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Acura TL Parts And Acura TL Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Acura TL parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Acura TL to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Acura TL Parts

Acura TL Articles

  • Stopping Your Acura TL from Shaking

    Once your Acura TL starts to shake, then there\'s definitely something that has gone wrong with it. A few shudders here and there while driving on a rough road are normal, but what about over paved highways and in second gear? You really have a cause to be alarmed. Unfortunately, it\'s not that easy to fix the shaking problem as there could be a lot of reasons while it occurred in the first place. What you need to do is correctly identify what the cause is so you can apply the solution accordingly.

    Transmission maintenance

    The first thing you ought to check when your car starts to shake would be the transmission. If you\'ve been performing regular transmission maintenance, then the shaking problem could only be due to simple issues such as your transmission fluid going bad. Check the quality as well as the quantity of the transmission fluid. If it has gone brown or dark, then flush it out and replace it. The quantity, however, shouldn\'t have been affected. If the fluid has gone considerably low, then look for leaks that may have been depriving your transmission of the fluid it needs, which in turn caused your car to shake. And while you\'re at it, check the filter for possible blockage that may have clogged the circulation of the transmission fluid. If it has become too worn out or clogged, replace it.

    Proper wheel alignment

    Wheel alignment is a huge deal breaker when it comes to handling and safety. If you\'ve run over a pothole or have been through bumpy roads, then your wheels may have gotten misaligned, causing your vehicle to shake. Don\'t just ignore this issue as it will not go away on its own. Have your wheels checked for misalignment and have it corrected right away. Check up on your tire pressure as well and make sure that all tires are still aptly inflated and are not causing any imbalance.

    Well-lubricated front CV axle components

    Your front Constant Velocity (CV) axles interact directly with the transmission and when compromised, can give serious driving issues such as violent shakes whenever you accelerate or change gear. A CV axle has an outer CV joint, an inner CV joint, and a corresponding joint boot for each. The CV joints are the ones that transfer the torque from the transmission to the wheels. They are packed with special grease and are tightly sealed with the rubber CV joint boots that go along with them. So in order to have a smooth drive, the CV joints need to be properly lubricated.

    If your car is already shaking, that means that the CV joints may already be malfunctioning due to lack of lubrication or have already gotten worn out. Check the CV joint boots for damage that can be causing grease leakage. Because once the CV joint boots get damaged, the CV joints would get inadequate lubrication, would be exposed to dirt and moisture, and ultimately, would wear out fast. All these effects on the CV joints would contribute to their failure, which correspondingly mean violent shakes for your vehicle during acceleration.