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Tailgate & Bed Accessories

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    BedRug’s cutting-edge bed mats can take anything you throw at them and work in virtually any truck, whether or not they are already... more

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    Be reassured to have the best protection for your truck's bed by the help of the Dee Zee Bed Rail Cap. Constructed with diamond plate aluminum... more

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    BedRug’s cutting-edge tailgate mats can take anything you throw at them and work in virtually any truck, whether or not they are... more

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    Bully Tailgate Lock is designed to secure your tailgate and truck bed. This tailgate lock are crafted from solid and strong material to... more

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Bed and Tailgate Accessories, Tonneau Covers and Ramps from JC Whitney protect your cargo efficiently and offer maximum protection to your vehicle. They are specially designed to make your truck bed more versatile and come with several custom features that help you to use your truck bed space efficiently. Bed and Tailgate Accessories, Tonneau Covers and Ramps help you to organize and secure your cargo on your truck bed efficiently.

JC Whitney’s range of Tonneau Covers, Bed Covers, Bed Storage & Cargo Control Accessories are ideal to protect your cargo from all weather conditions. They keep your gear and valuables hidden preventing thefts and also reduce wind drag, significantly improving your vehicle’s mileage. Bed Liners, Load Handlers, Bed Rails and Bed Caps help prevent your cargo from sliding around while driving. They firmly secure your cargo onto the truck bed without scratching or damaging your vehicle’s exterior. JC Whitney also stocks Bed Tents and Chairs, Bed Tiedowns and Hold Downs, Brush-On Bed Liners, Ramps, Specialty Tailgates and Tailgate Accessories from renowned brands like Bully™, Blackhawk, Highland and many more.

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Tailgate & Bed Accessories

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  Space and Security With Bed and Tailgate Accessories
Types of Bed and Tailgate Accessories
Space and Security With Bed and Tailgate Accessories

Add more value to your truck with Truck Bed and Tailgate Accessories! They create more space, protect your cargo and truck and give you the flexibility to haul more with your truck, safely. Truck Bed and Tailgate Accessories provide complete protection for your cargo against rain, snow, sun and the prying eyes of thieves. They are made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials and are designed to give your truck the best possible protection.

You can choose from a selection of Bed Storage and Cargo Control Accessories to add more storage space to your truck bed. Tonneau Covers are a great option if you are looking to keep your cargo protected from theft and bad weather while Bed Rails and Bed Caps can be used to protect your truck bed against dings, scratches and chips.

Bed Tents and Chairs let you stretch out and relax after a long hard day of driving. We also stock Bed Mattresses, Tailgate Tents and Full-sized Van Tents & SUV Tents that can make your camping trips more comfortable.

Bed Liners prevent scratches and paint chips that can be caused by cargo shifting around while Load Handlers allow quick and easy unloading of up to a ton of sand, bricks, cartons and firewood in less than 30 seconds! Ramps allow for easier loading and unloading of bikes and other heavy cargo. You can add tremendous load-bearing capacity to truck and Jeep® with Bed Tiedown and Holddown Points.

Types of Bed and Tailgate Accessories

Bed Liners & Load Handlers

Bed Liners & Load HandlersBed Liners cover and protect your truck bed from dings and scratches that are caused by shifting of cargo. They are available in durable materials like polyester and rubber. Bed Liners are tear-resistant and can be custom-fitted to the size of your truck bed. They are easy to clean and maintain.

Load Handlers allow you to use your pickup to haul heavy loads sand, bricks, cartons or firewood on to the truck bed. You can easily install a Load Handler. Load Handlers can be removed easily when not in use.

Bed Rails & Bed Caps

Bed Rails & Bed CapsBed Rails and Bed Caps are designed to give maximum protection for the most vulnerable part of the truck - the truck bed. Bed Rails provide Tiedown Points that help you to carry heavy loads in your truck without causing any damage to your truck bed. They are made from sleek chrome and stainless steel materials.

Bed Caps prevent dings and scratches on the truck bed and keep it looking new. They are made from UV-stable high-impact materials like ABS plastic and thermoplastic. Bed Caps from JC Whitney are designed to fit your truck bed perfectly.

Bed Storage & Cargo Control

Bed Storage & Cargo ControlBed Storage and Cargo Control Accessories allow you to carry more cargo in your truck or Jeep®. They also help you keep your cargo organized and truck bed clutter-free.

The various accessories available for Bed Storage and Cargo Control are Cargo Bars and Dividers, Cargo Nets, Jeep® Storage Accessories and Toolboxes. Cargo Bars and Dividers let you store anything from groceries and lawn mowers to gas cans and propane tanks and prevent them from slipping and sliding around in the truck bed.

Cargo Nets prevent your valuables from slipping out of the vehicle while going over those potholes. Jeep® Storage Accessories give you up to 40% more storage space in your Jeep®. Toolboxes are great for organizing all your valuable belongings safely in your truck or Jeep®.

Bed Tents & Chairs

Bed Tents & ChairsBed Tents and Chairs are ideal when you are going for long drives across the country. When you just want to take a break after hours of driving, Bed Tents and Chairs let you stretch out and relax.

You can choose from Truck Bed Mattresses, Tailgate Tents, SUV Tents and Van Tents. Truck Bed Mattresses are fully inflatable and puncture-resistant and fit the truck bed perfectly. Tailgate Tents are made from breathable, water-resistant nylon fabrics. These tents have meshed windows that allow fresh air in while keeping bugs and gnats out.

With SUV Tents and Van Tents, you can create enough space for up to 6 people to sleep in the cargo area. They are made from top-quality nylon polyester fabrics that are fade-resistant.

Bed Tie-downs & Hold Downs

Bed Tie-downs & Hold DownsBed Tiedown and Hold Downs increase the load-bearing capacity of your pickup, SUV or trailer. They are strong enough to let you mount heavy loads. Bed Tiedowns are great for keeping your cargo strapped into place during transit. Tiedowns from JC Whitney are made from durable materials like stainless steel and corrosion-resistant alloyed chrome.

Specialty Tailgates

Specialty TailgatesTransform how your truck looks with Specialty Tailgates. You can pick from Turbo Nets, Cargo Fence, Flow-through Tailgates, V-Gate Tailgates, and Hinged Tailgates. They are made from durable materials like vinyl-coated polyester and stainless steel. Specialty Tailgates are available in functional designs that minimize air drag and fuel wastage. They also prevent cargo from shifting around or falling out of the truck.

Tailgate Accessories

Tailgate AccessoriesTailgate Accessories like Tailgate Locks, Tailgate Handle Covers, Tailgate Entry Guards, Tailgate Dampers and Tailgate Scuff Plates help you ensure maximum safety of the tailgate.

Tailgate Locks prevent theft of the valuables stored in the truck bed. Tailgate Locks are made from weatherproof tempered steel and these locks can be popped permanently into the tailgate or locked in internally.

Tailgate Covers made from flashy chrome can greatly enhance the look of your tailgate.

While you are carrying a lot of cargo in your truck bed your tailgate can drop causing damage to your vehicle and cargo. Tailgate Dampers brace the tailgate in place and prevent it from falling off while in transit.

Tailgate Scuff Plates protect the tailgate handle against scuffs and nicks caused by keys and keep it looking as good as new. They are made from heavy-duty composite plastic and can be installed easily using a 3M tape.

If you wish to add more versatility and style to your truck, invest in a few of these Truck Bed and Tailgate Accessories that are simple, functional and give great value-for-money.