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    WORK LIGHT. Vision X is a renowned producer of the highest quality and most cutting edge off-road lighting solutions. Its products have... more

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    AC Delco OE Replacement Generator. Made of high quality materials. Meets or exceeds OE standards. Consider AC Delco OE Replacement Generator... more

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    BD Diesel Turbo Down Exhaust Pipe. Has a large diameter mandrel-bent tubing. Gives out an effective non restricting flow. Provides more... more

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    LIQUID TANK. With baffles and drain plug. Includes cap and coupler for venting. Constructed from Brite-Tread aluminum. Get your Liquid... more

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    Diamond Eye Exhaust Pipe. Provides great durability with the help of its high quality built. Let your vehicle have the best in products... more

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    Diamond Eye Universal Exhaust Pipe. Guaranteed to have great durability with its heavy duty built. Creates better exhaust flow that improves... more

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Shop Equipment from JC Whitney includes several easy-to-use equipment like Brake & Vacuum Bleeders, Compressors, Creepers & Seats, Dryers, Extension Cords, Fire Extinguishers, Fluid Evacuators, Garage Exhaust Hoses & Connectors, Gas Cans, Funnels & Carriers, Generators, Grease Guns & Lubrication, Measurement, Portable Enclosures, Sand & Abrasive Blasters, Shop Gear, Spray & Painting Guns, Welders & Accessories and Work Lights.

Air Compressors from our collection of Shop Equipment deliver more air pressure with better torque. These Compressors inflate twice as fast as usual Compressors and give improved gas mileage. Our extensive selection of Shop Equipment also includes Dryers, Fire Extinguishers and Work Lights.

We also stock Shop Equipment such as Welders & Accessories, Brake Bleeding Kits, Vacuum Pump Rebuilding Kits, Garage Stools, Extension Cords with Handles, Transfer Tankers, Gas Can Carriers, Gasoline Generators, Cordless Grease Guns, Inspection Enclosures and much more from the leading brands such as Lincoln, MIT, Prism, OTC, Mid Atlantic and Great Neck.


Shop Equipment

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Types of Shop Equipment
Find Instant Solutions with Shop Equipment!

Shop Equipment from JC Whitney provide solutions for all your home, garage, camping needs and also help you with all your DIY jobs. You can find all kinds of high-quality durable Shop Equipment at our collection like Garage Exhaust Hoses & Connectors, Gas Cans, Funnels & Carriers, Generators, Grease Guns & Lubrication and more!

Working on your brakes has never been easier for you with Brake, Vacuum Bleeders. They operate on compressed air and include accessories for vacuum bleeding automotive hydraulic systems. You can get compact, high output Air Compressors that are perfect for your Jeeps as they let you save your cargo area for gear. Heavy-Duty Air Compressors are small in size but big in output and help you inflate tires in less than 5 minutes!

Creepers & Seats from our selection are some of the most comfortable creepers available. They come with oil resistant swivel rollers for effortless maneuvering and side trays that let you carry your tools with you. Extension Cords like Electrical Adapters are a must for your RVs as the campground you visit may not have the same amperage power supply. These Adapters ensure a dependable power source by easily connecting to your RV campground's AC power with the adapter.

High-Speed Motorcycle Dryers are also available that are the fastest and easiest way to dry your bike! You can now go off-roading fully prepared with Fire Extinguishers that are part of the Off-road Necessities Pack. You can also avail Fluid Evacuators that have countless home uses. You can also choose from our other Shop Equipment like Measurement tools, Portable Enclosures, Sand, Abrasive Blasters, Shop Gear, Spray & Painting Guns, Welders & Accessories and Work Lights.

Types of Shop Equipment

Brake, Vacuum Bleeders

Brake, Vacuum BleedersBrake, Vacuum Bleeders from JC Whitney like Tune-Up/Brake Bleeding Kits include everything you need for one-person brake bleeding, liquid siphoning, checking vacuum systems and testing pressure-actuated devices! They come with a hand-held vacuum/pressure pump made of lightweight plastic and a gauge that is easy to read for right- as well as left-handed users.

