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Below you'll find a wide variety of Acura CL parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Acura CL to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Performance Modifications for Acura CL

    When talking about enhanced car performance, it doesn\'t just revolve around monstrous power or greater speed and torque. Performance can also be measured through improved fuel economy, increased engine efficiency, better emissions output, and smooth acceleration. Luckily for today\'s car lovers and automotive enthusiasts, there\'s a long list of options for car performance upgrades. Here are some performance modifications to consider for the Acura CL:

    Cold air intake

    Upgrading to a cold air intake will allow the engine to suck in more air. The cold air intake increases and improves air flow as it replaces the stock air box and air filter. Instead, it uses a better-flow air intake tube and performance filter, depending on the design of the intake. By getting rid of some of the baffles and restrictions from a stock air box, the performance of the vehicle is enhanced. The engine is able to generate more power easily since it\'s fed with cold air, which is denser. This performance modification also improves acceleration and fuel economy. This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to upgrade the performance of the vehicle. Compared to other upgrades, this costs less as well.

    Cat-back exhaust

    Aside from upgrading to a cold air intake, some will also switch to an aftermarket cat-back exhaust for optimum engine efficiency. One of the benefits of using a cat-back exhaust is increased hp and torque since this aftermarket exhaust upgrade is designed to be more free-flowing than the stock exhaust system. It uses larger diameter pipes and higher-grade mandrel bent tubing to remove some of the restrictions. As the design of this exhaust reduces the back pressure at the engine manifold, the engine is able to breathe more easily and churn out more hp and torque. The horsepower that will be gained from this performance modification depends on the design of the exhaust and quality of the catalytic converter. Aside from hp and torque gains, the cat-back exhaust also improves acceleration and fuel economy since the engine is no longer placed under too much stress when pushing out gases through the piping. This decreases the load on the engine, leading to better efficiency and MPG. Another benefit and noticeable change that you can get from this aftermarket exhaust is the sound. Depending on the design, this exhaust can offer a full-on exhaust growl or a much better exhaust tune than the stock.

    Computer tune and performance chips

    The car computer controls most aspects of performance and emissions. By tuning the computer, some settings can be modified or tweaked to improve performance and unlock more power. The computer is tuned in different ways. Some use a handheld device for self-tuning; others turn to a dynamometer that\'s handled by a professional. To override the factory settings of the car computer, performance chips are used as well. These can help increase engine power and set new parameters for improved function. These come in different forms and designs. You should find one that best suits your vehicle\'s requirements, desired performance improvements, and your driving preference.