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Transmission & Drivetrain parts from JC Whitney help enhance the speed and performance of your vehicle. They make perfect replacements for your vehicle’s old or damaged parts. We stock hard-to-find Transmission & Drivetrain upgrades like 4WD Parts, Axles, Clutch Kits, Clutches & Parts, CV Joints, Shafts & Boots, Differentials & Covers, Driveshafts & U Joints and more from top brands like Mile Marker, Omix Ada, Rugged Ridge, Superwinch, Dee Engineering, EMPI, Roush Performance, Clutch Masters, Hays, Venom, Bugpack, Dorman, Crown Automotive, Racing Power, Rough Country Suspension and Superlift Suspension.

Our extensive collection of Transmission & Drivetrain parts also includes Flywheels & Covers, Gears, Shifters, Torque Converters, Transmission Kits, Transmission Pans & Oil Coolers and Transmission Parts. You can opt for Transmission & Drivetrain from popular brands like Scat, Hurst, B & M, Neuspeed, EMPI, Mr Gasket, Prothane, B D Diesel, Long Manufacturing, Topline, Alto Products, SPX Filtran and ENJO.


Transmission & Drivetrain

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  Transmission & Drivetrain for the Perfect Upgrade!
Types of Transmission & Drivetrain
Transmission & Drivetrain for the Perfect Upgrade!

Transmission & Drivetrain from JC Whitney help boost your vehicle's performance, increase power and improve fuel economy. We stock a variety of Transmission & Drivetrain upgrades like Transmission parts, Axles, CV joints, Driveshafts, U joints, Torque converters, Transmission rebuild kits, Clutch cables and many more! All these Transmission & Drivetrain products are made from premium-quality components that meet or exceed OEM specifications and can be installed effortlessly.

4WD Parts are precisely machined and assembled to operate smoothly and help eliminate drag to reduce wear. Clutch Kits from our collection provide substantially more clamping force than OEM units, but without the heavy pedal pressure. Driveshafts & U Joints help prevent the rear output shaft from breaking, eliminate vibration on lifted vehicles and fit most applications perfectly.

You can also get Flywheel Covers that replace original covers easily using original mounting points. They are ideal for vehicles with the starter on the passenger's side and can also be used on vehicles without original equipment flywheel covers. Gears are one of the most important components of your vehicle and are available from top brands at JC Whitney.

You can replace worn, torn joint boots with CV boots to keep grease in and dirt out or add a custom touch to your vehicle with differential covers from our selection that replace originals perfectly. Shifters ensure positive shift every time and are engineered with a highly modified mechanical advantage to shorten the throw while maintaining a smooth, ultra-precise shift.

Torque Converters ensure leap-forward acceleration, improve low-end power and are great for vehicles driven every day. Transmission Kits can be used to turn your transmission into a top-performing, responsive unit. They are designed for extra-long service life and ensure transmission that will operate at its best even after long, hard use. Transmission Pans & Oil Coolers strengthen your vehicle transmission case to prevent flex and internal oil leaks caused by high-torque levels in diesel engines.

Types of Transmission & Drivetrain

4WD Parts

4WD Parts4WD Parts from JC Whitney include Supreme Locking Hubs that allow you to enjoy the advantages of both 4-wheel drive and 2-wheel drive. These superior-quality hubs operate smoothly and help eliminate drag to reduce wear, increase power and improve fuel economy. Made from the finest, non-corroding materials available, they function efficiently in all climates and also feature easier engagement/disengagement, positive lock and heat-treated high-tensile-strength alloy steel gears!

You can get Hard-To-Find Locking Hub Sets that lock out drivetrain wear, extending component life, tires and fuel economy. They are designed for most domestic and imported front axles and come with a manual lock-and-unlock drivetrain from front wheels. They even make perfect replacements for existing worn-out locking hubs and OEM automatic hubs, eliminating typical problems with partial engagement/disengagement.

4WD Conversion Kits include everything you need to convert a full-time 4WD to part-time when hard-to-find components can't be found. They come with instructions and need to be installed by a qualified technician.


AxlesComplete Axle Beam Assemblies are perfect for your '66-76 Volkswagen Beetles and Karmann Ghias with 4-hole brake drums. They are remanufactured kits and also make wonderful replacements for old and worn originals in your vehicle.

