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Below you'll find a wide variety of Acura Integra parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Acura Integra to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • What You Need to Do with a Peeling or Flaking Acura Integra Paint

    The exterior appearance of your Acura Integra primarily depends on the condition of its paint. In fact, a vehicle\'s paint job can basically make or break its overall looks. If you want your car to look good as new, then you should repair paint problems the moment that they occur to keep them from getting worse. Fortunately, fixing your Acura Integra\'s paint job is a task that does not necessarily need to be performed by a professional auto body painter. Cut down your repair expenses by doing this as a DIY task. Here\'s some useful information to help you out:

    Thoroughly inspect the damaged area first in order to gauge the extent of damage

    If you\'re planning to repair your car\'s damaged paint job, then the first thing on your to-do list should be a thorough visual inspection of the affected area. This should help you properly gauge the extent of damage and figure out the best way to get your car back into good shape. Inspecting the problem area can also help you determine the amount of paint, primer, or clear coat that you need to purchase. Prepare a mixture of soap and water as well as a clean rag and use them to clean the surface area of your car. This will make it easier for you to inspect the damage area. There are a lot of possible culprits behind the peeling or a flaking paint on your Acura Integra, and it\'s essential that you pinpoint its exact cause in order to apply the right fix on your car. Aside from meticulously checking the affected area, you may also try to run your fingers over scratches or dents if you see any.

    Completely remove the peeling or flaking paint from the vehicle

    Unless you want to drive a vehicle that\'s missing a huge spot of paint on its body, then it\'s a great idea to completely remove the damaged paint from your car before it turns into something worse. Again, you should clean your vehicle first before attempting to remove the peeled or flaked paint. While you\'re waiting for your Acura Integra to dry off, prepare all the materials that you may need for this task. In most cases, removing a damaged paint would only require a clean cloth and a 500-grit sandpaper. After you\'ve got all the necessary components in close proximity, start sanding the damaged area until the primer has been removed. Don\'t forget to sand the area around the peeled paint as well even if they don\'t show any signs of damage.

    Properly prepare the surface area for repainting

    There\'s more to the task of repainting a vehicle than just spraying new paint over its body. It\'s extremely essential for you to prepare the affected surface area first before you repaint you car. Keep in mind that incorrect surface preparation will just cause the paint to peel off again after some time. If you want to keep this costly problem from occurring again, make sure that you sand and prime the area evenly. It\'s also important that you let the primer dry before applying new paint. Of course, don\'t forget to double-check if the new paint that you plan to apply on your ride truly matches the color of your Acura Integra.