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Spotlights & Flashlights parts and accessories

Take a look at our selection of Spotlights & Flashlights products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Spotlights & Flashlights. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    AUXILIARY LIGHT. Motorcraft produces high-quality, vehicle-specific replacement parts that are highly recommended by the Ford Motor Company... more

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    FLASHLIGHT. Twin pack. Ridge aluminum housing. Has free small black flashlight. Three 'D' cell battery powered. With fifteen 5mm extreme... more

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    Rampage has consistently supplying the best service, quality, and product innovations in the Jeep, truck, SUV, and UTV marketplace. They... more

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    LAMP. For automotive lighting and electronics, Hella is the right brand to search for. With over 100 years of accrued technological knowledge... more

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    UNIVERSAL LAMP. For automotive lighting and electronics, Hella is the right brand to search for. With over 100 years of accrued technological... more

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    LIGHT KIT. Contains amber left and right turn signals, reverse lights, running lights, brake lights, and emergency hazard. With injection... more


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    UNIVERSAL 12V RECHARGEABLE LED SPOTLIGHT. Comes with fit clip and clamshell packaging. Durable anodized aluminum construction. Water resistant... more

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    UNIVERSAL SPOTLIGHT. HID D2S bulb. 5.5 in. lens diameter. 12V 35 watts rating. 200,000 candlepower maximum brightness. 300 lux at 82 ft... more

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Spotlights & Flashlights from JC Whitney’s vast assortment of Lights & Lighting give more light than standard bulb spotlights and flashlights. Flashlights help you generate power anywhere, anytime and come with fabulous-bright LEDs that require no batteries. These Flashlights are best for hiking, camping, around the house and come in handy in case of power failures.

Spotlights from JC Whitney are weather proof, lightweight and recharge easily in your vehicle as well as your home. They go with you anywhere and are perfect for campouts, sports events and nighttime roadside emergencies. Our extensive collection of Spotlights & Flashlights also includes Utility Lights that give the brightest illumination and enhanced long-distance visibility. You can opt for these dazzling Spotlights & Flashlights from top brands like Vector, Grip, Kwik, Maxsa and Jeep® Electronics.

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Spotlights & Flashlights

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  Increase Visibility and Safety
Types of Spotlights & Flashlights
Increase Visibility and Safety

Spotlights & Flashlights from JC Whitney provide you with more light than standard bulbs. Our collection of Spotlights and Flashlight include Flashlights, Spotlights and Utility Lights.

Flashlights are powerful, reliable and come in a convenient size. These Flashlights come handy in any situation and are necessary to have. You can choose Spotlights that are perfect for campouts, sports events and nighttime roadside emergencies.

Utility Lights from our assortment of Spotlights & Flashlights are perfect for lighting porches, sheds, stairwells, hallways and at other locations where light is occasionally required.

Types of Spotlights & Flashlights


FlashlightsFlashlights from JC Whitney provide the ultimate in automotive safety. You can go for Safe Exit 5-Way Emergency Tools that include Window Spike, Seat Belt Cutter's, Flashing Beacon's, Magnetic Base and Flashlight. The Window Spike shatters the windows from inside or out if you're trapped inside. The Flashing Beacon's super bright light illumination sends out a call for help that can be seen for miles. The Flashlight brightens up a wide area and helps alert others to your exact location.

Wind-Up LED Flashlights generate power anywhere and at anytime. They feature a built in wind-up mechanism that generates the power to operate a flashlight that has three LEDs. These Flashlights are made from ABS with polycarbonate lens for durability and rigidity. They are great for hiking, camping, around the house, power failures and roadside emergencies.


SpotlightsYou can choose Dummy Teardrop Spotlights from our collection of Spotlights that looks and moves like genuine teardrop spotlights from the hot rods of the '50s and '60s. These Teardrop Spotlights come in triple-chrome-plated stamped steel ensuring durability and strength.

Camouflage Pattern Cordless Rechargeable 1,000,000-Candlepower Spotlights deliver 50% more focused light on target at 1,000 feet. They feature a built-in lead-acid battery that provides 30 minutes of dependable light for your hunting or camping site. These Spotlights include a replaceable 55-Watt quartz-halogen bulb, heavy-duty rubber ring guard and stand for hands-free use.

Utility Lights

Utility LightsUtility Lights from JC Whitney such as Motion Activated Solar Powered Halogen Security Lights allow you to set the time for how long you want the light to stay on, sensitivity of the motion sensor and how much light there is before the unit activates so it only comes on at night. These Lights can be mounted by the house, garage, RV or even when camping - no need to hardwire. They are durable and feature weatherproof housing. They come with a 15-ft cable so the spotlight and the motion sensor can be mounted separately from the solar unit.