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Horn Accessories

Take a look at our selection of Horn Accessories products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Horn Accessories. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    Crown Automotive is the go-to company for premium quality factory replacement parts for Jeeps manufactured as far back as 1942. more

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    BLANK HORN BUTTON KIT FOR VW. Perfect on your Formula GT or GT Rally steering wheels (sold separately). Without logo- add your own decal... more

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Horn Accessories from JC Whitney’s huge collection of Horns help keep your vehicle’s horn sounding loud and clear for years. Our assortment of Horn Accessories also includes Compressors and Tanks, Horn Installation parts, Replacement Parts, Air Storage Tanks, Air Compressors, Air Horns, Trumpet Horns, Electric Solenoid Valves and Replacement Lanyard Control Valves. You can select Horn Accessories from popular brands like Grant®, Hadley, Wolo, Fiamm Technologies and Omix Ada®.


Horn Accessories

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  Make Horns Loud and Clear!
Horn Accessories for A Powerful Horn!
Keep The Horns Powerful!
Make Horns Loud and Clear!

Are jaywalkers constantly in your way even when you honk? Maybe your vehicle's Horns aren't loud enough! You can get them to function well with Horn Accessories at JC Whitney. These Horn Accessories are an economical and effective way to ensure loud and powerful Horns sounds.

You can get any Horn Accessory you want from our collection at JC Whitney. These Horn Accessories will keep the Horn sounds loud and powerful for years. Horn Air Compressors and Storage Tanks will give the horn a steady supply of air for strong and reliable performance. These Compressors and tanks can also be used to inflate tires, air mattresses and shocks.

Hard-to-find Horn Installation Parts like Horn Relays, Air Hoses, Horn Buttons and other Air Horn Installation Kits are custom-made for your vehicle's horn. You can also get replacements for worn or damaged Solenoid Valves, Control Valves and Compressors from our collection. These Replacement Parts are usually made from heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant chrome and stainless steel materials.

Horn Accessories for A Powerful Horn!

Compressors & Tanks

Compressors & TanksHorn Compressors and Air Tanks help provide a constant supply of air to the Horns to make them function well. You can easily mount these Compressors in your vehicle, as they are compact and lightweight. These air compressors have automatic built-in regulators and give high-output. You can also get exceptionally high performance Horns with electric motor driven Air Compressors. These Air Compressors come with all the hardware necessary for easy installation.

Air Storage Tanks are made of die-formed stainless steel and have high cubic inch capacity. If you own a large vehicle you can go in for extra-large Storage tanks as they allow louder and longer sounds. They can also be fitted in small horns for powerful sounds. You can get Complete Storage Tank Installation Kits containing all the replacements for worn parts at JC Whitney.

Horn Installation

Horn InstallationYou can get all the hardware necessary for easy installation and operation of a Horn at JC Whitney. Horn Relays withstand heat created by continuous operation and prevent failure of horns and alarms. They are made of strong, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant materials. You can also get Air Hoses that are used with Compressors and Tanks to fill inflatable objects easily. These Air Hoses are ideal for use with electric motor-driven high-performance Air Compressors.

You can also get Horn Buttons, wiring, nuts and Complete Air Horn Installation Kits that make installation easy at JC Whitney. We also stock Horn Buttons made especially for your VW.

Replacement Parts

Replacement PartsReplacement Solenoid Valves and Control Valves from JC Whitney are great replacements for worn and damaged Solenoid Valves and Control Valves. They come with all the required hardware and can be easily installed. You can also find other Replacement Air Compressor fittings like Replacement Pressure Switches and Replacement Belts.

You can replace malfunctioning Horns with Replacement Trumpet Horns and Replacement Air Horns. These Horns are chrome-plated and can be mounted on the sides or roof of your vehicle. You can protect your vehicle's horns in extreme weather conditions with Snap-on steel Horn Weather Shields.

Keep The Horns Powerful!

Horns should be installed carefully without air leaks as air leaks can damage the compressors and decrease Horn performance. You can prevent such problems by getting it installed by a professional. Worn and damaged Horn Accessories also need to be changed. Get the Horns thoroughly checked by a professional at least once a year to keep them in good tune.