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Trailer Parts - Trailer Hubs & Trailer Jacks

Take a look at our selection of Trailer Parts & Accessories products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Trailer Parts & Accessories. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.

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Trailer Parts & Accessories from JC Whitney ensure easy, smooth and safe towing of your trailer. Trailer Bearing Kits make great replacements for worn or rusted wheel bearings and help restore steering and braking control. Trailer Brake Assemblies restore safe and dependable braking action and work perfectly even in salt water environments.

Trailer Coupler Locks help prevent trailer theft and can be attached easily to all kinds of trailer couplers. Our vast assortment of Trailer Parts & Accessories also includes Trailer Couplers, Trailer Dolly, Trailer Hub & Spindle, Trailer Jacks & Stands, Trailer Lights and Trailer Safety Chains. You can opt for these high-quality Trailer Parts & Accessories from top brands like Acer, Peterson, Master Lock, Attwood and Acar.

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Trailer Parts & Accessories

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  Restore Smooth Towing with Trailer Parts and Accessories!
Get Hard-to-find Trailer Accessories from JC Whitney!
Restore Smooth Towing with Trailer Parts and Accessories!

Trailer Parts and Accessories from JC Whitney help in the smooth functioning of your trailer. You don't have to spend a fortune getting broken Trailer Parts and Accessories repaired by professionals. We stock a variety of replacement parts for your trailer like Trailer Lights, Trailer Wheel Bearings, Brake Assemblies, Trailer Hubs and Trailer Spindles that are easy to install.

JC Whitney also offers Trailer Couplers, Trailer Dollies, Trailer Jacks, Tongue Jacks and Trailer Stands that allow easy and fast hook ups for towing. You can get Trailer Coupler Locks, Trailer Guardians and Trailer Safety Chains that ensure safe towing while on the road. These Trailer Parts are made of durable, long lasting materials.

Get Hard-to-find Trailer Accessories from JC Whitney!

Trailer Wheel Bearing Kits

Trailer Wheel Bearing KitsJC Whitney stocks Trailer Wheel Bearing Kits that fit your Trailer Wheel hub perfectly. The Wheel Bearing Kit comes with new bearings, races, grease seal, cotton pin and dust cover for one wheel hub. Choose a spindle diameter only after measuring the hub to ensure that it fits properly. These Trailer Wheel Bearing Kits can be used on camping, boat and snowmobile trailers.

Trailer Coupler Locks

Trailer Coupler LocksOur collection of Trailer Parts and Assemblies also include Trailer Coupler Locks that will help prevent trailer theft. The chrome-plated, zinc die-cast body of these Locks makes them strong and durable. You can lock and unlock them easily with just a 90-degree turn of the key. Trailer Coupler Locks can be attached to any trailer coupler available in the market. We also stock Complete Receiver/Coupler Lock Sets that can be easily installed.

Trailer Couplers

Trailer CouplersTrailer Couplers have special spring-loaded safety latches that ensure a snug fit and prevent accidental uncoupling. These Trailer Couplers are perfect for trailers that are used to tow heavy loads. You can select from Couplers that are available in different shapes and sizes.

JC Whitney also stocks Trailer Alignment Devices and Trailer Guardians for better and easy towing. You can make trailer hook-ups easy with Trailer Alignment Devices. These Trailer Alignment Devices self-align the trailer coupling directly over your trailer's tow ball saving a lot of time and effort. They also help prevent dings and scratches to your Tow vehicle. Trailer Guardians are also available to help prevent accidental decoupling of your trailer while towing. These Trailer Guardians have a black gloss coating and come with a security lock and keys.

Trailer Hub and Spindle

Trailer Hub and SpindleYou can get Trailer Spindle Kits for your Replacement Hub from JC Whitney. These Spindle Kit assemblies are made of C-1045 steel and include nuts, cotton pins and a washer. You can also get Small Trailer Replacement Hubs from our collection. These Replacement Hubs have a 1000 lb weight carrying capacity, which is much greater than stock hubs.

Trailer Jacks and Stands

Trailer Jacks and StandsTrailer Jacks and Tongue Jacks are an easy and fast way to level or hook up your trailer. Tongue Jacks can lift the trailer tongue to up to 18" with just the flick of a switch. These Tongue Jacks also have extra-large pads to prevent sudden sink down and ensure better stability. Trailer Jacks are made from heavy-duty steel tube, zinc plate to resist rust and corrosion. You can raise, lower and position your trailer tongue easily for hitching and unhitching with these Trailer Jacks.

Trailer Stands are also available at JC Whitney. They are perfect for utility vehicles, snowmobiles, jet skies and small boat trailers. These Trailer Stands keep the trailer coupler off the ground for easy hook ups.

Trailer Safety Chains

Trailer Safety ChainsTrailer Safety Chains prevent your trailer from "running away" if the tow bar or hitch comes loose. These Safety Chains are perfect for trailers that are used for towing heavy loads of up to 5,000 lb. They are 60" long and have a safety latch at each end for better strength. You can also get Vinyl Coated Safety Chains that won't leave any scratches on your car or trailer.


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