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Husky parts and accessories

Always be prepared to go on an adventure. Don’t be afraid of dirt and mud. Stains on your car’s floor are now a thing of the past, because Husky has got you covered. You can get this plus other high quality brands from JC Whitney – where quality and excellent customer service is the code. Select the Husky part you need from the options below.

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Husky Liners: Keeping the Vehicle Clean and Protected Inside and Out

Grease, mud, dust, grime, and spills.these can easily ruin the bare auto carpet and flooring without a tough cover to trap dirt, moisture, and debris and serve as a buffer. Over the years, Husky Liners has become a go-to brand for floor liners and mats. Based in Winfield Kansas, Husky Liners, which was found in 1988, is serious with its mission to keep the vehicle protected inside and out. As it perfected some manufacturing processes and found several ways to innovate, the brand now carries a wide assortment of products, other than liners and mats.

Becoming a familiar name in the industry

Husky Liners is able to build a good name for itself because it doesn't just provide the usual variety. The company thinks of ways to make liners, covers, and mats more durable, more convenient to use, and more stylish than others. The company can ensure custom fit to the front, rear, and the cargo area. As Husky Liners gain popularity in the market, it's also able to expand its product line. Aside from heavy-duty mats and liners, the company also manufactures custom-molded mudguards, bed rail guards, sunshades, and other quality products that are designed to keep the vehicle safe from the elements.

Giving more than what's expected

It takes just a look at the Husky Liners catalog or inventory to see how passionate the brand is in bringing out the best in its products. It offers a better set of features and search for ways to merge beauty with functionality, even in its mats and liners. The company doesn't just supply the market with what's needed but also thinks ahead and creates a demand, focusing on practicality and convenience. This helps the company manufacture products with forward-thinking designs. All products from this brand are made in the US, in facilities that are well-equipped with the needed machinery and the right technologies. With stringent quality control in place, most of its products are offered with hassle-free lifetime guarantees.

Brand specialty

Husky has become a household name for automotive floor mats and liners. These come in several designs and styles. The selection includes the X-Act Contour (premium styled floor liner), WeatherBeater (all-weather sporty floor liner), Heavy-Duty Floor Mats (tough and reliable floor mat), and Classic Style (original floor liner). The X-Act Contour line is designed to hug all the right curves and match the contours. It's tough yet soft and comfortable. The Classic Style offers the basic. It's molded for protection and comes with a rugged diamond plate and FormFit design, while Heavy-Duty Floor Mats are made with a rubberized DuraGrip material. Finally, the WeatherBeater is a sporty floor liner that's built to last through all seasons, fighting off the weather elements for maximum carpet protection. To keep different parts of the vehicle protected, Husky Liners has launched other products, such as wheel well guards and mud guards. For improved field of vision, it has also designed an aluminum 5th wheel tailgate that's easy to use. For added functionality, it also has a gear box to keep stuff organized. The bed rail caps are made thicker and stronger, while the aluminum contractor rack is designed to keep the cabin cool and protected.

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