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When shopping for a new Hood for your repairs, you can always trust JC Whitney to deliver what you need. We have one of the widest selections of high-quality parts from no less than the best brands in the industry. Shop now and get the right Hood with the perfect fit for your ride!

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The Basics of Car Hood Replacement

Like the skin that covers your entire body, the exteriors of your vehicle also function by protecting your car's most vital internal components. The hood is just one part of your vehicle's skin; however, it stands out among the rest because it covers the heart of your ride-the engine. If this protective cover becomes damaged, your vehicle-especially your engine-becomes vulnerable and defenseless against external elements. So, before it's too late, you'd better get a new one ASAP.

Car Hood Buying Guide


Aftermarket car hoods are available in several forms. They are usually available in primered, natural, gelcoat, and black colors/finishes. Here are the most common ones available in the market today.

    Steel - Steel remains the most common material for car hoods today because it's sturdy, reliable, and lasts for a long time.

    Aluminum - Aluminum hoods are slowly gaining their popularity among automakers. They are known for being lightweight, weighing around 10 kilograms less than their steel counterparts.

    Fiberglass - A fiberglass car hood is made of plastic matrix reinforced by very fine fibers of fiberglass. This material is known for its lightness and strength.

    Carbon fiber - Carbon fiber hoods are typically reserved for upgrades and customization jobs. Carbon fiber is a strong, flexible, and lightweight material. It may be a bit a expensive but it can conserve your vehicle's energy with its light weight.


The price of a car hood mainly depends on the brand and kind of material that you're going to get. For instance, the very popular steel hoods can cost around $100 to $500. On the other hand, both aluminum and fiberglass car hoods can cost around $250 to $1000. And last but not the least, the most expensive of all-carbon fiber hoods-usually cost around $500 to $1000.

Car Hood Installation

Below is a basic guide that aims to give you an idea on how to replace broken car hoods. Depending on what you drive, the steps below may or may not be applicable. It would be best to consult your vehicle's manual before performing the job.

Step 1: Start by removing your car's old factory hood using a ratchet and socket to unbolt it. While doing this, make sure that your hand or a companion is supporting its weight.

Step 2: Once you've unbolted the old one, remove it and start installing the new one. Stick the new one vertically and carefully mount it on top of your vehicle.

Step 3: If you're confident about its position, hand-thread its mounting bolts and try to tighten the connection using nothing but your hands.

Step 4: Check if the position and fit are perfect and do adjustments when deemed necessary.

Step 5: If you're done with the adjustments, tighten its bolts using a ratchet and socket. After that, test your new hood by lowering it down until you have the right amount of clearance to slam it shut.


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