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Wheel Covers, Simulators & Hubcaps parts and accessories

Take a look at our selection of Wheel Covers, Simulators & Hubcaps products. We offer an industry leading 30-day Guarantee so that you can Shop with confidence! Select from the products or categories below to narrow the selection in Wheel Covers, Simulators & Hubcaps. Or give us the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more customized list.
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Wheel Covers, Simulators and Hubcaps from JC Whitney’s wide collection of Wheels, Tires and Accessories make perfect replacements for your vehicle’s rusted or damaged parts. Wheel Simulators from brands like Coast To Coast and Garage Pro™ are an easy and affordable way to give your stock wheels a custom look. These Simulators are available in different styles for your front and rear wheels. Wheel Covers and Hubcaps from our huge assortment are designed to fit front and rear-wheel-drive cars perfectly. Wheel Covers and Hubcaps from top brands like APC™, EMPI, IAP and Pilot™ Motorsports are made of top-quality non-recycled materials.


Wheel Covers, Simulators & Hubcaps

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  Drive in Style with Wheel Covers, Simulators & Hubcaps!
Types of Wheel Covers, Simulators & Hubcaps
Drive in Style with Wheel Covers, Simulators & Hubcaps!

Wheel Covers, Simulators & Hubcaps from JC Whitney help customize your vehicle and hide all those ugly lug nuts on the wheels. You can even replace old or worn out parts with these super-sleek wheel covers and simulators available from renowned brands at our collection.

Simulators are made to fit your cars, trucks and SUVs and give them the appearance of having cross-drilled rotors used on racing vehicles! They even hide rusted brake drums and add color and style to your ride. You can choose from drilled or solid simulators with multi pattern lug bolt holes for easy fit on most cars. These lightweight Simulators won't affect wheel balance and can be installed easily in minutes.

Wheel Covers & Hubcaps make perfect upgrades or identical replacements at a fraction of the cost of the originals! You can find top-quality covers at JC Whitney that can't be found at discount stores or most auto parts stores. These premium finish wheel covers are made from the finest ABS material and will not corrode or rust. They also feature Compound retention system that secures covers tightly to the wheels, preventing theft or fly-off.

Types of Wheel Covers, Simulators & Hubcaps


SimulatorsSimulators from our extensive collection offer affordable enhancement of your vehicle's brakes. They not only add a bright custom look to the wheels and brake rotors but also ensure safety in your drive. Wheel Simulators are a great way to give your stock wheels a classic dress-up. You can choose from chrome-plated ABS plastic or highly polished premium-grade stainless steel simulators and boost the strength of the original wheels of your vehicle.

You can also get Brake Rotor Simulators which help you get the look of custom disc brakes without the high cost and hassles of a disc brake conversion. They reduce brake dust build-up on the wheels and come with a corrosion-resistant aluminum construction that circulates air around brakes to prevent overheating.

Wheel Covers & Hubcaps

Wheel Covers & HubcapsJC Whitney also stocks a vast variety of Wheel Covers & Hubcaps that fit front and rear-wheel-drive cars easily. You can find an array of Wheel Covers and Wheel Cover Sets that are made from top-grade non-recycled materials at our collection. They are built with Compound retention system that helps fight potholes and sharp corners while driving. This exclusive system also features heavy-duty plated steel grip clips and leverage rings that ensure your Wheel Covers to remain tight without any rattles.

You can also go for Mag-Style Wheel Covers that come with an attractive low-profile design. They have a polished stainless construction that is rust and corrosion resistant. These wheel covers are also provided with functional round air vents and chrome-plated polymer-simulated lug nuts for better safety.

Hot Chrome-Plated Wheel Skins help upgrade your painted wheels and match the original wheel design perfectly. They look just like expensive chrome wheels but are virtually maintenance free. Made from rust-resistant, chromed ABS plastic, these Wheel Skins come with easy 5-minute installation features.

Chrome-Plated Factory-Style Wire Spokes, Racing Disc Wheel Covers, Chrome Wheel Covers with Vent Accent, 356-Style Hubcaps, Baby-Moon-Style Hub Caps, Chrome-Plated Hub Caps and Stainless Steel Accent Rings are a few other products available at our huge collection.