You can also get One-Piece Heavy-Duty Axle Kits that are perfect upgrades for your AMC Model 20 rear axles and help eliminate breakage problems common to 2-piece axles. These high strength alloy axles are reinforced at the flange and come with Timken bearings, seals and studs for easy installation.

We also stock Front Axle Engagement Actuators, Heavy-Duty Transaxle Strap Kits, Drive Axle Assemblies, Axle Components, Rear Axle Shaft and Hubs, Locking Hubs, Bare Axle Beams, One-Pc. Change-Over Axle Kits, Axle Boots in Various Colors and more at JC Whitney.

Clutch Kits

Clutch KitsComplete Clutch Kits from JC Whitney contain everything you need to restore clutch operation in one handy kit! They are designed specially for your Volkswagen Beetles, Super Beetles and Karmann Ghias, Buses and Transporters, Fastbacks and Squarebacks. These Clutch assemblies include precision-made matched components that replace original components perfectly.

Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders replace weak or leaking originals in your vehicle's transmission to improve clutch operation and quality. You can also go for high-performance FX100 Clutch Systems that are powered with maximum holding capacity and are used on most 9-second FWD drag cars! You can find Clutch Linkage Components that meet or exceed original specifications and help restore smooth, accurate clutch release on your Jeep.

Clutches & Parts

Clutches & PartsClutches & Parts from our huge collection help you get rid of jerky starts and increase the transmission life of your vehicle. They also enhance reliability and ensure longer life of your vehicle's clutch parts. You can opt for Clutches & Parts like Cables & Adjusters, Disk & Plate Sets and Throwout Arms & Bearings at JC Whitney.

Disk & Plate Sets are designed specially for your air-cooled Volkswagens. They increase transmission life and also stop clutch chatter in your vehicle. Throwout Arms & Bearings are built for positive getaway and rapid acceleration. They help prevent clutch and transaxle failure caused by bent or broken fingers on throwout arm shafts. All these Clutches & Parts come with all the necessary hardware for easy installation.

CV Joints, Shafts & Boots

CV Joints, Shafts & BootsCV Boots and CV Boots for Constant Velocity Joints for air-cooled Volkswagens replace worn, torn joint boots to keep grease in and dirt out. Improved Constant Velocity Joint Boot Kits help you end replacement costs and hassles. Constructed of specially formulated material that won't age, wear or crack, these CV boots remain flexible at all temperatures and resist tearing.

Differentials & Covers

Differentials & CoversChrome-Plated Differential Covers for American cars and trucks are made from polished chromed steel and add a custom touch to your vehicle. Heavy-Duty Differential Skid Plates protect factory differential covers and are designed to fit its contours perfectly. Made from heavy-duty steel with black powder coat finish, they offer great protection against terrain impact and slide over obstacles easily!

Heavy-Duty Differential Covers are also available that are literally unbreakable and give guaranteed protection for your differential from impact with rocks, stumps and other obstacles. They are made from cast steel, painted black inside and out with extra reinforcement for the fill plug area.

Driveshafts & U Joints

Driveshafts & U JointsJC Whitney stocks Driveshafts & U Joints that enhance steering and off-road control and also prevent the rear output shaft from breaking. You can choose from Driveshafts, Sliding Yokes, U Bolt Kits and U Joint & Parts from top brands at our extensive assortment of Driveshafts & U Joints.

Driveshafts make ideal heavy-duty replacements for OE driveshafts. You can get Sliding Yokes that decrease rear driveshaft failure and driveline vibration. U Bolt Kits protect exposed U-bolt threads and nuts from dirt, rocks and debris. You can also opt for U Joint & Parts that allow changes in driving angle and the driveshaft. Made from strong heavy-duty metals, these U Joint & Parts are robust and long-lasting!

Flywheels & Covers

Flywheels & CoversFlywheels & Covers from JC Whitney help improve rear wheel horsepower of your vehicle. Flywheels from our large selection are better than explosion-prone lightened factory units. You can also get Flywheel Covers that protect your vehicle's flywheels against dirt, stones and other road debris. They even make perfect replacements for old, dented or missing originals in your vehicle's transmission.


