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Spoilers, Wings & Body Styling parts and accessories

Take a look at our selection of Spoilers, Wings & Body Styling products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Spoilers, Wings & Body Styling. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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Spoilers, Wings & Body Styling products from JC Whitney’s assortment of Exterior Accessories provide your vehicle with a racing look and offer extra down draft. These Spoilers, Wings & Body Styling products give your vehicle a sporty look, improve grip on the road and increase fuel economy. Our range of Auto Spoilers and Auto Wings include Front Spoilers, Rear Spoilers & Rear Wings and Truck Spoilers and Truck Wings. These Spoiler and Wings are perfect to enhance the front-end and rear-section of your vehicle. You can also add a sporty touch to your vehicle with these aerodynamically designed Spoilers and Wings. Body Styling Products like Air Dam Kits provide your vehicle with an aggressive and eye-catching look and also help improve the aerodynamics and handling. We also stock Rear Valance & Roll Pans, Body Styling Kits, Trunk Lids and Wiper Cowls. At JC Whitney, you can select Spoilers, Wings & Body Styling products from brands like Tsunami, Xenon, Lund, JSP, Street Scene and EMPI amongst many others.

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Spoilers, Wings & Body Styling

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  Why Buy Spoilers, Wings and Body Styling Kits?
How To Choose the Right Spoiler?
Types Of Spoilers, Wings and Body Styling Kits
Keep Spoilers and Wings Sparkling!
Why Buy Spoilers, Wings and Body Styling Kits?

Spoilers, Wings and Body Styling Kits help transform the exterior of your car or truck. You can say goodbye to dull exteriors and give your vehicle a trendy new look with these stylish exterior accessories. They also make your vehicle look more sporty and functional.

Spoilers, Wings and Body Styling Kits add more power to your vehicle by making your vehicle more aerodynamic when accelerating at top speeds. The aerodynamic design of Spoilers helps stabilize your vehicle's rear axle even at high speeds. Spoilers, Wings and Air Dams are designed to improve traction and offer better handling without draining power from the engine.

A spoiler that is fitted under the front bumper is called as a Front Spoiler or Air Dam. The Rear Spoiler, also known as the Wing is positioned on the vehicle's Trunk Lid. Air Dams help increase the airflow to the radiator and reduce air drag. Body Styling Kits such as Fender Flares, Side Vents and Weather Shields will enhance both the appearance and the performance of your vehicle.

You can get attractive Fender Flares that enhance your vehicle's looks while protecting the tires and wheels from dirt and debris. Side Vents are a perfect complement to traditional grilles in your vehicle and they accentuate the front end of your vehicle. Weather Shields protect your vehicle against rain, mud, dirt and debris.

Apart from Spoilers, Wings and Body Styling Kits, JC Whitney also stocks a variety of Truck Roll Pans and Rear Valance, that are designed to give your vehicle a sleek look by eliminating the need for a bumper.

How To Choose The Right Spoiler

Spoilers and Wings are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It is important to choose a spoiler made using lightweight materials as they will make your vehicle more aerodynamic. Fitting your car or truck with the right spoiler, will reduce air/wind resistance and help you achieve higher top speed.

Types of Spoilers, Wings and Body Styling Kits

Air Dam Kits

Air Dam KitsAir Dams, when mounted beneath the front bumper, reduce airflow under your vehicle and increase airflow to the radiators thus minimizing air drag and lift. The molded ends of the Air Dam near the wheel wells add additional strength and durability to the vehicle structure. They are available in strong, high-impact ABS Plastic and urethane materials. They mount easily beneath the bumper and can be installed easily without any modifications.

You can also get attractive add-ons like Front Fascia Covers and Front Valance that are designed to give your vehicle a stylish new look. You can add extra protection to your vehicle bumper with Bumper Covers. They are made of durable materials like polyurethane, ABS Plastic and urethane.

Body Styling Kits

Body Styling KitsBody Styling Kits include various accessories that are designed to maximize style and increase protection to your vehicle. Body Styling Kits flatter the contours of your vehicle, making it look more accented and defined. These accessories are also a great way to personalize your vehicle.

Body Styling Accessories include:
Side Vents
Fender Flares
Aero Body Kits
Body Styling Kits
Ground Effects Kits and lots more

Simulated Air Intake Side Vents give your vehicle a classic performance look. These Vents are constructed from only the best quality durable, heat-resistant and molded ABS plastic. They can be easily mounted on almost any flat body surface.

You can change your vehicle's appearance and make it stand out with Fender Flares. Fender Flares protect tires from wear and are designed to make your vehicle more aerodynamic. They also act as a shield to the wheels protecting them from dirt, snow and other road debris. They are made using superior ABS polymer composite and can be easily installed.

