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Tires parts and accessories

Take a look at our selection of Tires products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Tires. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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    ADVANTAGE T/A TIRES. Handles rain, snow and curves. Authentic go-gast looks. Designed for ease of maintenance and increased tread life.... more

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    RUGGED TRAIL T/A TIRES. Original equipment for today's best selling trucks. Great highway performance plus off-road traction. Smooth, comfortable... more

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    OE STYLE GOLF CART TIRE. Perfect replacement for original tire. Top rated brand features durable construction. Tire footprint offers floatation... more

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    ALTIMAX HP TIRES. Advanced Technology yields top level performance, exceptional tread life, low noise and ride comfort. Smarter Tire for... more

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    GRABBER UHP TIRES. Confident cornering and stability. High tech tread features slica compound for maximum grip in wet and dry conditions... more

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    Eagle F1 Supercar Tires. Tire Stats:. Dry Traction = 10. Wet Traction = 8. Snow Traction = N/A. Ride Comfort = 7. Quiet Ride = 8. Special... more

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Tires from JC Whitney’s huge collection of Wheels, Tires and Accessories ensure best on and off-road performance and enhance riding comfort on your vehicle. These rugged Tires help gear up your vehicle to tackle any weather, terrain or road conditions. Our extensive assortment of Tires includes Car Tires, Inner Tubes, Trailer Tires, Truck and SUV Tires, Turf Tires, Dick Cepek Tires, Interco Tires, Mickey Thompson® Tires, Pro Comp™ Mud Terrain® Tires, Pro Comp™ All Terrain® Tires and Pro Comp™ XTerrain® Tires. You can opt for these rugged tires from popular brands like Neuton and Duro Tires.



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  Ultimate Safety and Performance with Tires!
Types of Tires
Caring for Your Tires
Ultimate Safety and Performance with Tires!

Tires from JC Whitney ensure best on and off-road performance and enhance riding comfort on your vehicle. These rugged tires help gear up your vehicle to tackle any weather, terrain or road conditions. You can even replace old and worn tires of your vehicles easily with superior long-lasting tires from our extensive collection.

Our vast assortment of Tires includes Inner Tubes, Trailer Tires, Truck & SUV Tires and Turf-Tread Tires. These tires come with high traction capability in mud, snow, and loose dirt. Trailer Tires come with a nylon cord construction for enhanced tire strength and protection on and off-road.

Radial Truck & SUV Tires have a steel belted construction that offers a better overall response and a smoother ride. The advanced radial construction ensures both great mileage plus a smooth ride. All tires from JC Whitney are made from durable, high-quality materials and offer better safety and mileage be it your Car, Truck, SUV or Van that you are driving!

Types of Tires

Inner Tubes

Inner TubesInner Tubes from JC Whitney are ideal for boat and camping trailers and can be used with tube-type tires or tubeless high or low-speed tires. These Inner Tubes can be used in minor repair jobs for fixing air leaks caused by punctures or slightly bent rims. They come with a seamless butyl rubber construction that ensures long life for your vehicle tires.

Trailer Tires

Trailer TiresTrailer Tires from our vast collection ensure a trouble-free, safe and enjoyable ride for you and your dear ones! They come in durable, high-quality materials for extra safety and convenience. High-Speed Tire and Wheel Assemblies are designed for boat and camping trailers and help you for easy and quick changes.

High-Speed Tubeless Trailer Tires are specially designed to provide years of reliable performance and economic service. They come with ozone-protected wraparound treads that offer better road grip and maximize your vehicle's mileage. These Trailer Tires also have a nylon cord construction that helps distribute shocks and impacts over a wider area. High-Speed 8" Tubeless Trailer Tires for 5.70 X 8" C Load Range are available in 8", 9" and 12" sizes.

Steel-Belted Radial Trailer Tires are made from the highest quality synthetic rubber and steel belts for extra-high tensile strength, durability and maximum mileage. They even have extra-large shoulder grooves for better water evacuation and also exceptional safety under all conditions. You can also go for Tubeless Mobile Home Tires, High-Speed Low-Profile Tubeless Trailer Tires and Spare Wheel/Tire Kits for Utility Trailers.

Truck & SUV Tires

Truck & SUV TiresJC Whitney stocks Truck & SUV Tires that are built for superior strength and toughness on and off road. Baja Claw Radial Tires come with cut resistant 3-ply sidewalls, full 6-ply treads and self-cleaning high-void tread lugs for traction in mud, rocks, loose dirt, sand and snow.

Mud Terrain Radial Tires are designed to manipulate wind through its directional tread pattern making them virtually silent on the highway. They are ideal for off-road driving as their special 2-ply body construction makes them totally flexible without building excessive heat. Radial Tires are ideal for your 4WD vehicles and come with a sidebiter sidewall design that gives you extra traction on mud, snow, or sand.

Radial Tires also come with a great combination of All Terrain Tires and mud tires. They have a self-cleaning tread with stone kickers for amazing off-road traction and siped tread lugs for better grip on smooth surfaces and ice. Our vast collection of Truck Tires and SUV Tires also includes All Terrain Severe Weather Tires, MTX Radial Tires, Super Swamper Tires, STS Radial Tires, Super Swamper Ground Tubeless Tires, TSL Tires and Baja Radial Tires.

Turf Tires

Turf TiresTubeless Turf-Tread Tires are perfect for lawn mowers, lawn equipment and golf carts. They are designed with a special tread to roll gently over the lawn causing minimum damage to the turf. These Turf Tires even make easy replacements for worn and leaking originals and are available in different sizes for the front and the rear wheels of your vehicle.

Caring for Your Tires

Several key factors contribute in making your tire long-lasting. The kind of roads you take, your style of drive, the weather condition you drive in, the type of tire you choose and the degree of maintenance you provide for your tire are a few of them. You can derive the best performance from your tires if you follow certain simple tips.

Understand the markings on your tire as this will help you choose the right tire for your vehicle. Always see to it that all the tires that you install on your vehicle are of the same size, construction and tread wear. Align your tires properly to ensure a smooth and safe ride. The state of your tires depends largely on your vehicle condition and loading. Avoid overloading your vehicle often.

Check the inflation pressure in your tires periodically for better life of your tires. Save fuel and prevent accidents with regular tread wear checks that can be a result of under or over inflation. Replace worn out tires immediately. Rotate your tires, i.e. swap the front tires with the back tires of your vehicle every 6000 miles of driving. This prevents the front tires from taking more abuse and wearing out faster than the rear ones.

If you are having a flat tire, inspect it carefully for any external or internal damage to see whether it needs repair or replacement. Learn how to fix a flat tire. This helps you at times when you are in trouble and help is far. And always keep a spare tire handy!!