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Specialty Automotive Tools parts and accessories

Take a look at our selection of Specialty Automotive Tools products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Specialty Automotive Tools. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    CLUTCH ALIGNMENT TOOL. Premium grade plastic construction. Aligns the flywheel and clutch disc for a hassle-free insertion of input shaft... more

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    FRONT SPINDLE NUT AND WASHER KIT FOR JEEP. Kit includes 2 spindle nuts and 2 washers. 2 kits are required for 1946-1986 CJ models. more

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    MAGNETIC PICK UP. This is a high quality magnetic pick up. With over 100 years of practice in the automotive industry, AC Delco has ruled... more

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    Crown Automotive is renowned for manufacturing the highest quality OEM replacement parts for Jeeps from 1942 to the present model year more

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    The highest quality puller on the market. Precise machining on every model puller accuracy. more

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    Moog Ball Joint Spanner. Restore the factory-like condition of your vehicle with Moog Ball Joint Spanner. This superior quality ball joint... more

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    BALL JOINT ADAPTER SET. This Moog Ball Joint Adapter Set removes and installs stubborn ball joints. It fits on most popular C-clamp presses... more

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JC Whitney’s collection of Specialty Automotive Tools consist of just about every tool you require to repair or retune different parts of your vehicle. Our collection of Specialty Automotive Tools include Tire Repair kits, Tire Gauges and Spring Compressors. Tire Repair kits from our collection of Specialty Automotive Tools can easily repair all tires without the need for you to jack up your vehicle or dig in the trunk for a spare tire. Our assortment of Specialty Automotive Tools also includes the Tire Gauge and the Spring compressor. The Tire Gauge keeps your tire properly inflated to ensure better fuel economy, longer tire life and safer driving. The Spring Compressor from our collection of Specialty Automotive Tools removes and installs springs quickly and safely when repairing struts. Our huge collection of Specialty Automotive tools also include Engine Tools, Air Conditioning Tools, Pullers, Brake Tools, Exhaust Tools, Body Repair Tools, Spark Plug Tools, Interior Tools, Wheel Tools, Oil System Tools, Steering & Suspension Tools and Weather strip Tools. We stock Specialty Automotive Tools from leading brands such as MIT, OTC, Slime, Holley, Lisle and Robinair.

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Specialty Automotive Tools

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  Complete Tool Sets to Repair or Retune Your Vehicle
Types of Specialty Automotive Tools
Complete Tool Sets to Repair or Retune Your Vehicle

Specialty Automotive Tools from JC Whitney such as Air Conditioning Tools speed up the servicing of automotive air conditioners. You can now easily remove dents with these effective Body Repair Tools from our collection of Specialty Automotive Tools.

Exhaust & Muffler Tools make great replacements for damaged or rusted mufflers. You can choose Interior Tools that can be used for cleaning small cracks. They are made from durable metal and will not break or bend.

Oil System Tools help remove oil without getting under vehicle-no need to open engine crankcase drain plug. You can opt for Pullers that are specially designed for increased strength and stability.

Spark Plug Tools quickly and easily repair and renew stripped/damaged aluminum cylinder heads on cars, trucks, motorcycles, lawn mowers, small engines. You can remove and replace valve springs with the help of Spring Compressors from our collection.

Steering & Suspension Tools properly replace pressed-on power steering and alternator pulleys. You can select Tire Gauges that keep your tires properly inflated ensuring better fuel economy, longer tire life and safer driving.

You can treat your tire before a puncture occurs or use it to repair a flat or slow leak with the help of Tire Repair products from our assortment of Specialty Automotive Tools. You can also find Wheel Tools that come complete with all the right tools you'll need to get the job done easily and quickly.

You can also opt for Engine Tools, Radio & Antenna Tools and Weatherstrip Tools from popular brands from our collection.

Types of Specialty Automotive Tools

Air Conditioning Tools

Air Conditioning ToolsAir Conditioning Tools from JC Whitney simplify and speed up the servicing of automotive air conditioners. You can quickly and easily remove or install a clutch hub with these Air Conditioning Tools.

Some of these Air Conditioning Tools keep fins free of dirt to ensure smoother and efficient operation. They are compact in nature making them convenient to carry and store.

