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Priced from $299.16
Product Number: 26011G

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  • Boost load capacity, cornering and towing without hardening the ride!
  • No more sway and sag-levels load to prevent bottoming out
  • Installs easily and quickly with no maintenance adjustments
Boost your load and tow capacity while keeping a smooth ride! Anti-sway and wheel hop improves driver control. With SuperSprings® you can load your vehicle or tow with your vehicle without ever having to make any adjustments for varying load amounts. SuperSprings® acts in parallel with the existing factory spring-pack and kicks in only when loaded or when experiencing heavy cornering. Independently tested to give a 29% improvement in driver control by drastically reducing sag and sway while maintaining a nice, smooth ride.

SuperSprings® use a "Rolling shackle" instead of a U-bolt, which allows the SuperSprings® to only kick in when needed thereby alleviating any rigidity and produces a nice, smooth ride. Designed to suspend 3" above the factory springs and perform like an "I-beam" to drastically reduce sway by preventing factory springs from twisting. Traditional helper springs do nothing to reduce sway.


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