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Heading into the outdoors without the right tools can be a disaster. So to avoid that, invest in the components produced by Lange Originals. JC Whitney has an array of products that can help boost your vehicle’s toughness and efficiency in dealing with the rigors of the outdoors. Just pick what you need and we’ll have it delivered to you right away!

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    KWICK TOP KITS. Features Include. Secure or remove your top in less than 3 minutes. Fingertop release-;simply flick the patented latches... more

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    DOOR HANGER. Safely holds one pair of steel doors. Heavy-duty bracket mounts to the wall in your garage, shop or workshop to keep your... more

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Jeeps are built to withstand the rigors of the outdoor. But of course, time and regular use can take a toll on its different parts. And since quality replacements are required so you can avoid the pitfalls of continuously replacing your jeep’s parts, consider investing in the products offered by Lange Originals.

Available in JC Whitney’s comprehensive catalog, products made by Lange Originals are designed to beef up your jeep and make it prepared to face the outdoors. Lange Originals Automotive offers a wide range of components ranging from mirrors, top kits, hardtop seals, door hangers, and power winches. Each product plays a role in making your vehicle more effective in dealing with the toughness offered by the outdoor. Now to help these Lange Originals Car Parts do a good job, they’re made from high-grade materials to keep them from succumbing to wear and tear. The use of these materials also keeps them from falling prey to harsh road elements and varying weather conditions. Aside from being built tough, each Lange Originals Product is designed to match the specifications of most vehicle makes and models. By doing this, Lange Originals ensures that its products easy to set-up and won’t need to be modified to fit in place.

Even though your jeep is made for the outdoors, regular use can still wear out its parts. So if you need to have them replaced, get the products made by Lance Originals. They’ll be able to give you the performance you’ve always wanted.