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Your sluggish car needs a new air intake system to enhance its road performance. Good thing we have a full range of AFE products right here at JC Whitney. There’s no better place to shop for AFE Parts ‘cause our prices are 50% lower than suggested retail prices at other stores! We also have a Next-Day Delivery Service, so our customers never wait for their orders to arrive. Check out our catalog below today.

AFE Brand Articles

  • AFE: High Performance Cold Air Intake Solutions

    Established in 1999, Advanced Flow Engineering (AFE) has had more than 17 years of experience in manufacturing cold air intake systems, air filters, fluid filters, intake manifold turbochargers, programmers, throttle body spaces, exhaust parts, and other aftermarket automotive components. The company is based in Corona, California and has two facilities covering a total of 160,000 sq ft, including their headquarters and assembly plant. This was further expanded in 2012 with a warehouse and R&D facility.

    State-of-the-art design and machining

    Among the key competitive advantages that AFE prides itself with is that all of its products are designed and manufactured using the latest technology. As the company says on their website, visitors to their manufacturing facilities often say .I had no idea you guys did all of that!. after learning of all the processes that the brand\'s products go through before they reach the end of the assembly line. Whether it is air filters or torque converters, AFE\'s parts are conceptualized with the help of advanced CAD design techniques and 3D printing and scanning, brought to life via cutting-edge CNC machining processes, mandrel tube bending, and 3D-based fabrication techniques. They are checked for quality using dyno testing and flow and filtration checking equipment.

    Top-of-the-line filtration

    Of all the products that AFE has offered through the years, their bread and butter remain that of their performance filtration product line. At the heart of this line is AFE\'s selection for air filter media, which features three to seven layers of special cotton and synthetic filter media. This wide range of filter layering enables buyers to choose between easy and affordable maintenance and maximum filtration properties. All of AFE\'s filters are also completely reusable and washable with soap and water, although the higher end models do require lubrication with filter oil.

    In addition to air filters, AFE also offers oil, fuel, and transmission oil filters with the same degree of quality and performance. These oil and fuel filters are capable of filtering microscopic impurities in the oil, gasoline, and diesel fuel under tremendous pressures and temperatures, and are compatible with most late-model cars and trucks. For those looking for racing-level filtration, AFE also manufactures special high-performance filtration units designed for racing and street tuning applications that require a high volume of air at demanding conditions.

    Air intake solutions

    Aside from filtration solutions, AFE also manufactures complete air intake solution kits for both diesel and gasoline engines. The air intakes are built as a smooth, one-piece assembly with a built-in air scoop, eliminating the need for complicated multiple-piece housings and reduce leakage of cool air. But what really sets AFE\'s air intakes apart from the competition is its dyno-tune intake tube, which combines superior power gains with a snug fit and an aggressive look. Several high-end models also come with a large-clear sight window to allow for a hassle-free inspection of the filter as well as a urethane plug to block off the air inlet. Other features include stainless steel hardware and a washable polyurethane interior filter frame.