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Oils, Lubricants, Additives & Fluids parts and accessories

Take a look at our selection of Oils, Lubricants, Additives & Fluids products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Oils, Lubricants, Additives & Fluids. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.

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Oils, Lubricants, Additives & Fluids from JC Whitney are perfect to keep your motor clean, increase fuel efficiency and reduce friction for smoother shifts. These Oils, Lubricants, Additives & Fluids help extend your vehicle’s engine life. We offer Oil from our collection of Oils, Lubricants, Additives & Fluids that provides maximum protection to heavy loaded gears. It allows better adhesive to all metal surfaces and reduces frictional wear and heat. We also stock Fluids that are fully compatible, non-foaming and resistant extreme heat.

Additives from our range of Oils, Lubricants, Additives & Fluids fight friction and dramatically improve lubrication when your vehicle is towing climbing, idling in traffic or traveling at high speeds for long periods. These Additives also help in increasing engine torque and horsepower and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. They can be used to cool engine oil and radiator water temperature, significantly improving your engine performance. JC Whitney stocks Oils, Lubricants, Additives & Fluids from renowned brands like NOS, Royal Purple and Star Brite.

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Oils, Lubricants, Additives & Fluids

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  Ensure Better Engine Performance with Engine Additives, Oils and Fluids
Get Oils and Additives to Keep your Auto Engines Functioning Smoothly
Ensure Better Engine Performance with Engine Additives, Oils and Fluids

Your vehicle's engine can get rusty and clogged with age making your drive jerky and uncomfortable. JC Whitney has a wide collection of Engine Oils, Additives and Lubricants that remove fungi and clogs and keep the engine running smoothly without any glitches or blockage.

Additives and Cleaners from our collection remove chemical residue in the engine and help prevent further buildup of debris. We stock Gas Boosters and Fluids that improve mileage for better fuel efficiency and performance. You can prevent overheating of the engine while off-roading or distant traveling with Engine Coolants from our assortment. You can also get Transmission Fluids and Oils that reduce friction and keep all the engine components running efficiently.

Get Oils and Additives to Keep your Auto Engines Functioning Smoothly


AdditivesRestore old auto batteries and improve your vehicle's performance with Battery Additives from JC Whitney. These Battery Additives fight sulfation and help increase battery output for easy and smooth starts in all temperatures. Gasoline Additives eliminate carbon buildup in the fuel system, increase power and offer better fuel economy. You can also get Fuel Additives that prevent fuel oxidation and reduce fungal growth for better power and fuel stability.

Catalytic Converter Cleaners break up clogs in the combustion chamber, oxygen sensor and EGR valve of your vehicle to help restore fuel efficiency and horsepower. We also stock a variety of Power Fuel Treatment products that dramatically increase engine torque and improve the overall performance of your vehicle.

Octane Boosters and Gas Boosters clean fuel injectors, improve fuel mileage and restore the lost power of old vehicles. You can also get Tank Cleaners made from a special enzyme, that clean gasoline and diesel fuel tanks effectively and also help prevent the formation of new fungi and algae.

Trans Cool, Diesel Cool and Engine Oil Cool are great cooling agents that improve lubrication while towing and off roading and prevent engine overheating even in extreme driving conditions.


FluidsATF Transmission Fluid acts as a lubricant for all the moving parts in your vehicle's transmission. This Fluid reduces friction and ensures smooth movement of auto parts to withstand extreme heat conditions.


OilMotor Oil from JC Whitney is great for turbo and injected motors. The Oil is specially formulated to adhere to all metal surfaces and provides better protection than conventional oils. It acts as a strong lubricating film that reduces friction, improves gas mileage and reduces oil consumption for an extended engine life.

Synthetic Gear Oil has an impact-absorbing, non-shearing molecular structure that is highly suitable for heavy-duty vehicles. This oil protects heavy loaded gears against damage and heat while racing or cross-country driving.


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