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Leaf Springs from JC Whitney’s extensive collection of Suspension & Chassis parts help prevent suspension damage caused by bushing failure. These Leaf Springs stabilize your vehicle, improve handling and provide you with better control of your vehicle. We stock Helper Springs and Leaf Springs that ensure driving safety even when carrying or towing heavy loads. Our collection of Leaf Springs also includes Bushings & Accessories and Shackles, Hangers & Mounting Hardware that improve your vehicle’s suspension.

Bushings & Accessories from our range of Leaf Springs eliminate "play" common to stock rubber bushings, improving handling and providing faster response. These Bushings ensure great spring stability during off-road driving and eliminate rattles and vibrations.

Leaf Springs and Helper Springs increase the weight-carrying capacity of your vehicle. They minimize body roll, sway and prevent rear-end sag, leaning and bottoming even when carrying heavy-loads or towing. Leaf Springs and Helper Springs also eliminate the spring "wrap" or twist during hard acceleration or deceleration, which can cause power loss and lead to spring and U-joint damage or failure.

Shackles, Hangers & Mounting Hardware from our collection of Leaf Springs restore your vehicle’s ride height, stability, handling and offer better off-road performance. They help upgrade the weak link in your vehicle’s suspension. You can select Leaf Springs from renowned brands like Rough Country® Suspension, Steelcraft, Bell Tech, Crown Automotive and Tuff Country™ Suspension amongst others that improve traction and improve handling of your vehicle.


Leaf Springs

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  Say Goodbye to Bumpy Rides with Leaf Springs!
Types of Leaf Springs
Say Goodbye to Bumpy Rides with Leaf Springs!

Leaf Springs and Leaf Spring accessories from JC Whitney greatly enhance your vehicle's weight carrying capacity. They help avoid leaning, bottoming and rear-end sag while towing and off-roading and are designed to suit different vehicle types. You can get top-quality Leaf Springs for your Trucks, Cars, Pickups, Jeeps®, Vans and SUVs from our vast collection.

Leaf springs offer uniform strength and safer spring operation for your vehicle suspension and also reduce squeaking. If you are looking for Leaf Springs for your cars or trucks, you can go for Polyurethane Leaf springs which outperform traditional rubber bushings. Jeep leaf springs are also available and are guaranteed to make steering easier even in the toughest driving conditions. We also have different styles of trailer leaf springs to offer at JC Whitney.

Off-roading can cause original bushings of your vehicles to crack, distort and crush. All Leaf Spring kits offer better performance and longevity and make great replacements for old, worn and damaged originals. We also house a variety of helper and helper springs that make your rides smoother while enhancing weight carrying capacity of your vehicle. Choose from Progressive-rate, Full-time and Adjustable helpers.

You can also choose from our wide selection of superior Leaf Springs and accessories like leaf spring perches, helpers, helper springs, rear end leaf springs, leaf spring shackles, leaf spring hangers, leaf spring bolts, shackle reverse kits and active suspension from leading brands. Made from tempered steel, these parts offer uniform strength and advanced spring action in your vehicle's suspension.

Types of Leaf Springs

Bushings & Accessories

Bushings & AccessoriesBushings and Accessories from JC Whitney help smooth out those jarring rides of yours! They are built to last long and are highly resistant to friction and harsh weather conditions. Polyurethane Leaf Spring and Shackle Bushing Sets for your Trucks outlast and outperform stock rubber bushings. They prevent suspension damage caused by bushing failure and are made from strong, long lasting materials that are highly resistant to temperature extremes as well as friction.

Greaseable Spring Bolts are hardened, rifle-drilled bolts that eliminate squeaky bushings and also allow easy lubrication. You can also get Polyurethane Leaf Springs that can respond faster and handle your Car better. These kits come equipped with 4 bushings and 2 sleeves for stationary spring eyes and 8 bushings for spring shackles. Leaf Spring Main Eye Bushings are designed to restore smooth and rattle-free operation in your vehicle.

