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Yamaha Parts and Accessories

JC Whitney knows that it takes quality components to bring out the best in any motorcycle. And with our Yamaha Parts, you’ll be able to get just that. Simply go through our wide selection of components and accessories posted in our catalog to get what you need. All our Yamaha Parts come with a 30-day Guarantee and can be shipped straight to your address.

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Latest Innovations from Yamaha

Whether it is motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, or ATVs, Yamaha has been the go-to brand for many. Operating for more than 50 years, Yamaha has consistently been producing high-quality motor vehicles as well as individual Yamaha replacement parts, Yamaha aftermarket parts, and Yamaha accessories. And a large bulk of its success lies with the fact that Yamaha's products are made with the latest technology in mind. Whether it is for extra performance, better efficiency, or added comfort, Yamaha's innovations help ensure an enjoyable experience overall.

Here are some of the key technologies in place in Yamaha's vehicles:

Crossplane crankshaft

One of the newest technologies to come out of Yamaha, the crossplane crankshaft increases throttle and driveability by reducing inertia. Each of the crankpins is mounted at a 90-degree angle, reducing inertia that might otherwise affect the throttle of the bike. In addition, the crankshaft is also built stronger and heavier than the standard crankshaft counterparts in order to further cut down the effects of inertia to the torque.

Chip controlled throttle (CCT) system

Latest Yamaha motorcycle models feature Yamaha Chip Control Throttle or YCC-T system. Based on the technology used in Yamaha parts for the YZR-M1 MotoGP race bike, the CCT actively controls the engine's air intake to ensure an optimum air-fuel mixture during combustion especially during high-demand operations. The system does this using a series of sensors that continuously collect data from the engine, including air pressure, atmospheric pressure, crank position, engine speed, and oxygen level, and adjusts the throttle valves accordingly to maintain an optimum fuel/air mix . and therefore higher performance . under varying driving conditions.

The slipper clutch

Introduced in the 2006 R6 and R1-SP superbikes, the ramp-type slipper clutch absorbs the back torque from the rear wheel when braking, leading to reduced wheel hop during downshifting and a sustained contact of the wheel to the road.

The slipper clutch consists of two clutch boss units, which extend once the back torque forces the splined part of the boss. This creates a space between the clutch plates, pushing the pressure plate away which, in turn, alleviates the back torque of the rear wheel. Once the engine torque increases, a spring inside the clutch plate will move the clutch boss back to its original position.

One-piece plated cylinder and crankcase

Made possible by advances in plating technology, the single-unit plated cylinder with crankcase was first introduced in the Yamaha YZF-R1 sports bike in 1998 and was eventually implemented in other Yamaha models.

As its name implies, the plated cylinder is similar to the standard steel cylinder found in most bike engines today, but the steel cylinder sleeve is replaced with a coating of a composite ceramic plating that greatly combines cooling and reliability. Initially, plated cylinders proved to be one of those Yamaha parts that proved to be too costly to mass produce, but thanks to Yamaha's Rapid Plating Technology, it is now possible to plate only the surface of the cylinder sleeve on a crankcase and cylinder block.

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