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Product #: 2118521G Brand: Kleinn Horns See Product Details
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Priced from: $36.95 - $94.95 See Product Choices
Priced from: $36.95 - $94.95 See Product Choices
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  • Authentic, aggressive and powerful train horn sound with a maximum output of 154.4 decibels
  • Most models are a universal fit design
  • Direct fit models for popular Ford and GM pickup trucks
  • Choice of dual or triple trumpets
  • Wide trumpets produce sound that can be both felt and heard
  • Black or chrome plated trumpets
  • Detachable or separate trumpets are perfect for vehicles that cannot fit all trumpets together
  • Connect to your vehicle’s security system for even more attention when alarm is activated
  • Includes electronic train horn solenoid(s)

Tired of that weak and ineffective horn that came on your vehicle from the factory? Prevent other drivers from running you off the road due to inattention by bolting on a Kleinn Train Horn. A painfully loud train horn blast from a Kleinn Train Horn will certainly let other drivers know when they inadvertently stray into your lane. All Kleinn Train Horns produce one of the most bellowing, loud, deep, aggressive and obnoxious train horn sounds that you will ever hear. With many years of innovation and respect in the aftermarket horn industry, the Kleinn Air Horn slogan, “Too Loud? Too Bad.” says it all.

NOTE: Requires air system for operation, (not included with all models)

See product for application and installation details.

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