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  • Imagine being able to start up your bike for an early morning ride without angering your neighbors-enjoy a deep, powerful exhaust note without cringing whenever you pass a police officer or school zone-the new Peacemakers Exhausts make those dreams a reality!
  • The handlebar-mounted toggle switch controls the Actuator Motor and allows on-the-fly transitions between loud and quiet modes in just seconds!
  • The slender chrome Actuator Motor, mounted to the right front down tube, receives the signal from the handlebar switch and opens/shuts the diverter valves within both mufflers via cables
It's the solution you've been waiting for! State and city lawmakers are getting an earful from the public about motorcycle noise pollution. Peacemakers Slip-On Exhausts allow you to get the sound you want-at the flip of a switch-yet still exercise social responsibility when needed. Featuring Diverter Valve and Aero Baffle technology, Peacemakers Exhausts enable the rider to switch back and forth between a loud mode and a quiet mode on the fly. Be wild and enjoy unleashing the low throaty rumble locked inside your bike, but then flip the switch to tone it down when needed. When the diverter valves are closed, the exhaust gases are routed through the Peacemakers' exclusive Aero Baffles, reducing exhaust sound volume to near stock levels. When the diverter valves are opened, the exhaust gases flow through the straight pipe down the center of the muffler, resulting in increased exhaust sound volume and greater engine performance.

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