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Product #: 15683G Brand: Tornado Air See Product Details
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Product Details

Product Information

  • Designed to burn fuel cleaner, faster and more completely for greater power and fuel economy
  • Increase gas mileage 7% to 24%, gain a 4- to 13-HP increase!
  • Stainless steel booster installs easily inside the air intake hose of electronically fuel-injected vehicles
  • Creates a swirling motion forcing air around corners and bends and through intakes
Since air is the main component in the combustion process, this mini whirlwind results in the best fuel atomization possible. Tests prove it! The Tornado® increases gas mileage from 7% to 24% (figures confirmed by road tests performed by an emission lab licensed by EPA/CARB). Dyno testing shows a big boost in horsepower-4-HP to 13-HP gain. Maintenance free-no moving parts to wear out. Manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

To order proper size:

For Carburetor/EFI Type: (1) remove air inlet hose located between throttle body and air filter box; (2) measure inside diameter (ID) of hose; match measurement with corresponding ID given.

For Carburetor/TBI Type: (1) lift top off to expose the air filter element; (2) line up a straight edge along top of air cleaner element at center and measure height at point "A", 3-1/2" from center stud. "A" is distance from air cleaner base to bottom of straight edge.

NOTE: Most 1987-1997 Ford cars, trucks and vans with 4.9L, 5.0L, 5.8L and 7.5L engines have 2 air intake hoses; therefore, 2 Tornado® boosters are required for these applications only.

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