Deluxe 24-pc Brake Bleeder/Pressure and Vacuum Testing Kits contain bleed brakes, check vacuum systems and test pressure-actuated devices. They also feature a fully-illustrated, easy-to-understand manual that enables you to repair a precision die-cast metal pump if necessary. You can also choose from Brake Bleeding Kits, Brake Bleeders, Clamp-On Auto Refill Kits and more at our huge selection.


CompressorsYou can also get Compressors that are perfect for your home, garage and camping and inflate anything from RV and car tires to beach balls and air mattresses. Heavy-Duty Air Compressors feature a 12-volt, 30-amp motor and a portable unit that comes with a built-in air gauge, hose, brass air fittings and a power cord. They also contain built in direct battery clamps and rubberized, anti vibration feet for stability on most any surface. These Compressors are not only great for Jeeps but also for your truck, van and SUV!

120-Volt Air Compressors help work off household current for maximum power wherever you need it - in your home, garage or shop! They help inflate almost anything quickly and easily, from tires and high-pressure bikes to air mattresses, pools, sports balls, etc. They feature a fan-cooled motor that prevents overheating and a compact unit with anti-vibration, nonslip padded feet to stay in place when it's being used.

Creepers & Seats

Creepers & SeatssCreepers & Seats include Mechanic's Padded Steel Creeper with Adjustable Headrests that adjust 5 ways to the best working position for you. You can also get Tool Stud Mechanics' Padded Steel Creeper with Adjustable Headrest and Footrests.

Made from fully padded heavy-duty vinyl for greater back comfort, the se Steel Creepers have a rugged tubular steel frame that is powder coated to prevent rust. JC Whitney also stocks Roll-Around Stools with Pneumatic Seats, Jack and Creeper Sets, Garage Stools with Logo and more!

Extension Cords

Extension CordsExtension Cords from JC Whitney let you use cooler/warmer chests away from your vehicle. You can also find Dog Bone Electrical Adapters that come with a built-in handle to make unplugging easy! This dog bone-style is more heat resistant than basic adapters. Electrical Adapters have a contoured shape for easy removal from the outlet. These adapters efficiently convert RV power to accommodate campground hook-ups.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire ExtinguishersFire Extinguishers like Garage/Home Fire Extinguishers from JC Whitney are designed to handle fires commonly associated with workshops and garages. They include a mounting bracket and have an easy-to-read gauge that tells you when the fire extinguisher is charged and ready for use.

Fire Extinguisher Holders hold up to 3" x 7" long fire extinguishers and come with a hook-and-loop closure for easy attachment. The cinch closure on these holders can also secure water bottles, cell phones, small tools, etc.

Fluid Evacuators

Fluid EvacuatorsWe also stock Fluid Evacuators like easy-to-use Pump-Type Fluid Evacuator/Dispensers and Pump-Type Fluid Evacuators with Pour Spout Dispensers. They are a fast, easy and clean way to extract brake fluid from master cylinder, coolant from cooling system, power steering fluid from pump reservoir or transmission fluid. They include dipstick tubes that simplify removal of engine oil from crankcase and heavy-duty rust-resistant polyethylene housing that is impervious to most chemicals.

Garage Exhaust Hoses & Connectors

Garage Exhaust Hoses & ConnectorsExhaust Flexible Hoses, Adapters and Connectors come with a patented molded construction that ensures free flow of exhaust fumes and full conformance to OSHA standards. The convoluted construction maintains elongation and tensile strength even after crushing by a vehicle! They are designed to withstand the rigors of automotive shop service and maintain flexibility and durability while withstanding exhaust pipe and extreme gas temperatures.

Gas Cans, Funnels & Carriers

Gas Cans, Funnels & CarriersClip-On Funnels from our collection protect against spills and drips in your engine compartment or work area and are convenient to use. They are made from chemically-resistant co-polymer polypropylene and slip onto the neck of the plastic container easily.

