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Wax, Polish, & Cleaners parts and accessories

Take a look at our selection of Wax, Polish, & Cleaners products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Wax, Polish, & Cleaners. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.

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Car Care & Appearance products from JC Whitney help you keep your vehicle looking sparkling new for years. From Wax & Polish kits to Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners, we have virtually everything you need to keep the interior and exterior of your vehicle in top style. Car Care Accessories from our selection make taking care of your vehicle effortless and easy. Most of these Car Care Accessories are compact and can be stored easily.Car Care Kits from JC Whitney’s collection of Car Care & Appearance products help keep dirt and grime away from your vehicle’s surface and impart a brilliant protective shine. We also have in stock Wheel Cleaners that will return chrome, alloy or steel wheels to their former glory. You can also go for Car Wash products from our collection that will ensure a virtually spot free shine without damaging or dulling the surface of your vehicle. Looking to restore faded bumpers and trim? You can opt for Vinyl Protectants and Care products that help restore black sheen to all porous plastic, rubber and vinyl accessories and parts.Our assortment of great Car Care & Appearance products also includes Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners that are capable of eliminating even stains. We stock great Car Care products like Fabric Repair Kits and Carpet Repair Kits that easily repair burns, holes, rips and tears to keep your carpet and upholstery looking new. You can also find top-quality Car Care & Appearance products for Glass Care, Leather Care, Tire & Wheel Care and Top Care. Choose Car Care products from leading brands like Vector, Dupont, Teflon and Cipa to keep your vehicle looking showroom-new for years.

Wax, Polish, & Cleaners

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  Give your Vehicle a Brilliant Sparkle with Wax, Polish, & Cleaners!
Types of Wax, Polish, & Cleaners
Give your Vehicle a Brilliant Sparkle with Wax, Polish, & Cleaners!

Car Care & Appearance products from JC Whitney make cleaning and washing your vehicle a fun and easy experience. You can select from a variety of Car Care and Cleaning Products to ensure that your vehicle looks and feels as good as new for years.

Carpets and Upholstery Cleaners, Leather Care Products and Vinyl Protection Products from our collection are great to keep the interiors of your vehicle looking sparkling new and clean for years. Glass Care Kits, Tire & Wheel Care Kits and Wax & Polishes are perfect to keep the exterior of your vehicle sparkling even after driving through marshy or slushy areas.

You can also remove snow and frost from your vehicle's windshields with Sanders and Polishers. Car Cleaning Products and Sprays allow you to easily wipe away tough stains and grime in seconds. We also stock Towels, Brushes and Sponges that are made from delicate materials to ensure your vehicle's paint and finish doesn't get damaged.

Types of Wax, Polish, & Cleaners

Car Care Accessories

Car Care AccessoriesCar Care Accessories include Applicators & Bonnets, Brushes, Cloth, Chamois & Sponges and Polishers & Buffers. You can scrape off frozen ice and snow from your vehicle's windshield and doors with Snow Brushes/Ice Scrapers from JC Whitney. The lightweight aluminum construction and wide diameter of these Ice Scrapers make them easy to grip and handle.

Polishers & Buffers like Sander/Polishers make quick work of sanding metal, wood, body filler and fiberglass and can even be converted into a polisher for easy buffing. You can also go in for Waxer/Polishers with a ball-bearing construction that allows for smooth and even movement. They come with a comfortable handgrip and locking on/off system that keeps you in control at all times.

Our collection of Car Washing Towels, Buffing Towels, Wash Sponges, Fiber Multi-purpose Cloths, Wool Dusters and MicroWipe Towelettes can be used to wash, dry or dust any vehicle more efficiently than ordinary cloths. You can also get Wax Applicators that add some extra shine to your vehicle.

Car Wash

Car WashCar Wash products come with a high foaming, rich, deep cleaning car wash formulation that removes tough dirt and grime from all corners of your vehicle. These Car Washes contain a non-stick finish protector that will not strip off the wax protection or gloss finish of your vehicle.

You can also go for Auto Washes made from pure coconut bark soap and natural fatty oil extracts that gently clean heavy dirt from your car, SUV or motor home. You can remove bugs and insects from glass, paint, plastic and metal finishes without damaging the surface using Bug Removers from our collection.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners

Carpet & Upholstery CleanersCarpet & Upholstery Cleaners like Fabric and Carpet Repair Kits help you easily repair holes, burns, rips and tears in your vehicle carpet. These Kits include colored fabric fibers that allow you to make quick repairs on all colors of fabric, carpet or upholstery in your home, office or vehicle. Mildew Stain Removers and Recolor Stain Eliminator Kits help remove the toughest stains, spots, marks and blemishes on your vehicle Carpets.

