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Oil Filters parts and accessories

Take a look at our selection of Oil Filters products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Oil Filters. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    These are manufactured from the latest technology providing highly developed performance and efficiency for smooth, secure, reliable, and... more

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    These are constructed with gel additives for perfect balance oil PH. Also, these Oil Filters neutralize acids and slows down viscosity... more

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    BECK ARNLEY REPLACEMENT PARTS. Replace your worn out or broken part with these replacement parts. Designed and built to OEM specifications... more

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    Bosch Oil Filter. This is a first-rate grade material structured to help extend service life. Bosch is the trusted number one global distributor... more

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    Replace your old and worn-out Oil Filters with these filter from Fram which are built for improved performance and longevity. more

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    OIL FILTER. Exclusive FILTECH media technology screens out more harmful contaminants for greater engine protection. Stronger steel baseplates... more

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    Motorcraft Oil Filter. Manufactured from specially selected materials. Motorcraft Oil Filters are constructed with the most up-to-date... more

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    OIL BREATHER KIT. Increases horsepower. Helps reduce oil leaks caused by excessive back pressure. For air-cooled Volkswagen engines. Cast... more

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Oil Filters from JC Whitney’s huge collection of Filters help keep your vehicle’s engine cleaner and cooler for improved performance. These Oil Filters are perfect replacements for your old or damaged Oil Filters and are very easy to maintain and clean. We also stock Engine Check pre-filter screens that help monitor engine condition with each oil change. This screen filters debris before it enters the Oil Filter.

JC Whitney also stock Oil Filter Magnets that help improve oil flow in the Filter and also eliminate more grit than normal filters. These Magnets prevent friction and engine wear, helping you cut down on overall maintenance costs of the Oil Filter. Our selection of Performance Filters help move your Oil Filters to a more accessible spot. You can select Oil Filters from top brands like, K&N®, EMPI, Tans-Dapt® and Dee Engineering.


Oil Filters

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  Keep Your Vehicle's Engine Cleaner
Types of Oil Filters
Keep Your Vehicle's Engine Cleaner

Oil Filters from JC Whitney replace your old or damaged Oil Filters. These Oil Filters improve the performance of your vehicle's engine. They help keep your vehicle's engine clean and they are also very easy to maintain. We stock Oil Filters like Engine Check gadgets, Oil Filter Magnets, Oil Filters and Performance.

Engine Check gadgets help you easily monitor your vehicle's engine condition with each oil change. They come with screens that filter debris and dirt before they enter the Filter. You can opt for Oil Filter Magnets that keep dirt and grit out of your engine, improving oil flow in the Filter.

Oil Filters from JC Whitney reduce oil leaks caused due to excessive back pressure. These Oil Filters keep your vehicle's engine clean, reduce oil leaks and increase horsepower. You can also find Performance Filters that help move your Oil Filters to a more accessible spot. They also eliminate mess during oil changes.

Types of Oil Filters


MagnetsJC Whitney stocks Oil Filter Magnets that help prevent friction and premature engine wear. These Oil Filter Magnets remove more grit keeping your engine clean. They also convert any spin-on oil filter into a super filter. They ensure better oil flow and lubrication during the life of the filter. These Oil Filter Magnets are maintenance free and rated to withstand temperatures upto 842° F.

Oil Filters

Oil FiltersOil Filters from JC Whitney provide excellent filtration, help reduce oil leaks and increase horsepower. You can go for Oil Change Kits with Strainer that helps prevent leaks while changing oil. These Oil Change Kits can be used for all 1961-1978 air-cooled Volkswagens. You can choose from standard and chrome plated kits.

Oil Breather Kits help you enjoy increased horsepower. These Oil Breather Kits help reduce oil leaks caused by excessive back pressure. Made from cast aluminum, these Kits are durable and efficient. They can be used for all Volkswagen engines.


PerformancePerformance Filters from JC Whitney simplify oil changes and eliminate mess. They also provide maximum engine protection by filtering the oil a second time. Choose Performance Gold Oil Filters to keep your vehicle's engine cleaner and cooler for better performance. These Oil Filters feature heavy-duty leak-proof construction providing over 550 PSI hydrostatic burst strength with oil flow rates between 12-16 gpm. They come with an internal resin-impregnated filter that efficiently removes contaminants so they don't circulate through your engine. These Oil Filters are quick and easy to remove and replace.