You can also go for heavy-duty 5-Gallon Military Style Gas Cans that have built-in air vents for easy, smooth flow. Constructed of 20-gauge steel, these Gas Cans have a threaded cap that attaches to the can. Gas Can Carriers, Safety Funnels with Screen, Flexible-Spout Funnels with Caps and Clean Funnels are some other types of Gas Cans, Funnels & Carriers available at our huge assortment.


GeneratorsPortable 3500-Watt Onsite Gasoline Generators are great utility generators that deliver clean, dependable power when and where you need it! They are perfect for power outages, camping activities, RVs and boats and have powerful, quiet engines protected against low oil damage. Portable 3500-Watt Gasoline Generators power sump pumps, well pumps, power tools, droplights, small refrigerators, microwave ovens, fans and more!

Grease Guns & Lubrication

Grease Guns & LubricationRoller & Ball-Bearing Grease-Packing Tools can be easily used with either air- or hand-operated grease guns. Power Grip Electrical Protectants and Lubes make connectors easier to inspect and remove. They can be used on any electrical connection to improve conductivity and protect from oxidation.

Super Heavy Duty Pistol-Grip Grease Guns are one of the easiest guns to use and are a must in every shop! They develop up to 7500 psi working pressure and their variable stroke design delivers both high pressure and high volume. JC Whitney also stocks High-Temperature Grease, Replacement 12V NiCad Rechargeable Batteries, Heavy-Duty Lever-Action Grease Guns and Battery-Powered Cordless Grease Guns.


MeasurementMeasurement tools like Dial Calipers give direct and easy-to-read inside, outside depth and step measurements. Out-Of-Round Dial Gauges and Stands are designed to meet federal specifications for accuracy. You can also choose from Precision SAE Micrometers, 6-Piece Rotary Laser Level Kits, Laser Level with Built-In Adjustable Stands and 6-Piece Laser Level Kits at our vast collection.

Sand, Abrasive Blasters

Sand, Abrasive BlastersPortable Abrasive Blasters are perfect for auto, home, garage or shop use. They help blast off carbon, rust and old paint faster than conventional systems. You can also get Gravity-Feed Sandblasters which are superior to conventional blasting methods for removing carbon, rust, old paint, etc.

Shop Gear

Shop GearShop Gear like Woven Polyethylene Tarpaulins are woven and laminated to resist tears and treated to resist damage from the UV rays. They are made from rotproof, waterproof and mildew-proof materials, are lightweight and easy to handle and store. We also stock Washed and Dyed Red Cotton Shop Towels, Unbleached Cotton Shop Towels, Movers' Blankets, Fender Covers and Heavy-Duty Knee Pads at JC Whitney.

Spray & Painting Guns

Spray & Painting GunsTouch-Up/Detailing Guns allow more precise detail work than high-production spray guns. You can also go for high-volume, low-pressure Gravity-Feed Air Spray Guns that virtually eliminate overspray and increase transfer efficiency. 6-pc Spray Head Kits are specially designed for rechargeable spray cans for easy and safe application of paints, lubricants, insecticides, de-icers, rust inhibitors, degreasers and more.

Welders & Accessories

Welders & AccessoriesSpot Welders are used by auto manufacturers for building vehicles while Stitch/Body Welders work with any electric arc welder with settings of 80 amps or less. You can also find Welding Rod Kits that help weld all types of non-ferrous metals and join dissimilar metals using the included super flux.

Work Lights

Work LightsCreeper Work Lights are a completely revolutionary and fun approach to work lights! Creepers feature bendable adjustable legs that wrap, hold and hang into position and efficient, super bright LEDs that illuminate small congested areas. They are perfect for under the hood automotive work and for reading, DIY projects, game playing and more!

You can also go for all-purpose Cordless Rechargeable Led Worklights that are ideal for use in garages, roadside, during power outages, campsites and other places. These LED bulbs never need replacing as they are designed to last over 100,000 hours!