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Novelty Horns from JC Whitney’s wide assortment of Horns deliver unique sounds that grab instant attention. Novelty Air Horns are super loud and can duplicate the cry of a wild turkey or European-police-car sound sirens perfectly. They are compact, corrosion-resistant and very easy to install.

Novelty Electric Horns are extra-loud, high-pitched and give many years of dependable service. They include Bull Horns, Train Horns, Cattle Horns, Wolf Whistle Horns and Beep-Beep Horns. You can opt for Novelty Horns from popular brands like Wolo, Garage Pro™ and Alpex.

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Types of Novelty Horns
Think Before You Honk!
Be Heard With Novelty Horns

Tired of the feeble stock Horn that does nothing to help you get past in the rush hour traffic? JC Whitney brings you Novelty Horns, a set of heavy-duty and cool-sounding horns that are sure to get you the place you deserve on the road.

With Novelty Horns, you can grab instant attention from fellow passengers. These horns produce delightfully different sounds such as the sound of a wild turkey, wolf whistle sounds, the moo of the cow to the loud bellow of an enraged bull and lots more! Novelty Horns produce full-blown sounds that are sure to get you ahead in the peak-hour traffic.

Novelty Horns not only produce attention-grabbing sounds but also add style to your vehicle. The two types of Novelty Horns:

Novelty Air Horns
Novelty Electric Horns

Novelty Air Horns and Novelty Electric Horns consist of a wide variety of different Horns such as Train Horn, Siren Horn, Ding-Dong Bell Horn etc.

Types of Novelty Horns

JC Whitney stocks Novelty Air Horns and Novelty Electric Horns that are super-loud, easy-to-install and are a perfect way to make yourself heard.

Air Horns are characterized by a powerful, full-blown sound but require compressors to work, while Electric Horns play a wide variety of deep-pitched sounds and are comparatively easier to install.

Novelty Air Horns

Novelty Air HornsNovelty Air Horns from JC Whitney are tough, durable and impact-resistant. They are available with dual or triple trumpets. The Dual-Trumpet Air Horn produces a Siren Horn-like high/low European-police car sound. The heavy-duty direct-drive compressor that comes with this horn delivers a powerful 118-decibel sound blast.

The Triple Trumpet Horn plays alternating notes in rapid succession that duplicate the cry of a wild turkey at the flip of a switch. Better still, the triple-trumpeted horn produces a loud 118-decibel air horn blast at one go!

Triple-Trumpet Novelty Air Horns are made from tough ABS plastic and are corrosion and rust resistant. Dual Trumpet Air Horns are made of flashy triple chrome-plated materials that spell durability.

These horns are compact so they install easily in any engine compartment. They are available bundled with compressor, tubing, relay, switch, and all the mounting hardware needed for easy installation.

Novelty Electric Horns

Novelty Electric HornsYou can be the center of attraction with Novelty Electric Horns that play sounds of wolf whistles, the moo of a cow, bellows of the bull, Steam Engine Train sounds, and even the classic Ding-Dong bell sounds!

The selection of Novelty Electric Horns available at JC Whitney include Antique-style "ooo-gah" Horns, Wolf Whistle Horns, Bull and Cattle Horns, Beep-Beep Horns, Electric Horns with Railroad Sound, Train Horns, Electric Bull Horns, and Ding-Dong City Bell Horns.

The Antique-style "ooo-gah" Horn, as the name suggests, plays the roaring "ooo-gah" sound. It is a genuine motor-driven horn that roars like the popular horns of the past. This horn comes with a durable steel housing and a plastic bell. The Wolf Whistle Horn provides for some serious laughs on the road! This horn plays a shrill, rising-falling-rising wolf whistle sound that is sure to get attention.

The Bull and Cattle Horn is called so because it plays the moo of a cow and the bellow of an enraged bull. It comes with a manual control lever that you can use to change between the two sounds. A similar sounding horn is the Electric Bull Horn that plays the sound of a maddened bull at the push of a button.

Beep-Beep Horns produce extra-loud, high-pitched, roadrunner-like "beep-beep" sounds. Beep-Beep Horns are ideal for cars and trucks. If you are someone who loves to listen to that familiar train sound, you can choose from Electric Horns with the Big Railroad Sound and the 3-sound Train Horn. The 3-sound Train Horn plays nostalgic racing steam engine sounds and train whistles in quick succession.

The Ding-Dong City Bell Horn gets attention real fast, as not only does it sound different, but also looks unconventional and cool. The Ding-Dong City Bell Horn is ideal for cars, RVs or trucks. This horn is triple-chrome-plated and includes a steel-rimmed black plastic bracket.

These easily installable horns are sure to give you many years of dependable service.

Think Before You Honk!

Horns should be installed carefully without air leaks as air leaks can damage the compressors and decrease Horn performance. You can prevent such problems by getting it installed by a professional. Worn and damaged Horn Accessories also need to be changed. Get the Horns thoroughly checked by a professional at least once a year to keep them in good tuneSo you went ahead and bought the coolest sounding horn. Before hitting the road, remember that noise pollution is a serious environmental threat. It is important to minimize the use of horns to avoid causing nuisance.

Take care not to use your horns near hospitals, schools and colleges. Most of the horns are maintenance free, but if in case you feel you are not getting the best out of your vehicle's horns, it is time to get a new one..