Aero Body Kits consist of different styling accessories such as bumpers, left side skirts, right side skirts, left side fenders, right side fenders, left side rear flares and right side rear flares. All Aero Body Kit components are made of premium-quality materials that are strong, yet extremely lightweight. These components are designed for a perfect fit and come with a top-quality finish that can be painted to match your vehicle.

Ground Effects Kits and Body Styling Kits from JC Whitney help you add cutting edge accents to your car or truck. Four-piece Body Styling Kits include Air dams, Left Side Skirts, Right Side Skirts and Rear Valance and are made of durable polyurethane materials to withstand everyday wear and tear. All these Body Styling accessories are crafted to fit your vehicle's contours and can be painted to match your vehicle.

Front Spoilers

Front SpoilersFront Spoilers transform the front of your vehicle and help you get extra attention on the road! Exciting Front Spoilers such as Shark Fin Accents, Wraparound Spoilers and Custom-fit Front Lip Spoilers add a whole new dimension to your vehicle's appearance.

Front Spoilers are made of only the toughest quality carbon fiber, polyurethane and fiberglass. You can also find Splitters that add a finishing touch to your stock bumper, Ground Effects Kit, and Body Kits. We also stock Styling Kits that are designed exclusively for your PT Cruiser.

Rear Spoilers and Wings

Rear Spoilers and WingsRear Spoilers and Rear Wings from JC Whitney allow you to make a style statement on the road! Rear Wings make perfect replacements your old or damaged Rear Spoilers and add a definitive OEM look to your vehicle. Rear Wings are aerodynamic and is the closest you can get to the high speed F1 racing look!

Rear Spoilers and Rear Wings come in a selection of different types such as Duck Tail Spoilers, High Rear Wing, Double Deck Rear Wing, GT Style Rear Wing and lots more. Rear Spoilers and Rear Wings are made of lightweight materials like fiberglass and carbon fiber.

Rear Valance and Roll Pan

Rear Valance and Roll PanRear Valance and Rear Bumper Lip Valance give a radical new look to your vehicle and dramatically increase the style quotient of your truck or car. They are crafted out of lightweight urethane materials and can be primed and painted to match your vehicle.

You can also get Truck Roll Pans which are sure to draw a great deal of attention to the rear of your sport truck. They are available in a variety of designs that will enhance your vehicle's aesthetic appeal. They are made using durable and high-impact ABS plastic and are pre-drilled for easy installation.

Truck Spoilers and Wings

Truck Spoilers and WingsTruck Spoilers and Truck Wings stylize your truck and improve traction and handling. By reducing air drag and lift, they also improve the aerodynamics of your truck. You can also choose from Tailgate Spoiler, Rear Wings, Headache Racks, Whale Tails, Light Bars and Cab Spoilers.

Tailgate Spoilers help add aerodynamic styling to your truck. They customize your truck and improve handling and traction. Made from UV-stable black polymer, these Spoilers can be painted to match your truck. They can be installed easily with a super strong adhesive tape.

Truck Rear Wings are a great way to add a trendy new look to your truck. They are made of lightweight fiberglass and can be easily mounted to the bed rails or to the truck bed Tonneau Cover. However, installing Rear Wings may require some drilling.

Trunk Lids

Trunk LidsTrunk Lids and Rear Hatches help protect the trunk of your vehicle and keep it looking as good as new through the years. You can replace your old or damaged Trunk Lids with custom-fit Trunk Lids from JC Whitney. The clear-coat mirror-finish on the Lids offer protection against UV rays and prevent clouding and yellowing.

Rear Hatches are designed to reduce your vehicle's weight. They make great replacements for heavy OE Rear Hatches. Rear Hatches are made using lightweight carbon fiber and reinforced with fiberglass for extra strength.

Wiper Cowls

Wiper CowlsWiper Cowls from JC Whitney add a sleek, distinctive look to your car or truck. They protect the windshield wipers and add a trendy look without affecting the wiper's performance.

Wiper Cowls hide the dull factory black crate between the hood and the windows and blend well with existing hood. Wiper Cowls are made using high quality fiberglass materials and can be installed easily with a Dual-Loc Tape.

Keep Spoilers and Wings Sparkling!

When you wash your car or truck using an automotive cleaning agent, take special care to clean the Spoilers and Wings also. Make sure to mop the Spoiler completely dry after washing to avoid rust formation. Waxing them regularly with automotive wax will keep them shining and dust-free. Damaged Spoilers must be replaced immediately to restore aerodynamic efficiency.