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Take a look at our selection of Jacks, Stands & Dollies products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Jacks, Stands & Dollies. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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11 out of 31 products in Jacks, Stands & Dollies

    Performance Tool Dolly. Performance Tool Dolly is made from high quality materials to ensure reliability and efficiency. This Dolly is... more

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    Trak-Jax by Race Ramps are the perfect affordable way to get your race car or low-clearance vehicle onto a standard floor jack without... more

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    Race Ramps’ Wheel Cribs are a necessity for any serious enthusiast, whether used for vehicle maintenance or display and work perfectly... more

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    TRAIL JACK. Includes zinc plated hardware, large base, and adjustable connector clamp. This trail jack is made from solid cast steel and... more

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Jacks, Hoists, Lifting, Stands & Winches from JC Whitney’s extensive assortment can be used for your lifting, winching or moving needs. Engine Stands and Carts and Hoists and Cranes from our range of Jacks, Hoists, Lifting, Stands & Winches safely hold the engine to simplify repairs and overhauls. They allow precise adjustments of the engine angle enabling you to position your engine at the best angle. Dollies & Positioning Jacks from JC Whitney help move a disabled vehicle and allow you to roll it easily in any direction. Jacks, Hoists, Lifting, Stands & Winches like Jack Stands, Lifts and Lifts, Stands & Dollies simplify and speed up wheel cleanups, maintenance and repairs.Floor Jacks and Rapid Lift & Racing Jacks from our collection of Jacks, Hoists, Lifting, Stands & Winches are perfect to raise and lower heavy vehicles and make working on high-clearance vehicles easier. High Lifting Jacks and Jack Accessories can be used with Jacks to provide greater stability preventing the Jacks from sinking into the sand or soft ground. Our assortment of Jacks, Hoists, Lifting, Stands & Winches includes Winches & Accessories that efficiently handle all jobs — from racing to recovery, boating to off-road exploring. We also stock Jacks, Hoists, Lifting, Stands & Winches like Levelers, Portable Ramps, Ram Jacks, Stabilizer Jacks, Transmission Jacks, Wheel Chocks and more top brands like MIT, Grip and OTC.

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