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Shop our selection of tonneau covers and truck bed covers. We have a variety of styles, including soft and hard tonneau covers. Choose from roll-up tonneau covers, retractable tonneau covers and tonneau cover lifts. You can shop with confidence thanks to our industry leading 30-day Guarantee!
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Bed Covers and Tonneau Covers from JC Whitney’s huge assortment help keep your valuables and gear hidden and protected from prying eyes. These Bed Covers and Tonneau Covers come in a variety of types like Hard Tonneau Covers, Fiberglass Tonneau Covers, Soft Tonneau Covers, Roll Up Tonneau Covers, Vinyl Tonneau Covers and more. You can opt for Pace Edwards Tonneau Covers, Truxedo® Tonneau Covers, Lund® Tonneau Covers and LeBra Tonneau Covers that will keep your cargo secure and protected from all weather conditions. Bed Covers and Tonneau Covers from top brands like Pace Edwards, Bestop® and Tonneau Masters are ultra-strong, highly durable and very easy to install.

Tonneau Covers & Bed Covers

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  Tonneau Covers & Bed Covers Basics
Why Go For A Tonneau Cover?
What Are The Different Styles/Types Of Tonneau Covers?
How To Choose The Right Tonneau Cover?
Tonneau Cover Installation
Tonneau Cover Maintenance
Tonneau Cover Basics

Tonneau Covers are the single most important asset for truck and Jeep® owners. Using a Tonneau Cover you can keep your cargo protected from theft and weather-wear. Tonneau Covers cap your truck bed and keep it free of leaves and debris. What is more, they help improve gas mileage and make your truck look cool. Hard or soft, retractable or folding, each of us have our own preferences on materials and use. Most of these Tonneau Covers can be easily installed to help you work more efficiently.

Just looking to keep your cargo covered and get better mileage at the same time? Try our range of soft-top Tonneau Covers - easy to install, easy to use and they usually do NOT require drilling or modification to your truck. Choose a material best suited to your needs - vinyl and plastic Tonneau Covers offer the convenience of retractable utility as well as a light investment! Soft Tonneau Covers also come with value added features like the seal and peel snapless closure system, which opens and closes faster and easier than other lock on or snap on options.

Want safety and security as well as some style? Go for a hard fiberglass Tonneau Cover - not only will it look great - it will keep your cargo fully secure and safe as well! Need to remove a small portion of your cargo and don't want the hassle of removing the entire bed cover? You can get a Folding Tonneau Cover that provides easy access to that can of gasoline or to remove that toolbox that you need to handle a dozen times a day.

With great features like snap on installation, hinged designs to make opening easier, roll-ups and bow supports for soft top covers and all weather proof fit - Tonneau Covers for truck beds are the perfect accessory for the on the go individual looking for great practical utility and style.

Why Go For A Tonneau Cover?

A good Tonneau Cover can make your truck bed far more versatile than ever before. Tonneau Covers:

  • Keep your cargo covered and act as a protective shield against rain, snow, sun and the prying eyes of thieves.
  • Extend the life of the bed of the truck by protecting it against leaves, debris and weather-wear.
  • Reduce drag and make your truck more aerodynamic
  • Help improve gas mileage
  • Add style to your truck

What Are The Different Styles/Types Of Tonneau Covers?

Tonneau Covers come in a variety of styles/types. Browse through the text below to understand what different types of Tonneau Covers can do for you:

Hard Tonneau Covers

Hard Tonneau CoversA Hard Fiberglass Tonneau Cover offers you the dual advantage of safety and style in one package! Hard Top Tonneau Covers cover your truck bed completely, look great and can be locked for added security.

With Folding Tonneau Covers, you can access any part of your truck bed by simply folding back the Tonneau Cover section as much as you want. Folding Tonneau Covers are made from heavy-duty vinyl, which makes them extremely durable.

Retractable Tonneau Covers are among the most advanced of Tonneau Cover varieties available today. They work like a garage door that moves automatically at the click of a button.

Jeep Tonneau Covers

Jeep Tonneau CoversJeep® Tonneau Covers are a great way to keep your valuables protected from the ravages of the elements. Jeep® Tonneau Covers reduce wind resistance to improve gas mileage and lend a clean, no-frills appearance to your Jeep®. Jeep Tonneau Covers and cargo covers are made from superior quality materials to help you keep your rear seat and cargo area protected for many years.

Soft Tonneau Covers

Soft Tonneau CoversSoft Tonneau Covers are economical and easy-to-install. They are made from durable heavy-duty vinyl materials. Some brands of Vinyl and plastic Tonneau Covers offer the convenience of a Retractable Tonneau Cover at no additional expense. Roll up Tonneau Covers are also great options for frequent and full access to your truck bed.

How To Choose The Right Tonneau Cover?

There are several factors you need to consider while choosing a Tonneau Cover that is just perfect for your requirements. Here are a few of them:

Size of Cargo
If you use your truck regularly to carry large loads then roll-up Soft Tonneau Covers or Retractable Tonneau Covers would be the best buy. A Soft Tonneau Cover helps you use your truck bed space to the optimum. If you don't carry large loads often, then you may opt for a hard top Tonneau Cover.

To give your cargo maximum protection, go for a Hard Tonneau Cover or Retractable Tonneau Cover with lock. If you're just looking to keep your cargo covered, then any Soft Tonneau Cover will do justice.

Weather conditions
Hard Tonneau Covers offer great protection for your cargo and truck bed in harsh weather conditions. They protect your truck bed from snow and rain and keep your truck bed free from debris.

Tonneau Cover budget
Soft Tonneau Covers are the most affordable type of Tonneau Covers. They perform all basic Tonneau Cover functions. Hard and Retractable Tonneau Covers are the best bet when security is your topmost priority.

Tonneau Cover Installation

Installing a Tonneau Cover is easy! Most Tonneau Covers don't require drilling. Soft Tonneau Covers are the easiest to install - They can be installed in less than 20 minutes. Folding Tonneau Covers may require a little additional effort as they need some side supports that are aligned to the truck rails and these usually need some work and a little drilling. Hard top Tonneau Covers and Retractable Tonneau Covers take the most time for installation. These usually require some drilling to mount the corner bolts and the rest of the hardware.

Tonneau Cover Maintenance

Most Tonneau Covers are rugged and will normally withstand the ravages of time and weather quite well. That does not mean that you cannot help your Tonneau last longer and serve you better. Some basic tips on enhancing the life of your Tonneau Cover are given below:

Soft Tonneau Covers are the most vulnerable to wear and tear - specially at the edges. Take extra care of the edges and the areas under the bows and where the arch supports meet the Tonneau material. These areas are most prone to wear and tear and fraying. Soft vinyl Tonneau Covers are best cleaned with mild soap and a medium brush.

Folding Tonneau Covers tend to start weathering around the edges where the folds happen. Try and use all the folds as often as possible. Using only one fold 90% of the time can make this first section start to fray and show signs of wear and tear much faster than opening two sections, even if you need to access a small part of the cargo.

Retractable Tonneau Covers need a little extra care since they involve a motor assembly and the covers moves on rails installed to the sides of your truck. Keep the rails clean and dirt free as well as slightly greased for smoother operation. Also ensure that the motor is protected from weather conditions and that it is working properly.

Hard Top Covers probably are the hardiest among Tonneau Covers. They look good, install sleekly and since they are usually simply opened upwards and then let down, they show lesser wear and tear when compared to Folding Tonneau Covers, Retractable Tonneau Covers and even, Soft Tonneau Covers.