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Accel Brand Articles

  • High Performance Ignition Solutions from ACCEL

    When it comes to performance-grade fuel and ignition systems, the ACCEL brand has been the choice of professionals for more than 40 years. With its ever-expanding line of cutting-edge ignition coils, spark plug wires, tune-up kits, and fuel injectors, ACCEL products have been found and used in race tracks and drag strips all across the globe. And now ACCEL offers products with the same high degree of craftsmanship and reliability for average commuter vehicles.

    A Holley Performance Brand

    Accel is one of several brands owned by Holley Performance Products, one of the leading fuel system providers for motor vehicle across the world. With more than a century\'s worth of experience in the business, Holley\'s in-house products and brands have been the preferred choice of NASCAR Sprint Cup teams and nearly every NHRA Pro-Stock champion in the past 4 decades.

    Through Holley, Accel has access to countless years of industry expertise as well as the knowledge and skills of Holley\'s top engineers and R&D staff. The Accel brand also leverages Holley\'s extensive network of suppliers and distributors in the US and abroad as well as top-notch customer service that is well beyond that of what the competition can provide.

    Energy-efficient ignition coils

    Ignition coils remain one of the bread-and-butter products in the ACCEL catalog, and the key to its long-lasting popularity is its revolutionary design. Unlike conventional ignition coil designs, ACCEL ignition coils have an innovative bobbin construction with a special silicone magnetic steel core. This results with energy savings of more than 15%. The coils are also wound and tuned for optimized resistance and turn ratios and are coated with a high temperature epoxy that will not crack or warp under extreme shock and vibration. And despite its racing pedigree, ACCEL ignition coils have a direct plug-in design that complies with OE specifications for factory ignition coils. Each coil is also guaranteed to support OBD-II diagnostic systems for easier troubleshooting and servicing.

    Racing-grade spark plugs

    Preferred by stock car and dragster enthusiasts, ACCEL spark plugs feature a distinct \"Shorty\" configuration wherein the plug\'s overall length has been reduced from 3/16 inches to 3/8 inches. This shortened design allows the spark plug to gain a critical air gap between the exhaust manifold and header tube and reducing the likelihood of burning the spark plug boot or dimpling the header tube. The shortened spark plug length also makes it easier to remove and install, particularly in applications wherein there is not a lot of room to fit a socket or move the wrench around. Each plug is also fitted with a high quality copper core as its center electrode and a projected tip for a problem-free spark.

    First-rate spark plug wires

    Whether it\'s for racing or everyday commuting, ACCEL spark plug wires are an upgrade to factory spark plug wires with its increased spark delivery capabilities. The wires feature a high temperature glossy silicone jacket that us extruded over tightly woven, rugged fibreglass braid. The braid is layered over special high dielectric strength EPDM inner insulation that exceeds that of SAE specifications. Other features include stainless steel plug terminals and a custom-fit configuration that matches selected vehicles.