Body Repair Tools

Body Repair ToolsBody Repair Tools from JC Whitney help repair minor dents, dings and smoothen out the body finish. They can be used with any ram system to pull, bend or straighten.

Brake Tools

Brake ToolsBrake Tools from JC Whitney make fixing Brakes easier. Some of these Brake Tools are designed for double or single flare and are available with copper, aluminum, soft steel brake line and brass tubing. They also prevent damage to piston and boot.

Engine Tools

Engine ToolsEngine Tools from JC Whitney are used for removing and installing transmission drain and fill plugs. They let you remove and install flywheel gland nuts and axle nuts easily and without damage.

Some of these Engine Tools are designed for the most precise ring compression possible. They provide required leverage and clearance to release spring pressure and move the tensioner pulley. These Engine Tools feature quick and easy one-hand operation.

Exhaust & Muffler Tools

Exhaust & Muffler ToolsJC Whitney also stocks Exhaust & Muffler Tools that restore conventional or extra-deep muffler ends and pipes to round shape in seconds. They are designed to remove clamp grooves and round out pipes more easily than ever. These Exhaust & Muffler Tools are made from extra-strong materials for durability and strength.

Interior Tools

Interior ToolsInterior Tools from JC Whitney are great replacements for old, damaged or malfunctioning parts. They can be used for cleaning or scrapping out small crack or crevices. Made from durable metals these interior tools won't bend or break. They are designed to last long.

You can also safely remove molding, trim, plastic and metal fasteners without damaging upholstery.

Oil System Tools

Oil System ToolsOil System Tools from JC Whitney allow quick and easy removal of the oil pump without case damage. They can also be used with wet clutches, transmissions, differentials and at any place requiring a fluid lubricant. These Oil Pumps are ideal for changing oil on boats, RVs, tractors as well as your car. They are lightweight and durable.


PullersPullers from JC Whitney pull gears, sprockets, bearings and pulleys effortlessly and safely. You can also remove any oil or grease seal easier than ever before with the help of these Pullers.

These Pullers are made from strong alloy and metal for maximum durability and strength. They come in a new patented design that helps save time and increase productivity. They also remove even the most stubborn u-joints.

Radio & Antenna Tools

Radio & Antenna ToolsRadio & Antenna Tools from JC Whitney prevent damage to radio and antennas. They are made from heavy-duty steel to provide you with years of dependable service.

Spark Plug Tools

Spark Plug ToolsSpark Plug Tools from JC Whitney can be used to test spark plugs, spark plug wires and coils without puncturing the wire. These Spark Plug Tools are affordable tools designed to check the ignition system and spark plugs, coils and wires.

Spring Compressors

Spring CompressorsSpring Compressors from JC Whitney allow you to remove and install springs quickly and safely when repairing struts. These Spring Compressors can be used to remove valve spring keys and valve springs without removing the cylinder head. They provide adequate clearance for use inside the valve spring cover. They are made from metals that are strong and durable.

Steering & Suspension Tools

Steering & Suspension ToolsSteering & Suspension Tools from JC Whitney come complete with a set of tools required to remove and install power steering pump pulleys of most domestic vehicles. Some of these Steering & Suspension Tools are excellent for installing or removing ball joints, universal joints and trunk anchor pins. They also replace worn or marred originals perfectly.

Tire Gauges

Tire Gauges You can choose Tire Gauges from JC Whitney that are great for tires, air springs and accessories. These Tire Gauges feature a large, easy-to-read digital display. They help maintain proper pressure in your vehicle's tires to minimize tread wear, increase gas mileage and improve handling.

Tire Repair

Tire RepairYou can now fix a flat tire in minutes without jacking up your vehicle with the help of Tire Repair products from JC Whitney. These tools can be used to repair tubeless tires as well. They are easy and fast to use.

Weatherstrip Tools

Weatherstrip ToolsWeatherstrip Tools work with most common chrome or black lock strips. These Weatherstrip Tools are made from strong metals that will not bend or break. You can effortlessly install a lock strip into the rubber glass seal without causing damage to the seal or the lock strip. They save time and effort.

Wheel Tools

Wheel Tools Wheel Tools from JC Whitney are designed to keep your vehicle's wheels aligned properly for easier and safer steering. These Wheel tools are one of the finest and easiest to use. They are lightweight, portable and collapsible for easy handling and storage. Most of these Wheel Tools come with instructions included.