GearsGears from JC Whitney's huge collection of Transmission & Drivetrain ensure trouble-free performance and are available as Cluster Gears, Drive Gears, Idler Gears and Second Gears. Cluster Gears and Second Gears from our vast selection are specially designed for Jeeps using T-90 3-speed transmissions. Drive Gears such as Transfer Case Slip Yoke Eliminator Kits and Slip Yoke Eliminators reduce driveline vibration on lifted vehicles for a dramatically improved ride. Idler Gears can be used to reduce or increase rotation speed and reverse directions of rotation.

Driveshafts make ideal heavy-duty replacements for OE driveshafts. You can get Sliding Yokes that decrease rear driveshaft failure and driveline vibration. U Bolt Kits protect exposed U-bolt threads and nuts from dirt, rocks and debris. You can also opt for U Joint & Parts that allow changes in driving angle and the driveshaft. Made from strong heavy-duty metals, these U Joint & Parts are robust and long-lasting!


ShiftersJC Whitney also stocks Shifters that are specially designed to provide you with a comfortable, smooth and firm grip and eliminate exaggerated shifter flow. They ensure quick shift patterns for fast, sure gear changing and also add a competition 4-speed look to your vehicle. You can choose from a variety of Shifters available at our assortment like Quick Shifters, Replacement Column Shifters, Replacement Floor Shifters, Shifter Accessories and Short Shifters.

Quick Shifters offer reduced, quicker shifter throw and reduced knob travel. They have a shorter throw that easily replaces the sloppy feeling that stock shifters give. You can also say goodbye to loose-feeling gear lever and sloppy shifts with Replacement Column Shifters and Replacement Floor Shifters.

You can go for Shifter Accessories that are designed to provide a firm, comfortable and natural grip, allowing less chance of your hand slipping and missing a shift. Short Shifters are engineered using the strongest materials available for the ultimate performance you can count on year after year!

Torque Converters

Torque ConvertersTorque Converters like High-Performance Super Street Torque Converters are designed for GM and Ford vehicles. They dramatically improve performance without substantially harming drivability and fuel economy. These electronically-balanced torque converters are remanufactured like all aftermarket converters and can be bolted easily without any modifications. You can also find High-Performance Race Converters and Engine Torque Dampers at JC Whitney.

Transmission Kits

Transmission KitsTransmission Kits from our wide assortment help improve the performance and power of your vehicle. You can choose from our amazing line of Transmission Kits that include Rebuild Kits, Shift Kits, Transmission Mount Kits and Transmission Parts Kits.

Rebuild Kits restore smooth and efficient transmission operation of your vehicle. They come with precision-made parts that replace worn parts perfectly. You can also go for Transmission Mount Kits that are virtually indestructible and will stand up to rough use. You can also find Transmission Parts Kits and Shift Kits that are designed for extra-long service life.

Transmission Pans & Oil Coolers

Transmission Pans & Oil CoolersTransmission Pans provide additional oil capacity and help keep fluid temperature at proper operating level. Transmission Oil Pans help cool transmission when towing or during high-performance driving. You can also get Heavy-Duty Transmission Oil Coolers that keep oil temperatures cool to prevent destructive oxidation, acid formation and cracked seals. Transmission Pan Coolers help increase fluid capacity and extend transmission fluid life by lowering temperature. Frame Rail Transmission Cooler Kits and Coils are designed to mount next to the transmission on the vehicle's frame or cross member. These Kits and coils feature corrosion-resistant black powder-coated finish and are ideal for towing, street rods, pro-street and sport compact cars.

Driveshafts make ideal heavy-duty replacements for OE driveshafts. You can get Sliding Yokes that decrease rear driveshaft failure and driveline vibration. U Bolt Kits protect exposed U-bolt threads and nuts from dirt, rocks and debris. You can also opt for U Joint & Parts that allow changes in driving angle and the driveshaft. Made from strong heavy-duty metals, these U Joint & Parts are robust and long-lasting!

Transmission Parts

Transmission PartsTransmission Parts from JC Whitney's huge assortment of Transmission & Drivetrain help revamp, restore and renew your vehicle's transmission. These Transmission Parts are made from strong durable materials and also make ideal replacements for old, faulty or rusted originals. You can pick from top-quality Transmission Parts like Mainshafts and Synchronizer Assemblies available from renowned brands at our vast collection.