JC Whitney also stocks Carpet Care Kits that completely remove dirt and grime from the Carpets and keep them fresh and clean at all times. You can also get Mildew Control Bags that not only protect your carpets but also prevent musty smells and mold or fungi formation.

Glass Care

Glass CareGlass Care products from our vast selection like Polish/Cleaner and Scratch Remover Kits are an easy-to-use, low cost way of removing deep scratches and abrasions on anything made of plastic, acrylic, vinyl and fiberglass. You can use these Scratch Removers on motorcycle windshields, visors, safety goggles and helmets and also on convertibles and Jeep windows.

Safety Glass Repair Kits and Windshield Repair Kits from our extensive selection are an economical way of repairing chips and cracks in your vehicle windshields. These Kits even come with instructions that enable you to carry out the repair yourself!

Glass Cleaning Kits remove dirt and grime from your windshield and windows without damaging the window tints. Glass Polishing Powder and Glass Polishing Kits help remove haze and light scratches from your vehicle windshield and windows for better visibility. They help you restore the windshield to look as good as new instead of going in for costly glass replacements!

Leather Care

Leather CareMaintain the original look and feel of your leather seats with Leather Care Cleaners from JC Whitney. You can get a Leather Conditioner for newer leather that needs extra care. Leather Cleaner and Protectant Kits can be used on all standard perforated grained, top coated and automotive leather. These Kits revitalize leather that has been exposed to sun, sweat and other stains and resist cracking and scuffing to keep them sturdy and long-lasting.

Marine Care

Marine CareMarine Care products such as Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax M50 provide long-lasting protection against salt air, corrosion, and the sun's ultraviolet rays. You can effectively clean, polish and protect all boats and RV's with the use of this Cleaner Wax. They also help remove light oxidation and haze, minor scratches and swirls.

JC Whitney also stocks Marine/RV Metal Guard Aerosol M43 that feature a revolutionary technology of a specialized formulation which allows the longest lasting and most durable protection on the market today. They are safe for all metals and provide a protective coating on the surface which prevents salt corrosion, water spots, marring and fading.

Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Products

Meguiar's Mirror Glaze ProductsMeguiar's Mirror Glaze Products like Mirror Glaze All Metal Polishes help remove tarnish, rust, oxidation, brake dust and corrosion and brings a dramatic shine to your vehicle. They are safe to use on coated and uncoated wheels, safe for all metals, including stainless steel, gold, brass, copper and pewter.

Mirror Glaze Swirl Removers and Mirror Glaze Polymer Sealers from our extensive selection produce a noticeable deeper, darker, more reflective paint finish. These Removers and Sealers effectively eliminate fine scratches and swirls, creating a flawless finish.

Polishes & Waxes

Polishes & WaxesCar Wax and RV Wash and Wax from JC Whitney are specially formulated with gloss enhancers that give a dark, high-gloss shine to your vehicle and make it stand out on the road. You can go for Premium RV Polish and Chrome and Stainless Steel Polish that clean worn out stainless steel and chrome parts to restore their original luster. We also stock Detail Sprays, RV Awning Cleaners and Car Care Products that remove surface dirt, road grime, salt deposits and other stains and keep your vehicle looking good for years!

Tire & Wheel Care

Tire & Wheel CareTire Care & Wheel Care products like Wheel Cleaning Kits remove tough dirt and mud stuck on the wheels and give them a brilliant shine. You can go for Wheel Wax Coats and add an extra sparkle to your vehicle tires. Tire Restoration Gel and Paint Pens from our assortment help recolor faded tires to their original black luster and protect them from damaging UV rays.

Top Care

Top CareClear your Soft Tops of dirt, grime and stains with Convertible/Soft Top Cleaners and Protectants available at JC Whitney. These Protectants and Cleaners are made from environment friendly products that clean the Soft Tops without harming the finish or color of the Soft Top materials. You can also get Cleaners, Vinyl Protectants for Soft Tops and Window Polishes for your Jeeps or Fabric Protectants that have a special UV coating and protect the Top keeping it looking as good as new for years.

Vinyl Protectants & Care

Vinyl Protectants & CareVinyl Protectants & Care like Restoring Reconditioner and Concentrates from JC Whitney help restore your faded Car bumpers and trim to a like-new condition. You can also go in for Protectant Sprays containing a premium blend that cleans, glosses and protects all vinyl and plastic surfaces. We stock Total Vinyl Care Kits and Leather and Vinyl Treatment Sprays that remove discoloration, cracking and help restore dull faded materials to look like new again.


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