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With the right accessory mounting kit inside your vehicle, keeping your gadgets secure and within your reach is a breeze. But what mounting kit should you get for your car? Today, there are lots of mounting kits being sold in the market, so choosing the right one can be confusing and overwhelming. To help you out, here are the most common types of mounting kits available:

1. Suction . A suction mounting kit is usually attached to the windshield or window, with the suction cup providing a good and secure grip. However, this kit sometimes leaves unsightly marks on the glass, making it an unpopular option among car owners who want a spotless windshield or window glass. Some states also prohibit the use of windshield suction mounts, so better check with your local DMV if this mounting kit can be used on your vehicle. Another thing you have to consider when choosing a suction-type mounting kit is the weight of the gadget to be attached. If it's quite heavy, the best option would be a spring-locked suction cup. This type can hold heavier gadgets in place without suddenly falling off.

2. Air vent . If you don't want suction marks ruining the glass of your window or windshield, invest in an air vent accessory mounting kit. This set has a pedestal that allows you to attach the mount on the air vent, giving you easy access to the gadget mounted. And because this kit usually includes adjustable vent clips, installation is a breeze whatever type or size your car vent is. Some sets even include a swiveling base to conveniently change the orientation of the gadget. However, if you're worried about exposing your heat-sensitive gadget to hot air whenever the car heater is on, you may want to look for other mounting options.

3. Cup holder . Another type of accessory mounting kit is the cup holder mount. This one lets you put the mounting base inside the cup holder, putting your gadget out of the windshield or window line of sight. To secure the mount in place inside the cup holder, many kits have an expandable thumbwheel base.

4. Weighted dash . An alternative option if you want to keep the gadget within your windshield or window line of sight is to use a weighted dash mount kit. This set usually includes a sand-filled fabric base with a safety hook or anchor to secure it in place.

5. Gooseneck or U-neck . Commonly used for GPS systems, the gooseneck accessory mounting kit usually includes adapters to secure the mount to the seat bolt on the front passenger seat. The sturdy plate can be custom-mounted with a set of screws. This kit offers a more secure attachment, but it isn't a good bet if you don't want to screw a mounting kit on your front passenger seat's bolt.

If you still can't decide on which type of accessory mounting kit to buy, you can always go for a kit that has multiple mounting features. Many universal assemblies have air vent, window suction, and dashboard mounting options, making them the most flexible types in the market.