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The AC hose can become clogged, causing your AC system to act up. If you don't want to end up facing costly repairs and replacement, you'd better deal with plugged up AC lines and hoses as soon as possible. The process is fairly straightforward and requires only a few tools, so it can be done even by those that have limited mechanical skills.

If you're aenewbie DIYer, here are simple steps that you can follow to properly unclog your car's AC hose.

What you'll need:

  • Flashlight
  • Metal wire
  • Jack stands
  • Wire cutters
  • Hydraulic jack

Step 1: Raise the vehicle.

Make sure the vehicle is parked on a flat, even surface. Get inside the vehicle and lift the emergency brake. Also put it in gear or set it in .Park..

With the hydraulic jack, lift the front of your ride and place jack stands on the two jack points beneath the front wheels. Slowly lower the vehicle until it rests securely on the jack stands.

Step 2: Locate the AC drain hose.

To find this AC hose, you have to go underneath the engine compartment. A flashlight may come in handy especially if your workplace isn't well lit. The one you're looking for is usually a rubber hose protruding from the vehicle's firewall. There are vehicles with two drain hoses, so you might as well consult your manual before going underneath your ride.

Step 3: Remove the clog.

Get the piece of metal wire that you've prepared for this task or straighten out a metal hanger using pliers. The wire should be approximately 12 inches long.

Make a 1/4-inch hook at the end of the wire and pull the hose to make sure it is straight and not kinked when you insert the wire. Slide it inside the AC drain hose and slowly push it as far as possible, making sure not to press too hard and damage the rubber hose.

To remove the debris, twist the wire inside and pull it out. Discard the dirt that has been taken out by the wire. Push the wire back into the hose. Push and pull for several times until water begins to flow through the AC hose. The water flow indicates that the hose is clear. You can now take the wire out of the hose.

Step 4: Test the unclogged hose.

To check if the hose is now working well, lower the vehicle, get inside, and start it. Turn the AC unit on and allow it to run for 20 to 30 minutes. Get out of the vehicle and look for water that drips from the hose. If there is, then you've successfully removed the clog from your AC hose.

If you fail to clean the hose using the wire, then another method such as blowing pressurized air into the tube can be done. To do this, you will need to connect a thin nozzle into an air compressor hose and allow pressurized air to gust into the AC drain hose.