Helper Spring

Helper SpringHelper Springs from JC Whitney help ensure a smooth and safe ride even when you are towing or your vehicle is fully loaded with cargo. You can select from a variety of products that come with all the necessary hardware and instructions for easy bolt-on installation.

Add-A-Leaf Kits are ideal for leveling trucks with heavy load, plows or heavy bumpers. They add to the weight carrying capacity and the overall lift of your vehicle. If you own a vehicle with front leaf spring, then these kits can be used to level vehicles with snow plows or heavy bumpers and winches. They can be bolted-in to the correct height or sometimes even to add height to your vehicle. You cannot use these Add-a-leafs with other devices to lift vehicles.

You can get Leaf Spring Helpers used with leaf springs to minimize body roll, sway and sag while driving. They help stabilize your vehicle for a smooth, comfortable ride even when carrying heavy loads or pulling a trailer. They come with easy clamp-on installation and you can choose from 20" long or 33" full-length extra-heavy-duty helpers depending on the utility.

Progressive Rate Helper Springs are built to support loads up to 3,500 lbs. They help you enjoy a normal ride even when your truck is unloaded. You can also custom tailor springs to your ride and carrying capacity with Leaf Spring Adjustable Helpers. JC Whitney also stocks Adjustable Helper Springs, Full-Time Helper Spring Kits, Performance Traction Control Springs, Active Suspension Kits, Body Roll Stabilizers and Rear 1-1/4" Add-A-Leaf Kits.

Leaf Spring

Leaf SpringLeaf Springs help improve traction and reduce sway for precise control while driving your vehicle. They also prevent leaning, bottoming and rear-end sag in your vehicle. Alloy Steel Leaf Springs are made from oil-tempered and heat-treated precision alloy steel and need to be installed in pairs to distribute weight equally for a level and balanced ride.

Leaf Springs help restore your car's original height and feature feathered edges and inserts that ensure smooth, quick action. They are made from oil-tempered, heat-treated alloy steel for uniform strength and spring action. Leaf Springs are also available for light and medium-duty trailers and come with 1,000 lbs. to 4,500 lbs. capacity per pair. You can also get 4" Front Leaf Springs with "Military Wrap" for precise handling and control during off-roading and sudden hard-braking.

High-Lift Leaf Springs provide a much smoother and comfortable ride than standard leaf springs as they use thicker steel and less leaves. You can even choose from the EZ-ride or heavy-duty springs depending on your towing requirements. You can even go for Replacement Leaf Springs, Extra-Heavy-Duty Leaf Springs, Rear Leaf Springs, Extra-High-Lift Rear Leaf Springs and Supersprings® from our extensive collection at JC Whitney.

Shackles, Hangers & Mounting Hardware

Shackles, Hangers & Mounting HardwareJC Whitney also stocks Shackles, Hangers & Mounting Hardware that easily replace your vehicle's old and rusted original suspension parts. These are made from heavy-duty durable materials and can be installed easily in your vehicle. Leaf Spring Shackle Sets are sets of rubber bushings that ensure quiet and positive spring operation in your vehicle's suspension.

You can replace collapsed perches with durable Leaf Spring Perches that work for installing wide leaf springs or relocating leaf springs. "Big Brute" Heavy-Duty Frame Shackle Brackets help upgrade the weak link in your vehicle's suspension. They are a perfect choice for off road pounding and rock crawling. These Shackle Brackets not only have a great-looking corrosion resistant powder-coat finish, but also are affordable and long-lasting.

You can also get premium-quality urethane Replacement Spring Shackle Bushing Sets that easily replace your vehicle's stock bushings. They also help restore your vehicle's ride height, stability and offer better off-road performance. Our low priced Shackle Reverse Kits eliminate the pounding effect whenever you drive over bumps or your vehicle wanders.

We also stock Spring Shackle Kits, Spring Shackle Lift Kits, Shackle End Spring Hangers, Replacement Shackle Kits for 1987-95 Jeep® Wranglers, Leaf Spring Mounting Kits, Spring Mount Kits and Progressive Rate Helper Springs Mounting Kits for your vehicle's suspension.