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SKU #: JCW-264298 Manufacturer #: 90-07-00-005-0 Brand: Felio Group
Customer Rating: 2.7 of 5 stars

Windshield Mounted Rain Sensor

SKU #: JCW-264298 Mfr #: 90-07-00-005-0

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  • Senses rain on windshield and turns wipers on
  • Automatically turns wipers on to the appropriate speed
  • Manual override function
Highly-versatile device for automatic wiping of vehicle windscreen when it is wet due to moisture, raindrops or even mud. It works by reflecting harmonious light beams within a windscreen. When raindrops fall onto windscreen, this harmony is disturbed, creating a drop in the light beam intensity. The system then activates the wipers to operate in fully automatic mode. The amount of raindrops (measured in milliliters) will automatically determine how fast and frequent the wiper will operate (depending on your vehicle's wiper settings). Most vehicle wipers operate in 3 different modes: Intermittent (low speed and low frequency), slow (low speed and medium frequency) and fast (high speed and high frequency). The sensor field (a thin film) mounts on the inside of windshield. Harness connects sensor to control module that mounts under dashboard. Control module wires into wiper motor. The 10 milliseconds response time lessens the risk of an accident by allowing for quicker reaction when sudden splashes of water (due to puddles) totally 'blind' the driver. Sensor also reduces driver's burden of distractions (heavy traffic, bad weather, dangerous road conditions and fatigue). A detection of 0.005 milliliters of water is possible so trailing a wet car is no longer a nuisance. Features include: automatic wiper frequency, intelligent wiper speed control and auto tuning for different windscreen. Kit includes: control module, sensor module, lens module, relay module, tinted film, bracket, fuse, cable, screws and bungs. Note: In case of faulty operation during use, especially in the rain, immediately turn off the device and operate the wipers manually. Installation requires cutting and splicing wires at the wiper motor. Instructions included.

Sensor: 4"W x 2-1/2"H x 1"D
Control Module: 4-3/8"W x 3-1/4"H x 1"D
Sensor Field: 6"W x 9"L

Overall Rating
2.7 out of 5
2.7 out of 5
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Overall Rating
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Unit price verses installation fee
June 15, 2013
Location: Oregon
How often do you shop at JC Multiple Times a Year
" It costs four times more the unit price for installation fee. FAR FROM a bargain let alone a fair price. "
0out of 4found this review helpful.
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Overall Rating
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Cool Product
May 25, 2009
Location: Texas
How often do you shop at JC Once a Year
" Have used the rain sensor several times and what a cool product. Really does what it supposed to. Automatically adjusts from various delay speeds to slow to fast as required. Instructions do not tell you to remove the red film over the sensor. You must remove the red film. Be careful though. Also, trimming of the black matt is possible too. Found that all of the electrical connections can be made at the wiper motor as most wiper motors have a constant 12 volt when key is on. Wife and daughter want one on their cars now. "
Pros: Really Works
Cons: Instructions a little unclear on some parts
10out of 10found this review helpful.
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Overall Rating
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Good consept, but this model doesn't work to well
May 18, 2008
Location: Evesham, NJ
How often do you shop at JC Once a Year
" After using this product I have found that an automatic windshield wiper system is a nice feature to have. I have a long comute with a mix of stop and go traffic and high speed highway driving. This system will automaticly adjust the speed or frequency of the wipers to compensate for varying amounts of water hitting the windshield. It is nice not to have to fiddle with the wiper controls so I can concentrate on driving. This system does have some drawbacks, though. First there is no sensitivity adjustment. Secondly, in order for the system to work properly your windshield needs to be clean and cannot have ANY pits in the sensor area, even super tiny ones. Additionaly, your wiper blades need to clear the windshield near perfectly or the wipers will run more than they should. Finally, the simple electronics in this product tend to get "confused". This usually occurs if the system is activated when it is already raining, especially if it is raining hard. When the system is "confused" the wipers will stop in the middle of the wind shield, jerking only a few degrees at a time. The system usually figures out what it is doing after a few cycles and then works okay. If this happens in light rain a quick blast of the washers can help. Installation is straightforward on a car with a standard wiper system (regardless of if it has interval adjustment or not) if you have a good knowledge of automotive electrical systems and the proper tools. Vehicles equipped with depressed park (hidden) wipers like my 1989 Lincoln Town Car will require some additional relays and some creative wiring. Installation on this type of vehicle requires a factory wiring diagram and an in-depth knowledge of automotive electrical systems. Overall this product does what it is advertized to do and doesn't work too bad. It just isn't anywhere close to OEM standards for quality and performance. "
Pros: Allows automatic control of wiper speed to adjust to changing conditions
Cons: No sensitivity adjustment, simple electironics get "confused"
13out of 15found this review helpful.
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