gross Towing Weight is up to 3500 pounds. These hitches work well on larger cars, such as midsize sedans and minivans, but are not suitable for compact cars. Class III is suitable for heavy duty towing. It can be used to pull a 24-foot boat trailer. The gross towing weight is 3000 pounds to 6000 pounds. Class III and IV are great for extra-heavy duty towing. The gross towing weight for this class is 3000 pounds to 6000 pounds.

The different types of hitches include Fifth Wheel Hitches, Flat Bumper Hitches, Front Mount Receiver Hitches, Gooseneck Hitches, Pintle Balls and Hook Hitches, RV Bumper Hitches, Step Bumper Hitches and Weight Distributing Hitches with Sway Control. A Weight-Distributing Hitch distributes the weight evenly, enabling you to tow up to 10,000 pounds if used with a Class IV hitch

Tow Bars

Tow BarsTow Bars from JC Whitney help you tow vehicles of different sizes easily. These Tow Bars can be used to tow up to 5000 pounds. You can get Tow Bars with adjustable Tow Bars that can be mounted to the bumper of the vehicle. You can also get Tow Bar Kits available that are professionally engineered to suit the Classic Volkswagen.

Tow Hooks, Straps and Shields

Tow Hooks, Straps and ShieldsTow Hooks, Straps and Shields are handy towing accessories that make inexpensive alternatives to costly towing equipment. You can get Tie Down Straps, which you can use to keep cargo or luggage in place and prevent damage during transportation. Tow Hooks can be mounted easily to the front or rear bumper, frame or grille guard of your vehicle. You can also get Complete Tow Hook Kits from JC Whitney. They include everything needed to simplify towing, pulling and winch connections. Tow Straps and Ropes can be easily stored in your vehicle for use in times of emergency. Tow Hooks, Straps and Shields are made using extremely durable materials and are easy to install.

Towed Vehicle

Towed VehicleTow Dollies and Towed Vehicle Brake Systems from JC Whitney are designed to make towing easier and safer. You have to choose the Tow Dolly depending on the weight of your Towed Vehicle. You can go in for a 2 Tow Dolly or a 3 Tow Dolly. 2 Tow Dollies are good economical alternatives to 3 Tow Dollies. You can also get Light Bars that allow you to fix taillights, headlights and brake lights on your Towed Vehicle.

Towed Vehicle Braking Systems ensure that your Towed Vehicle stops simultaneously with your Towing Vehicle. We also stock Towed Vehicle Brake Systems with Breakaway Hydraulic Brakes that can be used to bring your Towed Vehicle to a halt even if it separates from your motor home.

Trailer Brake Wiring

Trailer Brake WiringTrailer Brake Controls and Trailer Wiring Harnesses help your trailers function smoothly and efficiently. Electric Brake Controls ensure automatic, smooth and synchronized braking of the trailer along with the tow vehicle. You can also protect your Trailer Brake Wiring with Plug Saver Boxes which will protect your trailer plug and wiring against damage from the elements.

Trailer Parts and Accessories

Trailer Parts and AccessoriesTop of the line Trailer Parts and Accessories from JC Whitney contribute to better towing safety. You can get Trailer Couplers, Trailer Dollies, Trailer Jacks, Tongue Jacks and Trailer Stands that allow easy and faster hook ups for towing. You can also get Trailer Coupler Locks, Trailer Guardians and Trailer Safety Chains that ensure safe towing while on the road. These Trailer Parts are made of durable, long lasting materials.

Trailer Wiring

Trailer WiringTrailer Light Wiring and Trailer Wiring Testers keep the headlights, brake lights and turn signals of your trailer functioning properly. You will find Trailer Light Connector Wiring Kits that can be used for all taillights, brake lights, back-up lights, license plate lights, electric brakes and the auxiliary battery in the trailer.

We also offer Circuit Testers that make troubleshooting tow vehicles easy. Circuit Testers indicate whether the vehicle's tow circuit is properly configured. They warn about problems existing in the circuit-brake light or turn signal, tail/marker lights, power to trailer, electric brakes and back-up lights or auxiliary lights. These are made from brake-resistant, resilient plastic.

Tips for Safe Towing

Here are a few tips that will contribute to safe towing:

Ensure that your trailer and whatever you're hauling is within the tow capacity of your vehicle. Check the manufacturer's manual to find the trailer types that your vehicle can haul and the maximum load weight it can tow.

Check Hitch balls, couplers, chains, retaining pins and clips, and all other connections every time you tow. Tighten loose connections. Re-check at fuel and rest stops.

Check whether the brakes and signal lights are properly connected. Make sure the trailer's brakes, turn signals and taillights are synchronized with those of the tow vehicle.

Connect safety chains properly every time you tow.

Check the air pressure in your tires and follow the tow vehicle and trailer manufacturers' recommendations.

Double check all towing equipment and connections to make your towing experience safe and enjoyable.