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Keeping your car's air filter in top condition doesn't just mean changing it every 15,000 miles. It also means cleaning it in-between changes. After all, the filter can get choked up with dust even before your car reaches 15,000 miles. When cleaning the filter, you basically have two options.use a vacuum or an air filter cleaner. The vacuum is effective in blowing away dust, but if you want a more thorough clean, better use a filter cleaner. This product is designed to effectively get rid of stubborn grime without damaging the delicate filter fabric. To help you keep your car air filter in good condition, here's how to clean it using a special cleaner:

Tools you'll need:

  • Wrench or screwdriver

Step 1: Locate your car's air filter.

If you have an old car that uses a carburetor, the filter is usually located on top of the engine and is protected by a round, bulky plastic or metal cover. If you have a new, fuel-injected car, the filter is usually found between the engine and the front grill.

Step 2: Uninstall the filter cover.

Remove the filter housing cover by unbolting or unscrewing it. In some cases, you just need to pull off the cover because it's attached through a quick-release system.

Step 3: Remove the filter.

Under the cover is the round or box-shaped filter that's usually made of gauze, paper, or cotton. To remove the filter, simply lift it out of the housing.

Step 4: Clean the filter.

Start by tapping out the filter to get rid of loose dust or dirt. Then grab a canister of air filter cleaner and spray a generous amount on the dirty filter; make sure that the filter is completely soaked. Once the inner and outer parts of the filter are soaked with the cleaner, let the solution sink in for ten minutes. This will give the air filter cleaner enough time to remove stubborn grime.

Step 5: Rinse the filter.

Once the ten-minute soak-in period is over, rinse the filter by spraying it with low pressure water. Make sure that no cleaner residue is left on the filter. Then let the filter completely dry off before applying the filter oil.

Step 6: Apply filter oil.

Most air filter cleaner kits come with filter oil. Apply just the right amount of lubricant onto the filter. Try to get the oil on every nook and cranny of the filter to effectively protect it against dust build-up. Let the oil sink in for about 20 minutes.

Step 7: Reinstall the filter.

Once you're sure that the oil is completely absorbed, reinstall the filter doing the removal process in reverse.

Tips when choosing the right air filter cleaner:

  • Choose a complete kit that includes a spray bottle for the cleaner and a squeeze bottle for the filter oil for easy application.
  • Make sure that the filter cleaner you choose is designed specifically for the type of filter your car has. Using the wrong type of cleaner can prematurely wear out the filter.