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Ram Parts and Accessories

JC Whitney offers a wide range of Ram parts and Ram accessories. Choose from the products or categories below to narrow the available selection of Ram parts. With our industry leading 30-day Guarantee on all of our Ram parts and accessories, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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Ram: Chrysler? Heavy Duty Trucks

Pick-up trucks have been the American working sector's backbone since the turn of the 20th century. Its utilitarian design allowed people to travel from point A to point B, carry heavy loads, pull trailers and other vehicles, and explore different terrains. Ram trucks entered this segment almost a century ago. But they did not start exactly as the brand it is known today. Let's explore the brand and learn how it evolved as a model by the Dodge brothers into the brute pick-up trucks with tons of charisma.

Teaming Up with the Dodge Brothers

The first ever truck produced by Dodge was due to a venture with the Graham Brothers. The model was a 1.5-ton pick-up that used a Graham body over a Dodge chassis. It had a four-cylinder engine capable of 35 horsepower. That engine output rating is a far cry compared to that of the current Ram models. During the period from 1925 to 1928, a series of changes influenced how things would be run in the Dodge factory. First, Dodge Brothers bought the Graham Brothers followed by Chrysler's acquisition of Dodge. This transition provided the brand a platform to reinforce its vehicle production with better facilities. This would be the foundation from which quality Ram parts would be derived from in the future.

As the '60s came close, the styling of Dodge trucks underwent significant changes. The art deco movement influenced how vehicles during that time were drawn from paper. The trims would often be elaborated with a generous amount of chrome, wrap-around windshields inspired by aircrafts offered better driving visibility for the driver, and then there were the smooth steel rims covered by hub caps and wrapped by white wall tires. The six-cylinder engine continued powering the trucks with 120 horses but V8s began taking over this function. In 1957, buyers had the option of getting their trucks with the new 315 ci V8 that produced 204 horses.

The Arrival of the Ram

As the use for pick-up trucks evolved, so did their variants. Aside from heavy-duty workhorses, some customers began wanting trucks to be used for their personal use. This gave way to lifestyle pick-up trucks. These trucks had appeal to family men because of their capability to haul trailer, stylistically appealing exterior, and comfortable cabs. While softer. by truck standards, these models slowly captured a significant market.

Eventually, Dodge introduced the Ram brand for its trucks and vans in the '80s. These trucks were offered in different varieties to suit the market demands. The line-up became known for power and durability which can be attributed to quality Ram parts. This gave way to models like the Ram 1500, Ram 2500, and Ram 3500. By the time Fiat and Chrysler merged, the Ram brand spun off Dodge and became a separate marque specifically devoted for trucks and vans.

Ram Aftermarket Parts

Pick-up trucks continue to be the vehicles of choice to this day. However, their use is not limited to utilitarian missions anymore. Ram truck parts are now manufactured to cater to different user needs. Lifestyle trucks owners tend to benefit from more comfortable amenities and hi-tech Ram accessories. On the other hand, there are also enthusiasts that are keen to put Ram performance parts on their trucks to get a more spirited experience out of their rides. In the performance department, brands like Cummins, BD Diesel, and Mopar support the wilder endeavors of owners.

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