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Priced from: $58.13 + Free Shipping Product Number: KURMO57487
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Priced from $58.13
Product Number: KURMO57487

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  • Required for installing Cruise Arm Mark III on Dressers and Road Kings
  • This design allows easy installation by simply drilling mounting holes in the steel floorboard base for the adjustable mount and full-length reinforcing plate. The entire assembly mounts to the floorboard. The reinforcing plate adds stiffness to the floorboard to keep flex to a minimum. The stock rubber floorboard pads remain unaffected. The arms are fully adjustable front to back
  • Accepts any H-D style male mount footpeg (sold separately)
Kuryakyn has been in the business of improving and beautifying motorcycles since before many of today's riders ran them through the gears for the first time. Unlike a large segment of the industry, they've learned that the bandwagon usually doesn't lead the parade. Their parts gives fresh Kuryakyn innovation; well thought out parts that work, fit, and most of all, look great! They will leave the me too items to someone else. Each Kuryakyn accessory is intended to look fantastic by itself, but is usually a member of group of parts that combine to create a look. At Kuryakyn, ideas are born from a passion for motorcycles that spans 145 years of combined experience and active participation in the sport. Their ideas are products of creative minds that realize a motorcycle isn't simply a means of transportation, but rather a representation of a person's very identity. At Kuryakyn we believe innovation is manufactured at the intersection of Performance and Style. The Inspiration and Evolution!



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