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Product #: 10924G Brand: Superwinch See Product Details
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Priced from: $127.24 - $246.25 Free Shipping Custom Fit See Product ChoicesTo proceed, please specify your vehicle

Product Details

Product Information

  • Lock out drivetrain wear, extending component life, tires and fuel economy
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • For most domestic and imported front axles
Manually lock and unlock drivetrain from front wheels. Precisely machined and assembled; mechanism is fully sealed from the environment, including water, dust and sand, making it virtually maintenance-free. Perfect replacement for existing worn-out locking hubs. Replace OEM automatic hubs, eliminating typical problems with partial engagement/disengagement. Install easily in about 15 minutes with common hand tools.
Locked: One quarter turn fully locks wheel to drivetrain. Full engine power and torque are transmitted to all 4 wheels; no slippage through the hubs. Positive connection through the hubs ensures full 4WD action in forward and reverse. All 4 wheels function when downshifting for compression braking.
Free: One quarter turn completely unlocks wheel from drivetrain. Driveshafts, differential gears and universal joints are no longer driven by front wheels. Extended component life and improved fuel economy. Lighter steering and reduced shimmy tendency. Eliminates most front drivetrain noise and vibration. Since front tires no longer "pull" drivetrain, tire mileage increases.

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