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Take a look at our selection of Paints & Finishes products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Paints & Finishes. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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Paints & Finishes from JC Whitney help protect your vehicle’s body against pollutants and other environmental hazards. These Paints & Finishes also enhance the look of your vehicle by covering-up the rusted or corroded areas on your vehicle. You can opt for Finishes from our wide range of JC Whitney’s Paints & Finishes that help protect your vehicle from stones and debris and act as a shield to your vehicle’s painted surface against pollutants and UV rays. These virtually invisible, UV resistant flexible Finishes won’t yellow over time.

Paints from our collection of Paints & Finishes are a great way to improve or enhance the exterior or the interior of your vehicle by covering-up the rusted or corroded components. These abrasion resistant Paints dry quickly and are easy to apply onto any surface. Paints & Finishes include Paints that are specially formulated to act as super resistant against heat, chemicals, road salt, corrosion and brake dust.

We also stock Paints & Finishes such as Clear Paint-Protection Films, Interior Spray Paints, Color Coatings, Manifold Paints, Adhesive promoter and much more from the leading brands such as Gila™, Tuner Line Trim Stylin™ and Color Bond.


Paints & Finishes

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  Protect Your Vehicle With Paints and Finishes
Types of Paints and Finishes
Protect Your Vehicle With Paints and Finishes

Paints and Finishes help protect your vehicle against rust, chemicals and other corrosive elements. You can protect parts that are easily corroded such as the Brake Drum, Rotors and Calipers of your vehicle with specialized paints from JC Whitney. Harsh UV rays can weaken the color coat and the exterior paint in your vehicle. You can get Clear Paint Protection Films that are UV resistant and flexible enough to mold around your vehicle's curves and angles. You can transform the interior of your vehicle with Color Coatings that are available in a range of exciting colors. They can be used on virtually any surface such as shifter boots, emergency brake handles, seat headrests, door panels or seating surfaces. We also stock Interior Spray Paint, Color Coating Pens that are easy to use, and Manifold Paint that can be used on engines, manifolds, exhausts, tailpipes and mufflers.

Types of Paints and Finishes


PaintsJC Whitney stocks a special-formula Brake Drum/Rotor/Caliper Paint to mask the rusted brake components of your vehicle. This paint is a great way to enhance the appearance of the alloy wheels in your vehicles. This paint has a special formulation, which makes it resistant to heat, chemicals, corrosion, road salt and brake dust.

You can get top quality Color Coatings that are perfect for shifter boots, emergency brake handles, seat headrests, door panels and seating surfaces. These Color Coatings are an easy and affordable way to enhance the color of any interior leather, vinyl or plastic component for a more personalized look. You can choose from a range of exciting colors such as Green, Blue, Red, Yellow and Black.

JC Whitney also stocks Interior Spray-On Paint that can be easily sprayed on. You can transform the faded or worn out plastic, leather or vinyl trim inside your vehicle with this Spray-on paint. The paint has a deep-penetrating color which bonds strongly to dashboard consoles, ceiling or door-trims. This paint is extremely easy to apply and is a great way to save on paint jobs.