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Take a look at our selection of Light Covers & Guards products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Light Covers & Guards. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    Our N-Dure Tail Light Guard is made from tough steel tubing. Choose from black, natural, polished, or powder coated black finishes. more

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    HEADLIGHT GUARD. Simple no-drill installation. This Headlight Guard from Rampage is manufactured from durable stainless steel, it is designed... more

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    LIGHTGUARD HEADLIGHT COVERS. Protect your headlights from any damage caused by road debris with Wade Auto Lightguard Headlight Covers.... more

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Light Covers and Light Guards from JC Whitney’s extensive assortment of Exterior accessories help shield your vehicle’s expensive Headlights, Taillights and Third Brake Lights from dust and road debris. Light Covers and Light Guards from top brands like Westin®, Xenon®, V-Tech, Rampage, Lund®, Stampede, EGR and TFP also help protect your vehicle’s Headlights and Taillights from damage caused while driving over rocky and marshy terrain. Light Covers and Light Guards from our collection also include Headlight Covers, Headlight Guards, Headlight Visors, Taillight Covers and Third Brake Light Covers. You can opt for all these and more from renowned brands like Laser Concepts, Go Industries, Rugged Ridge™, Omix Ada® and AutoVentshade®.


Light Covers & Guards

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  Safety for your Vehicle's Lights!
Types of Protective Devices for the Lights!
Maintaining Light Covers and Light Guards!
Safety for your Vehicle's Lights!

Headlights and Taillights are the most delicate parts of your vehicle and are quite prone to cracks and damage. You can shield your vehicle's expensive Headlights and Taillights from road debris and also prevent glare for a safer ride with Light Covers and Light Guards. We stock Light Covers and Light Guards that are custom-made for cars, trucks, SUVs, pickups, vans and even Jeep®s.

Automobile Light Covers are quite economical and give your vehicle a new, stylish look. Headlight Covers and Taillight Covers can be easily snapped on over the lights of your vehicle. Some of these Light Covers are also tinted in flashy colors to give your vehicle a sporty look. However if you're an off-roader and need heavy-duty protection for your vehicle's lights, you can get Headlight Guards and Taillight Guards. They are made from highly polished chrome and stainless steel materials that resist corrosion and can even withstand minor impact. You can also select a Third Brake Light Cover and add that extra style to your vehicle.

If you're a regular long distance or highway driver you can go in for Headlight Visors. These Visors allow you to use the high beams without blinding on-coming motorists. You can select chrome-plated or stainless steel Headlight Visors from JC Whitney to ensure a safe ride.

Types of Protective Devices for the Lights!

Headlight Covers

Headlight CoversProtect the expensive headlights of your vehicle from roadside debris and enhance on-road safety with Headlight Covers. These Covers are made from heavy-duty, durable acrylic and are custom molded to fit well over your vehicle's lights. Some of these Headlight Covers come in smoke tints or flame designs to give your vehicle a sleek look. These Headlight Covers are generally UV stabilized to minimize yellowing or discoloration of the headlights. You can install these Headlight Covers easily without any drilling and also remove them whenever you want.

Headlight Guards

Headlight GuardsHeadlight Guards are stronger shields than Headlight Covers and can be used while driving over rocky and marshy terrain. They provide the most effective protection against rocks, gravel and branches, which may cause cracks on the expensive headlights of your vehicle. Headlight Guards are custom-made to fit exactly over the contours of your Jeep®, Beetle or any other vehicle and are easy to install. These Headlight Guards are made from heavy-duty stainless steel that can withstand extreme temperatures.

Taillight Covers

Taillight CoversTaillights are as fragile as headlights and need equal protection. Taillight Covers are an economical way to give your vehicle's lights extra protection and a sophisticated look. You can get Taillight Covers that are custom-made to fit perfectly over the taillights. Tailgate Covers are made from durable acrylic, plastic or chrome materials. Some of them have smoke tints and designs to give your vehicle a customized look. They can be easily stuck to the taillights.

Taillight Guards

Taillight GuardsTaillights ensure good on-road safety and need to be protected from damage. Other vehicle owners may not notice your vehicle if the taillights are broken and this can lead to collisions and accidents. You can prevent damage of these Taillights with the help of Taillight Guards. Taillight Guards are custom-made to fit exactly over the contours of your Jeep®, truck, van or any other vehicle. These Taillight Guards can be easily installed without any drilling or mounting troubles.

Third Brake Light Covers

Third Brake Light CoversYou can customize the look of your vehicle with Third Brake Light Covers. These third brake light covers can be easily installed over the third brake lights without any extra drilling or modification. You just have to stick them on.

Maintaining Light Covers and Light Guards!

You need to remove debris and dirt stuck on the Light Guards to allow light beams to pass through without any hindrance. Light Covers and Guards should be washed regularly for good vision on the road. Wash the Light Covers and Guards with mild soapy water to remove tough stains and marks. You can also remove the Covers and wipe dirt off the lights for better clarity.